Materials and resources


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These are the materials and resources used for the online safety coaching module for teachers.

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Materials and resources

  1. 1. NEW MEDIALITERACY SKILLS Graphic Organizer Created By: Amber Burkholder
  2. 2. Please use the post-its at your table to participate in the Kagan© structure titled Jot Thoughts. You will jot down an idea of how to prevent cyberbullying on each post it. The goal of the activity is to fillup the table. We will then share our favorite ideas with our groups when the timer goes off. This will help to activate prior knowledge and hopefully you will make some connections to the instruction of cyberbullying prevention and reaction. Materials Needed:  Post it notes  Pens/pencils  Timer
  3. 3. Prevention 101 It was Mrs. Carter’s first teaching job and she was going to be teachingfifth grade. Her classroom was stuffy and boring so she decided to move it around. She placed the backpack hooks in the back of the room where shecouldn’t see them, she didn’t like clutter. She turned the computers around facing the back wall so that the students couldn’t cheat off one another. When school began she decided that it was important that she discuss internet safety. She talked to the students about how they could research any website they wanted so that they could find as much information aspossible. She also encouraged the students to talk about any problems theyfelt they were having with others and mentioned the word cyberbullying to them as well. Mrs. Carter felt good about her first day of teaching. Discussion Questions: 1. What were some problems with the environment of the classroom? 2. How could Mrs. Carter have made her classroom to prevent cyberbullying? 3. What things could Mrs. Carter have discussed with her students to prevent cyberbullying? 4. What were some things that Mrs. Carter did correctly? 5. What advice would you give Mrs. Carter? Handout Created By: Amber Burkholder
  4. 4. Resources Articles:Burnett, C. (2009). Research into literacy and technology in primary classrooms: An exploration of understanding generated by recent studies. Journal of Research in Reading, 32(1), 22-37.Qing, L. (2010). Cyberbullying in high schools: A study of students behaviors and beliefs about this new phenomenon. Journal of Aggression, 19(4), 372-392.Simone, P., Smith, P. K., & Blumberg, H. H. (2012). Comparing students perceptions of coping strategies and school interventions in managing bullying and cyberbullying incidents. Pastoral Care in Education, 30(2), 127-146.The New Media Literacies. (2011). Project New Media Literacies: Learning in a Participatory Culture. Retrieved June 10, 2012, from literacies.php.Trotter, A. (2008). School technology. Education Week, 27(39). Websites: