Mobile mechanic in london-mobile car servicing.


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Mobile mechanic in london-mobile car servicing.

  1. 1. London Mobile Mechanic - Are you Looking For A MobileMechanic? Call 07779836677 January 5, 2013London Mobile Mechanics offers a comprehensive mobile vehicle inspection service acrossLondon, to give you the peace of mind you need before buying a used car.If you are looking to buy a used car you want to be certain that you are really getting what youpay for. The last thing you need is any nasty surprises down the track that will end up costingyou thousands or risking the safety of you and your passengers. That’s where a vehicleinspection can help.The car may look or seem fine to you, but in reality the only way to know for sure that the usedcar has not been involved in any major accidents or is in poor structural or mechanical conditionis to have a thorough Vehicle Inspection.London Mobile Mechanics will conduct a full mechanical, engine and body visual inspection frombumper to bumper, under the bonnet and inside the vehicle using the modern technology tomake sure that you know exactly what you are buying.Your mechanic will also test drive the vehicle and on completion, your mechanic will present youwith a detailed report with all the information you need to make an informed know about any repairs needed upfront and can factor them into price negotiationsyou avoid the hassle of trying to get someone to honour their warranty later.For full deails on our Vehicle Inspection Report visit the page Vehicle Inspection – What weInspect.It’s a small investment that could end up saving you thousands in the long run and prevent youfrom buying a dangerous or unsafe car.So call London Mobile Vehicle Today on 07940102125 to book a pre purchase used carinspection.Lines are open Monday-Friday 07am-10pm, Sat 09am-07pm, Sun & bank holidays 10am-6pmOur Vehicle Inspection ServiceWe will travel to the car to be inspected whether it be at a private sellers or used car dealersaddressAll London Mobile Mechanics vans have been fully equipped with all the necessary inspectiontools and diagnostic equipmentOur highly experienced professional inspectors will carry out a comprehensive structural,mechanical, electrical and body panel assessment on the used carThe results of the inspection are provided in a written report that is easy to understandThe inspection also involves a test drive to test for any existing or potential problems that maybecome more obvious only while the car is being driven. This is subject to the vehicle being in asuitable condition and registered.You can use the results of the vehicle inspection to bargain on the selling price or have the
  2. 2. seller repair the faults prior to making the purchase.Our inspection report will tell you about the real condition of the vehicle before you buy.Your Vehicle Inspection CoversEach vehicle inspection service is conducted by our highly qualified mobile mechanics andinvolves a detailed and thorough check of all the following areas:General Vehicle InspectionVehicle BodyThoroughly check body work for any rustInspect vehicle for any accident damage or past repairsCheck rear demisterInspect windscreen and glass for and scratches or cracksCheck all seatbelts are correctly functioningTyresConduct a detailed assessment on each of the vehicles tyresInspect each tyre for any abnormal wear which may indicate problems with suspension orsteering componentsAssess the tyre thread depth and conditionCheck the condition of the vehicles spare tyreBrakes and ClutchInspect the front and rear brakesTest brakesCheck master cylinderAssess the brake fluid levelCheck the brake lines and brake system for any leaksCheck the vehicle’s hand brakeSuspension and SteeringInspect the vehicles ball jointsCheck for steering free playCheck the vehicles shock absorbersAssess the condition of the driveshaft boots
  3. 3. Check the driveshaft and C.V.sInspect the front and rear wheel bearingsTest DriveTest drive the vehicle to diagnose further potential issuesRequired to verify proper operation of the drive train, suspension, steering, brakes and engine.Engine and Drive InspectionIgnition systemCheck spark plugs*Check high tension leadsInspect and assess condition of the cars distributorAssess the condition of the car’s ignition coilCheck ignition timingInspect the ignition system electronicsAssess the general condition of the ignition systemExhaustAssess the condition and functioning of the vehicle’s exhaust pipesInspect the vehicle’s muffler for damage or problemsCheck the catalytic converterInspect the exhaust systems mountingsAssess the condition of the exhaust manifold assemblyFuel SystemsCheck engine idle settingsCheck the fuel mixture is correctInspect and assess the engine’s cold start systemInspect and assess the condition of the vehicles fuel filterCheck the vehicles air filterAssess the condition of the vehicles carburettorCheck E.F.I (fuel injectors)Cooling systemsCheck all cooling system fluid levels
  4. 4. Inspect and assess the condition of the vehicles radiator cap and sealInspect all cooling hoses thoroughlyAssess coolant conditionThoroughly inspect the vehicles radiatorOils and LubricantsCheck the car’s engine oil condition and levelCheck the oil filterCheck the automatic transmission fluid*Check power steering fluidAssess condition of gearbox lubricantsCheck the vehicle’s differential fluidDrive BeltsCheck the engine fanCheck the power steering systemCheck air conditioning systemInspect the air pumpElectrical System AssessmentAlternator and BatteryThoroughly access the condition of the cars alternator and batteryCheck terminals for corrosion or problemsCheck the battery’s electrolyte levelCheck the battery’s security clampsCheck the battery’s charge voltageLightsCheck parking lightsCheck low beam headlightsCheck high beam headlightsCheck stop lightsCheck numberplate lightsCheck reverse lights
  5. 5. Check indicator lightsCheck hornCheck hazard lightsWipersAssess the condition and functioning of the vehicles window wipersInspect wiper bladesCheck washers and wiper assemblyCheck rear window wiperAir Conditioning and HeatingSight glass checkCheck the fan operationAssess the general operation of the vehicles air conditioning and heating systemOptional ExtrasCheck the engine compression levels of each cylinder for petrol vehicles (OPTIONAL)**Engine management system fault scanning (OPTIONAL)*** On some vehicles these items may not be able to be inspected** Optional Extras may require use of additional equipment and incur an additional chargeVisual Assessment InspectionThe Vehicle Inspection Service is a visual inspection service only. Whilst every care is taken byour technicians, a defect in the vehicle cannot be reported if our technicians cannot see it or ifit does not appear during the inspection or road test. The visual assessment inspection serviceand report are not and do not provide a warranty or guarantee for any purpose. It is the opinionof our experienced technician that the items checked are in the condition indicated in the reportprovided.