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Cleaning House after Internet Explorer


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This presentation explores the various web development practices that are no longer required now that Microsoft ended support for Internet Explorer 6-10. Based on the article published by -

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Cleaning House after Internet Explorer

  1. 1. Cleaning House after Internet Explorer
  2. 2. Once upon a Time...
  3. 3. Beginning of the End for oldIE 12 January 2016 – last support patch for IE8, IE9, IE10 Should we drop support? NO YES
  4. 4. Hasta la Vista, Baby IE! ● Throw away the browser hacks ● Bye bye conditional comments ● Slim down your JavaScript libraries ● Remove proprietary CSS values ● Get rid of obsolete Meta tags ● Clean up your custom web fonts ● Simplify your cross-browser testing
  5. 5. Throw Away the Browser Hacks For more info visit
  6. 6. Bye Bye Conditional Comments
  7. 7. Slim Down Your JavaScript Libraries
  8. 8. Remove Proprietary CSS Values
  9. 9. Get Rid of Obsolete Meta Tags
  10. 10. Clean up Your Custom Web Fonts
  11. 11. Simplify Your Cross-Browser Testing
  12. 12. Questions?