P90 weight loss women's success stories


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Success stories, before & after pictures & video from women doing P90X

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P90 weight loss women's success stories

  1. 1. P90X Weight Loss Women: Photos andAnswers RevealedBy Alice Dymally | Published: March 10, 2013 via http://thefitnessambition.comhttp://thefitnessambition.com/p90x-weight-loss-women-photos-and-answers-revealed/ P90X Weight Loss WomenP90X is a great program for women. In this article P90X Weight Loss Women, I’ll addresscommon questions that may come up for most women when deciding if P90X is right for them.I’ll also share my before and after pics from 2010 when I completed the full program. I lostabout 30 lbs! I went on to lose more weight when I completed Insanity.P90X Day 1
  2. 2. P90X Day 90Q. Will I Lose Weight?A. Yes. This program transformed my body and I’ve seen it happen for so many other women aswell. The key is to simply FOLLOW THE PLAN. The P90X program provides a specificworkout calendar and comprehensive nutrition pan (my favorite) that guarantee results. I wasable to lose about 30 lbs of baby weight by completing P90X .Q. Will I Bulk Up?A. You will not bulk up with P90X. The P90X program is designed to get you in the best totalbody condition with various types of workouts, including yoga and cardio. It is not designednecessarily to put on weight. In addition, with any type of resistance work, using higher weightswith fewer reps will build bulk, while using lower weights with higher reps will get you lean.Simply choose the weight appropriate for your goal. You will find your body getting lean andtone with P90X.Q. I am nursing. Is P90X for me?A. It is best to consult your doctor before starting the P90X program.
  3. 3. Q. Should I Do The Lean Or Class Version ofP90X?This was one of my biggest questions before starting P90X. My goal was to get lean, at the sametime I had a lot of weight to lose and wanted to make sure I maximized my results. So here’swhat I did:I did the “Lean” version of P90X, however, after the first couple weeks, I substituted Plyometrics(Plyo X) in for Cardio X. PlyoX is the “mother” of P90X, as Tony Horton puts it. It is one of themost effective workouts. It will raise your heart rate & you’ll burn a ton of calories.If you are having a hard time deciding between Lean or Classic, I would recommend the optionabove.If you choose to do one or the other, they are both effective & will yield great results.P90X Weight Loss Women: There are thousands of other P90X success stories from men and :women alike. If you’re considering it – go for it! STICK WITH THE PLAN. PRESS PLAYEVERYDAY AND FOLLOW THE NUTRITION PLAN. IT WORKS! Then say h hello to a newyou in 90 days
  4. 4. Yours in Success,Alice DymallyWork With Me – Leaders OnlyP.S. If you got ANY value out of this post, then click those share buttons on this page now . .