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How to create a remarkable LinkedIn profile - Slides of the presentation held on 23.05.2012 at Orange Concept Store Bucharest

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  1. 1. How to make your profile remarkable Linkedin LinkedIn
  2. 2. Are You Remarkable?• Think what makes you remarkable What differentiates you?• Why should I care?
  3. 3. Photo• Headshot 200x200 px• Background, lighting, contrast, colours
  4. 4. PhotoGood or Bad?
  5. 5. headline• It is just one sentence It can be easily understood by a 12 year old• You could recite it from memory at any time (when someone wakes you in the middle of the night)
  6. 6. headlineStart with:I use my (expertise) to (enhance your chances) for (a bettercareer).I support/help ________ by ________.Leveraging my ________ and ________, I deliver________ to ________.
  7. 7. Group Exercise• 3 persons in a group• share your headline (30 seconds each)
  8. 8. headline examples
  9. 9. Summary• Memorable Story Make it both emotional and logic• State the benefits that a company will have if they hire you• 3 paragraphs• Tell about yourself, tell about what benefits you will bring and tell about what you look for
  10. 10. Summary ExamplesKirsten Dixson is the Personal Branding and Online Reputation ManagementStrategist for positive influencers who want to profit from their ideas. With herkeen insight, she helps her clients discover their brands and create a distinct onlineand offline communications platform to reach their goals.Kirsten is the coauthor of Career Distinction: Stand Out by Building Your Brand(Wiley) and has trained more personal branding strategists than any other personin the world in her work with Reach Personal Branding. As one of the first Reach-Certified Personal Branding Strategists and a Certified Job and Career TransitionCoach, she has successfully helped hundreds of professionals with career marketingsince 1997.As a media resource and speaker on building and managing your online brand,she’s been interviewed on The Today Show and quoted in the New York Times,Wall Street Journal, Boston Globe, Real Simple, More, Advertising Age
  11. 11. Summary examplesI am a wordsmith. From the ore of words, I craft powerful yet clearcommunications expertly shaped upon the forge of grammar. Whether Imnegotiating contracts or quickly building enduring relationships, knowing whoneeds to know what and seeing they do are my passions, realized throughproficiencies in verbal and written communications as well as facility with socialmedia.My successes in the publishing, financial services, and fashion industries are theinterdisciplinary springboards from which I add value in the functional areas ofonline community management, strategic communications planning, contentdevelopment, and client relationship management.I’m seeking an opportunity to deploy the full range of my creative thoughtleadership, relationship-building expertise, and communication skills. Ideally, thiswould be in the context of an organization deeply committed to best practices andwhere I will add value by growing an online community.
  12. 12. Specialties• List all the relevant specialties Make the list easy to read (bullets, spacing)• Keywords will help you rank in search
  13. 13. Current position• State the name of the position and the name of the organization Describe your duties• Mention at least one achievement you had during the time you worked for that organization
  14. 14. Past Positions• State the name of the position and the name of the organization Describe your duties• Mention at least one achievement you had during the time you worked for that organization
  15. 15. HoMework• Take the quiz• Create a draft for your Headline, Summary and specialties• Find a photo (headshot) that represents you
  16. 16. Thank You• Adrian Chira @adrianchira•