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Team Gravis Pervasive IA Heuristic Evaluation


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Published in: Technology, Design
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Team Gravis Pervasive IA Heuristic Evaluation

  1. 1. +Gravis footwearCross-channel Information Architectures C-F AIL # EPIAditya, Brennan, Hee Joo, Kristen Team Subgroup
  2. 2. What is Gravis?
  3. 3. Strive to be differentDon’t have that many products
  4. 4. Abbys IA Heuristics: Graded A-F
  5. 5. GradeControllable Fn  Does user feel that the task they need to accomplish is No! available to them? n  After user chooses a product, Gravis slam the door in the face of the user by not showing 3rd-party stores in context of the shoes.n  How well does it anticipate and eliminate error potential? No! n NOT SO WELL. n Gravis adopted non-standard interaction patternsn  When errors do occur, how easily can a user recover? No! n Not straightforward to go back to all shoes. n Not possible to go to the next shoe in the thumbnail list.n  Are features offered to allow the user to tailor information No! or functionality to their context?! n  Cant serach or narrow options. Cannot mark particular products for future reference.
  6. 6. GradeClear DEasily Perceptible.n  Is the functionality and information being provided easy to understand? Yes! n  …but click on a link, the navigation paradigm changes.n  Is the path to task completion obvious? No! n  Not if you want to check out the skate stuff, click on the skate link (it will sell you shoes).n  Users nd it easy to describe? No! n  If a descriptor such as "cube rotation" thing is used, there may be a problem.
  7. 7. GradeUseful EWebsites intended usage: Not satisfied.Users intended tasks: Not completed.n  Not a single part of this sample task can be completed.Check out the new Lowdown shoes and buy the redones in size 11
  8. 8. Sam. The Skateboarder ASL 25/M/LA Hobbyist skateboarder Needs to buy a pair of Lowdowns
  9. 9.
  10. 10. GradeFindable Fn  Can users easily locate information and functionality that they are seeking?! No! n  e website has no basic search function. n  Shoes appear in pop-up grid as opposed to list n  Names and prices are not listed in gridn  Is it easy to enter the experience from a variety of channels and points of interest?! No! n  Not possible to get to website from other sites selling Gravis shoes n  Seems as if search engine is only optionn  How do search engines “see” what is provided?! No! n  Gravis site shows up as rst option in Google n  Shows up close to the bottom of rst page in Yahoo! And Bing
  11. 11. Search engine results using Yahoo! or Bing.
  12. 12. GradeAccessible Fn  Can information and functionality be used by a variety of user types via all expected channels and devices?! n  Site is ash-based; automatically a problem for iOS devices No!n  Is this experience compliant with 508 standards for accessibility? No! n  Site doesnt support zooming n  Not compatible with screen readers
  13. 13. Doesnt play well withothers. •  Home page is not compatible with mobile devices nor does it have a separate mobile version. •  Design Idea: It might be time to switch to HTML5
  14. 14. Gina. Visually impaired ASL 45/F/MI Wants to gift a nice Gravis shoe to her nephew
  15. 15. Typical website screen reader output
  16. 16. Gravis site screen reader output AKA accessibility fail
  17. 17. e solution