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Student Startup & Innovation Policy (SSIP)


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Published in: Education
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Student Startup & Innovation Policy (SSIP)

  1. 1. Higher education does not get much patronage to develop their innovation/start-up ecosystem compared to elite institutes/universities in India NeedforInterventionsinGujarat Out of thousands of projects by students not even a few become start-up due to lack of ecosystem and due to lack of proper handholding. To inculcate culture of innovation amongst the students and to provide a conducive environment for optimum harnessing of their creative pursuit, The Education Department, Government of Gujarat has issued Student Startup and Innovation Policy (SSIP) in year 2017. Nearly 80% innovations die at early stage across universities in India
  2. 2. Developing students centric Innovations and Pre-incubation Ecosystems. Support to flourish creativity & innovation. Creating and facilitating sectoral and regional inclusive innovation efforts. Key Goals of SSIP
  3. 3. Infrastructure Institution building across State to support Startup ecosystem RISC 2.5 Cr RISC 2.5Cr RISC 2.5 Cr CISC 2.5 Cr
  4. 4. Identify Knowledge Ideas Innovations Support  Financial  Technical  Strategic  Managerial  Moral & Other Develop  IPR  Prototype  Product  Start-up Promote Brand Building Success Stories Linkages Change Agents Benefit to Innovators SupportunderSSIP Support process under SSIP Providing Mind to Market Support through
  5. 5. 200 Cr Mandate ( 100 Cr by GoG and 100 Cr from outside support) for Student Innovation & Start-ups for 5 years Up to Rs. 2 Lakh support at Idea/ POC level for Student Innovations. IPR Support Up to Rs. 25000/- for each innovation.  SSIP Hub: 35 Cr  Resource for Maker’s Lab/ Prototyping Facilities: 10 Cr  Student Innovation Fund at SSIP: 20 Cr per year Up to Rs 1.2 Cr to institutes in 3 years. Support to stakeholders for various Conferences, symposiums, workshops, boot-camps etc. Mentoring Support up to Rs. 50000/- per project Up to Rs 5 Cr to universities in 5 years.
  6. 6. Major Interventions through SSIP  Student Innovation and Start-up Ecosystem Development.  Developing innovation and startup council/ Cell at Uni/Institute  Awards/ Recognition/ Exposure for student innovators  Virtual Incubation/ Mentoring and allied support.  Pedagogical Interventions  Proof of Concept (PoC) and Prototyping support.  Patent Filing support.  Tinkering Lab/ Fab Lab/ Basic prototyping facility.
  7. 7. SupportunderSSIP Up to Rs.20 Lakhs for University/ Institute PoC Support under SSIP Projects that are at PoC level or beyond can be provided Maximum financial support Rs. 2 LakhsFor additional support recommendation to be made before the State Level SSIP Committee 75% 25% Maximum Limit Per project Consumables/ Purchase/ Procurement of raw material/ Minor works Up to Rs.2 Lakhs for Individual Project through University/ Institute
  8. 8. PoC Support Project Level Up to 75% of sanctioned amount for the project Consumables/ Purchase/ Procurement/ Minor works Up to Rs. 2 Lakh Purchase/ Procurement of raw material Consumables Minor works/ Professional services Mentoring Support / Professional services Up to Rs. 50,000/- PoC Support under SSIPSupportunderSSIP
  9. 9. ActivityAnnualLimitRemarks GuidelinesforGrantUtilization Seminars Workshops Conferences As per MoU expenses for travel of external experts, contingency, kits for participants and all miscellaneous expenses Support for various activities under SSIP Awareness Programs Dr. M S Gadhavi, OSD, GKS
  10. 10. ActivityAnnualLimitRemarks GuidelinesforGrantUtilization Common Innovation Centre, Tinkering Lab/ Fab Lab Basic Prototyping facility As per MoU expenditure on equipments / machines/ 3D printers & consumables for running such equipment/s Support for various activities under SSIP Dr. M S Gadhavi, OSD, GKS
  11. 11. ActivityAnnualLimitRemarks GuidelinesforGrantUtilization Administrative expenses Up to Rs. 200,000/- can procure the services for assistive work Support for various activities under SSIP Dr. M S Gadhavi, OSD, GKS
  12. 12. ActivityAnnualLimitRemarks GuidelinesforGrantUtilization Documentation Publication/ Dissemination reprography charges Up to Rs. 100,000/- documentation, printing material related to SSIP activity, manuals & literature, books, journals and reprography Support for various activities under SSIP Dr. M S Gadhavi, OSD, GKS
  13. 13. ActivityAnnualLimitRemarks GuidelinesforGrantUtilization IPR Support Up to Rs. 500,000/- Average Rs. 25,000/- per national IPR filling For additional expenses recommendation to be made before the State Level SSIP Committee Support for various activities under SSIP Dr. M S Gadhavi, OSD, GKS
  14. 14. ActivityAnnualLimitRemarks GuidelinesforGrantUtilization Mentoring and allied support Up to Rs 200,000/- Consultancy fees to avail professional services such as Legal Services, CA, CS, certified surveyor and/or services of any other certified technical professionals Virtual Incubation Professional services Support for various activities under SSIP Dr. M S Gadhavi, OSD, GKS
  15. 15. Mentoring Support Group Mentoring Services University Level Mentoring Services Mentoring support under SSIP Individual Project Mentoring Services Supported From University Mentoring grant Supported From Individual Project grant SupportunderSSIP Travel & accomodation the mentor supported Professional service as legal, CA/CS can be availed Up to Rs. 50,000/-
  16. 16. Process Flow of financial Support to Institutes Call For Proposal Handholding Session Screening 17 Grant Disbursement Grant Utilization Certificate Mentoring at every Stage
  17. 17. 2.2 Facilities Available for Innovation Pre-incubation Support: Sr.No . Details Yes/N o 1 Research/Innovation/Incubation/Pre-incubation Centre Available 2 Meeting Room for Innovators and Startups, Seminar/ Computer Centre with Independent High-Speed Dedicated Internet Facility 3 Library/Reading Room/Soft Digital Infrastructure 4 Area of minimum 600 Square Feet dedicated for Innovation and Entrepreneurship Activities 5 Dedicated Supporting Staff for Startup/ Incubation/ Pre- incubation Activity/ Centre 6 Collaboration with Expert Individual and Organization to promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship 7 Access to Institute Labs/workshop and Research Infrastructure to Student Innovators and Startups Format to submit proposal
  18. 18. 2.3 Active Student Participation in Innovation and Entrepreneurial Activities during past academic year Sr. Interventions Numbers 1 Projects/research work converted into an innovation/solution 2 Students participating in Conferences/Symposiums/Workshops in Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 Students participating in Boot-camps/Hackathons/Hands on Activities/Problem Solving Efforts 4 Students participating in exposure programs like Innovation/Startup Exhibitions/Award Functions 5 Students participating in Product Design, Design Thinking, Immersion Programs in Innovation 6 Startup Internship, Research in Innovation and Entrepreneurship, Students participating with Innovators and Startups through various Engagement programs 7 Students Participating in Skill Development Programs related to Innovation and Entrepreneurship 8 Students Startups/Alumni Startups coming out of the Institute Total Format to submit proposal
  19. 19. 2.4 Major Noteworthy Efforts during past three years to promote Innovation and Student Startups. (Please Mention at least 5 initiatives within 1000 words) 2.5 Major Achievements and Impacts during past three years in Innovation and Entrepreneurship. (Please Mention at least 5 initiatives within 500 words). 2.6 Internal Support System at Different Stage of Innovation Sr Need Figure Intervention being taken 1 Outreach/Sensitization/Culture Development 2 Support at Idea generation stage 3 Support for IPR awareness and Patent Filing 4 Support for Proof of Concept (PoC) 5 Support for access to existing R & D infrastructure 6 Exposure to Innovators and Student Startups 7 Collaboration and tie-up with external expert/organizations Format to submit proposal
  20. 20. 2.7 Outstanding efforts in the field of Research by the Institute in past three years Sr. Type of Student's Projects Work Y- 1 Y- 2 Y- 3 Total 1 Ongoing/Completed Funded Research Projects 2 Research Publications in Peer Reviewed Journals 3 Students' Research Publications 4 Faculty Research Publications 5 Patents filed 6 Conferences/Workshops/Seminars/ Conducted 7 Amount Spent on Innovation and Entrepreneurship Agenda Format to submit proposal
  21. 21. 2.8 Project Work Sr. Type of Student's Projects Work Y-1Y-2Y-3 Total 1 Minor Research/Academic Projects (UG/Diploma Level) 2 Major Research/ Academic Projects (PG Level) 3 Research Scholars (PhD Level) 4 Registered Student/Alumni Entrepreneurs 5 Commercialized Student's Project /Innovation 3 Core Capabilities to Host SSIP Activities at Institute Sr. Area 1 Competent Human Resource to Operationalize SSIP action agenda 2 Available Infrastructure for Innovation and Incubation Centre 3 Core Research/Thrust Areas 4 Source to tap new Innovation 5 Locational Advantage 6 Proven track record to promote innovation and entrepreneurship Format to submit proposal
  22. 22. 4 Roadmap of the Institute to Promote SSIP Agenda 4.1 Plans to create Innovation Pipeline for the future (Please Mention at least 3 initiatives within 500 words) 4.2 Three Year Action Plan to Support Student Innovation and Startups: Sr. Milestone Y- 1 Y-2 Y-3 Tota l 1 Total Number of Students to be Outreached and Sensitized 2 Total Number of Innovative Student Projects to be Supported 3 Total Number Innovations to be Supported at PoC Stage 4 Total Number of Patents to be Filed 5 Total Number of Student Start-ups to be Supported through interventions like: 5.1 Incubation space & facilities 5.2 Seed Funding 5.3 Prototyping grant 5.4 Faculty/ alumni/Expert/ mentoring 6 Total Number of Workshops/ Conferences/Seminars/ Capacity Building Programs in SSIP Agenda. 4.3 Key initiative to achieve the above. (Please Mention at least 10
  23. 23. 4.4 Budget (in Rupees) Sr. Component Y– 1 Y– 2 Y– 3 Total 1 Institute Contribution 0 2 SSIP Grant 0 3 Other Sources 0 4.5 Proposed budget including institute contribution, SSIP Grant and other sources: Sr. Intervention Y– 1 Y– 2 Y– 3 Total 1 Developing Institute innovation and startup council/ecosystem/Cell 0 2 Developing pre-incubation process 0 3 Co-working space/Pre-incubation facility/Common Innovation Centre 0 4 Activity/Workshop/Conference/Capacity Building/Awareness program 0 5 Awards/Recognition/Exposure 0 6 Technology Platforms/ICT portals 0 7 Virtual Incubation/Mentoring and allied support 0 8 Proof of Concept (PoC) and Prototyping support 0 9 Patent Filing support 0 10 Tinkering Lab/Fab Lab/Basic prototyping facility 0 11 Pedagogical Interventions/Courses/New Programs on Innovation and Entrepreneurship 0
  24. 24. Student Open Innovation Challenge (SOIC) • Higher & Technical Education Department, Government of Gujarat has launched Student Open Innovation Challenge (SOIC) to create unique environment across academia in the state for creativity to flourish. • Through this program the government is aiming to build an ecosystem of innovation with active involvement of students. • As its name suggests the challenge is open for all the sectors and branches of academia. • Student innovators need not work on any specific theme.
  25. 25. Stages of Student Open Innovation Challenge Declaration and outreach across the state and country Submission of proposals by innovators, students, start-ups Pitching, short listing and selection Minimum viable Product design IP/Patent Clinic boot Camp Demo day of final prototype/ innovations at state level Continuous mentoring
  26. 26. SOIC Timeline Sr. No. Goal Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 1 Creating detailed roadmap of the program with process fine- tuning 6th Dec. 2018 6th April 2019 17th July 2019 2 Declaration of the program 6th Dec. 2018 1st April 2019 17th July 2019 3 Outreach of the program Till 15th Dec.2018 Till 15th April 2019 Till 1st Aug. 2019 4 Creating a web platform/ envir. 15th Dec.2018 15th April 2019 1st Aug. 2019 5 Submission of proposals By 16th Jan. 2019 By 20th May 2019 By 1st Sep. 2019 6 Pitch, review and short listing By 28 th Feb. 2019 By 1st June 2019 By 16th Oct. 2019 7 Periodic mentoring March-May 2019 June-July 2019 Oct.-Nov. 2019 8 IP/Patent Clinic boot camp By 15th May 2019 By 15th July 2019 By 30th Nov. 2019 9 Demo-day of prototypes Jun-19 Aug-19 Dec-2019 10 Pre incubation/Incubation/ Product Design July 2019 on wards September 2019 Onwards Jan 2020 on wards
  27. 27. Nature of collaboration and team structure  Intra institutional-multi team-single/multiple cycle  Inter institutional-multi team-single/multiple cycle Who can participate ? 1. College Category: Any student presently studying and Five year alumni 2. School Category: Any School student Note:  Student Innovators and start-ups from outside Gujarat can also apply for the open innovation Challenge but in such scenarios minimum 50% of team members should be from Gujarat. This is intended for promoting collaboration  Each team may comprise of around 3-8 members. Teams can also have a faculty mentor
  28. 28. Registration process for the challenge Visit
  29. 29. Visit Registration process for the challenge
  30. 30. Visit Registration process for the challenge
  31. 31. Incentives Financial:  Up to 2 lac seed grant for short listed teams after evolution of their proposal by state level  Additional SSIP grant up to 25000 for IPR support Non-financial:  Structured mentoring to teams  Potential technology transfer/start-up support  Pre incubation facility at SSIP Hub  Access to various boot camp and guidance  Citations/awards /appreciation Supporttobeprovidedtosuccessfulparticipants Mentoring Incubation Awards
  32. 32. Key deliverable of this program  While short duration innovation design programs like hackathons, boot camps helps innovators to tinker around given ideas in limited time, this program will give them more bandwidth and time to develop a detailed solution  Opportunity for students to work on real life challenges with ample incentives  Challenge our academia to work on time bound, innovation process  Aim to take up best 100 challenges per year based on their relevance and potential impact  Engaging with local and national expertise from academia, industry and others fields  Create innovation pipeline for large scale pre incubation facility at SSIP Hub  Large scale cultural challenge in academia  New open innovation model development which will be unique for the nation
  33. 33. Number of teams to be supported SSIP aims to support around 100 teams/innovations based on merit in the beginning If more suitable teams are short listed during the process they can be considered with inputs from SSIP state level committee Annually three cycles of call for proposal will be attempted
  34. 34. Smart Gujarat for New India Hackathon – 2018  17 Gujarat Government Departments,  213 problem statements,  1434 teams participated.  At regional level, it was organized at Ahmedabad, Rajkot, Anand and Surat.  150 teams and 917 students participated in Grand Finale.  Total 33 teams were awarded in Grand Finale.
  35. 35. Smart Gujarat for New India Hackathon – 2018
  36. 36. Summer Innovation Challenge (SIC) – 2017 SIC-2017 329 teams registered. 251 teams participated. 8 Awards were given in 4 categories. SIC-2018 on theme of ‘Water’ Total 303 teams are registered and 158 synopsis are submitted. 15 Awards will be given in following 5 categories (if found suitable): Product Innovation (Technological) Process Innovation (Technological) Community innovation