Peer Into the Minds of Your Prospects


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AdvisorDeck has released tools to gain insight into how your prospects are engaging with your marketing efforts.

These slides from our webinar cover:
- The types of data that AdvisorDeck tracks on behalf of your prospects
- Where you can find this essential data
- How to use this data to inform conversations with prospects
- How this data can be used as a reference point during client meetings

For more information about our product and how our online marketing suite of tools can help financial professionals market themselves online, stop by our website here:

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Peer Into the Minds of Your Prospects

  1. 1. Christine LucMarketing SpecialistJanuary 30, 2013
  2. 2. We Merge Marketing tech Engaging content Compliance Expert guidance Ease of use
  3. 3. Who We AreSan Francisco, California Cameron Christine Co-Founder Marketing SpecialistLeadership & backing Lincoln Collins Wade Dokken •  Co-Founder, •  Co-Founder, WealthVest Marketing WealthVest Marketing •  Fmr. CEO The •  Fmr. CEO American Hartford Europe Skandia •  Fmr. COO American Skandia
  4. 4. That’s enough about us. What about your prospects? Who are they?
  5. 5. Your prospects are people.
  6. 6. People are curious.
  7. 7. Your prospects are curious about you.
  8. 8. Encourage curiosity. Create content that prospects will want to view.
  9. 9. Tailor your content to differentdemographics who are interested in certain types of information.
  10. 10. Learn more about prospects based on what they’re viewing.
  11. 11. With AdvisorDeck, you can find outhow prospects are interacting with you.
  12. 12. AdvisorDeck helps you learn about how prospects are interested in what you have to offer.
  13. 13. By learning how prospects areengaging with your website, you canstart a conversation on the right foot.
  14. 14. Find out how prospects are engaging with your website and your email marketing efforts.
  15. 15. What else can you examine to getsome perspective on prospects?
  16. 16. POLL
  17. 17. Strategy for offering prospects thechance to engage with you:•  Think about the questions that prospects ask you before deciding to work with you.•  Create posts, articles, videos or other media that answers these questions. Post these online for prospects.•  See what prospects view. What kind of story is behind these clues?•  Reach out to them and start a conversation related to the story you see.
  18. 18. How to talk to current clients using thisbackground information:•  Connect with clients and build on that relationship. Ask about you can help them fulfill their needs and if their needs have changed over time. Use this information to see opportunities to reconnect.•  If clients are engaging with your online marketing efforts, this could be a sign they’re hoping that you would reach out to them.
  19. 19. Takeaways:•  Create opportunities for prospects online to read more about you and how you can help them-  Analyze the activity happening-  Decide how to reach out and engage-  Follow up via email or phone-  Use this information as opportunities to add a personal touch and move forward-  Save time by focusing on people who engage with your online marketing frequently
  20. 20. QUESTIONS
  21. 21. Getting Started•  Go to and create a new account•  Follow the guided setup process•  Support and best practices•  Questions?