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Introduction to AdvisorDeck's centralized online marketing platform, including online marketing solutions that it provides as well as current features and future features in development.

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  • Hello! Welcome to our walkthrough webinar. Here at AdvisorDeck, we schedule a webinar every week at this time to provide a touch point for those interested in the platform to see it in action and for current customers to get updates on our roadmap as well as how-tos for new features. I’m Christine Luc and I’m the marketing lead for AdvisorDeck, and I will be walking through the basics of the platform in this short 20 minute webinar. I’ll leave some time for Q&A afterward. Please use the “questions” box in GoToWebinar to submit questions along the way, and I’ll walk through them at the end of the call.
  • In our webinars we usually show off our great staff who have fantastic industry experience. Cameron, the co-founder has worked for a wide range of digital media and social products, including, WIRED Science, and the White House before working as co-founder. Derrick, our development manager, has founded and worked on numerous startups after leaving Earthlink and recently managed his own consulting firm in Hawaii. We also have an offshore development team that assists Derrick in building out our product.
  • AdvisorDeck is backed by Lincoln Collins andWade Dokken, cofounders of WealthVest Marketing. They’re industry leaders with decades of success in the FMO/IMO space. Lincoln came from leading Hartford Europe, building it from the ground up, and both Lincoln and Wade held high level executive positions with American Skandia. Their unique understanding of the insurance space and wide network of contacts and customer relationships – especially through WealthVest marketing – gives us the insight needed to create a truly class-leading product.
  • With our background covered, let’s talk about what AdvisorDeck is and what it can do for you.AdvisorDeck is designed to be a best in class digital marketing platform for Financial Advisors, Insurance Agents, Investments advisors, and others in the financial services space. We’ve built a dedicated team to ensure that the unique needs of the financial services vertical are best met – something no other platform can claim. AdvisorDeck is completely proprietary and focused exclusively on optimizing the performance of your business online. We support the marketing and promotion of all types of financial products and services. AdvisorDeck is your online marketing hub. This is our product that follows the strategy to deliver new leads and new business for your RIA, for your insurance, for your registered rep business. These are the different steps we take:We create an optimized website hub; we create a website for youWe make it really easy to migrate your current site if you have an old one that you want to migrate and updateWe make it really easy to leverage social media in a compliant wayWe engage in active search engine optimization within Google, Yahoo, Bing and others to make sure that your rank is as high as possible in your local areaWe help you create engaging content with blogging toolsWe also provide services that create content for you and offer content as a service for subscription through the platformTo bring this all together, we allow you to publish one piece of content everywhere to blog, social media accountsSoon we’ll make all of this compliant by updating things automatically, keeping them secure, integrating with compliant standards of FINRA, NASDY and your broker-dealerAdvisorDeck leverages all of these best practices, and because it’s a managed platform, it will update continually to meet evolving standards and practices to deliver the best results.
  • These best practices boil down to these four key areas. Let’s talk about online marketing and the different components of it that we support.
  • The first one in this 4-circle strategy is content. What it boils down to is having something that’s worth a visit to your site that the user will want to come and experience and engage with. We do this in a couple different ways:First, we create a high quality branded website that’s visually rich and appealing, something that will give a sense of professionalism when the users come to your site.We make it really easy to engage with users by posting blog updates. We also provide access to educational and marketing materials. In this realm, we’re continually brokering relationships to expand the amount of marketing content available to our AdvisorDeck customers.We’re also getting ready to release tools such as lead generating calculators in the near future. This will not only allow users to generate different outcomes for different financial situations, but will allow you to capture that information and follow up with those users as a lead directly.We think this is an important statistic: companies that blog get 55% more website visitors. It’s not enough today to just put a couple web pages up and let them sit there. You really need to be out there engaging and producing and demonstrating your expertise. That’s what we’re focused on making incredibly easy to do.
  • In social media, we have full integration with LinkedIn, with Facebook, and with Twitter. You’ll be able to link all of these accounts to your AdvisorDeck account directly, publish once to your blog and publish out to those social networks all in real time. That allows you to engage all of those different social media channels and drive traffic back to your site, generate leads and generate business all automatically with the push of a button. When those users come back we can capture them as leads. We help you do all of this by supporting your different social media efforts with best practices guides and some really industry leading expertise in that space, including Matt Halloran, a social media consultant working with us who’s the author of the Social Media Guidebook for Financial Advisors.
  • In the search front, search is really important. Search is still the entry point for most web sessions and doing it well takes dedicated experts. We focus ONLY on the financial industry unlike other marketers. We look at search as the entry point for a lot of engagement with your site. What we do is we work with both organic search engine optimization (or SEO) and PAID search engine marketing (or SEM). On the SEO front, we make sure we’re optimizing your website from the geographical perspective, from a business prospective that covers both the products and businesses that you offer, and really make sure that you have all the tools you need on your site to help Google find you and expose you to the most relevant business audience it can.Another really important piece that we offer through AdvisorDeck is turnkey pay per click. The best way to do search engine marketing is to run a pay per click campaign. These are the Google ads that you see next to search results. We handle all the legwork, all the nuance behind creating these campaigns and rolling them out to your customers. Subscribing to one of these is as easy as going into your AdvisorDeck account, plugging in who your competitors are, what your budget is, and other variables and we’ll have you up and running in no time. Those are guaranteed clicks and impressions to your website and to your calls to action and we’ve seen really good results with these so far. I want to point out in addition to this-Unlike other marketing platforms, we’re only focused on the financial industry and working with registered reps and agents, so we have that vertical knowledge that really sets us apart.
  • Lastly, for the registered reps and for those that hold FINRA licenses, confidence and compliance are two major components that we focus on and drill into. We give you complete oversight of all the content that’s going on on your site. That’s something that other marketing platforms and campaigns don’t give you. They push out content that may or may not have been approved. We give you complete oversight. We also give you social media coverage with that content that you control by allowing you to control through AdvisorDeck what goes into those different channels such as LinkedIn or Facebook or Twitter. In the back end, FINRA rules require that all your marketing materials online be archived. If you’re not doing that now it may be an issue. We are working to integrate with a really exciting vendor called PageFreezer. They provide archiving services to major fortune 500 companies as well as the SEC. We have an exclusive agent and registered rep level license with them. In the next few months, we’ll allow you to archive your website and social media accounts instantly and automatically using their service by subscribing to our registered rep service. We’re very excited to roll that out in the next few months.
  • Next, I’m going to walk through the administrative portion of the AdvisorDeck platform, where you go in and administer different aspects of your account. Then I’ll discuss big features that we’re rolling out in the next few months.
  • We have a lot of exciting features that we’re getting ready to roll out. Let me touch on those briefly.Like I mentioned earlier, in the next few months we’re rolling out social media and web archiving services as part of our partnership with PageFreezerWe’re actively brokering deals to build a FINRA-compliant library of marketing content to choose fromOur developers are actively building custom PDF report generating financial calculatorsWe’re working on broker-dealer integration to make the process for making content compliant just that much easierSoon we’ll be adding social media metrics reporting to the AdvisorDeck dashboardAnd much more
  • At this point we’re going to go ahead and leave the remainder of the half-hour for Q+A. We have a couple of things that people want us to touch on. Our first question is regarding Pay Per Click. How does pay per click work?When you create an account, you can create an account for free by going to Once you go there and create an account and sign up, we have a custom web form for pay per click. Go there, define a couple things and basically tell us the radius that you want to target. How far out do you want people to see your ads from your business address? You can define who your competition is. You can define whether or not you want to show your phone number. One important thing to note is that while you pay for individual clicks, you’re also going to be getting thousands of impressions even if you’re getting a handful of clicks and those impressions with the phone number there can lead to a phone-based lead. We see this as a really great way to get in front of consumers and own that geographical area. Pay per click campaigns are available in monthly increments of $100 and up and that will generate (depending on the market, products you’re trying to sell), and that can generate really great results for you. The best way to get in is to create an account and we can get you set up today.We have a question here about search engine optimization. How do you work with local search engine optimization?When you fill out your address and different business areas in the business profile, including products and services that you work with, we take the keywords and surface that to all your pages and expose those to different search engines. We expose your city, state and zip code to Google to reinforce your business results. If people are searching products and services like securities or insurance products for example, these terms can also bubble up your business directly to users to help them find what they’re looking for. For this, you don’t have to do any of this on the back end other than specifying the business areas in simple web form in your profile. We handle the rest for you and it’s really easy to get set up with a search engine optimized site.Another question here- What do I do if I already have a domain?We can work with already registered domains. If you create an account, there’s another form similar to the pay per click form where you can simply submit what your current domain is and we’ll walk you through step by step how to get set up on your end. We’ll register your domain on our end and you’ll keep ownership of the domain. But we can allow you to use your existing email and domain and AdvisorDeck at the same time. In addition to that, if you need a new domain we can register it for you and you’ll maintain ownership of that and help you get set up with that as well.We’re not seeing any other questions at the other moment, but if we get any last minute questions we’ll post them on the blog.
  • A recording of this webinar will be posted on From there you can watch the recording, get answers to last minute questions, get any other details that you need or simply ask more questions.If you have pre-sales support questions and you want to talk to someone about the questions you have, the best thing to do is give a call to our exclusive reseller, WealthVest Marketing. They’re available at 877-595-9325.You can also make an appointment with them at for opportunities to receive AdvisorDeck for free through certain production values. But if you want someone to walk you through the setup process and any pre-sale questions you have, just go ahead and call this number and they’ll be happy to help. That’s the best way to subscribe. You can also go to and set up an account for free and we encourage you to check it out. Either way we look forward to working with you and doing business with you to help you improve your business and generate new leads. Thanks for your time, we appreciate it and we look forward to working with you.
  • Intro to AdvisorDeck

    1. 1. Who we areSan Francisco, California Cameron Derrick Christine Product Development Marketing Manager Manager AssociateDavao City, Philippines Joseph Riel Developer Jr. Developer
    2. 2. BackingIndustry Leadership Lincoln Collins Wade Dokken • Co- • Co- Founder, WealthVest Founder, WealthVest Marketing Marketing • Fmr. CEO The • Fmr. CEO American Hartford Europe Skandia • Fmr. COO American Skandia
    3. 3. We’re your online marketing hubCreate an optimized website hubIntegrate and leverage social mediaEngage in active search engine optimizationCreate useful, engaging contentOffer blog postsPublish once to everywhereAutomate compliance and updates
    4. 4. Inbound marketing essentials Content SEO Social + Media SEM Compliance
    5. 5. Content: Something worth a visit ContentSEO • Content as a service Social + MediaSEM • Effortless blogging Compliance Companies that blog get 55% more website visitors
    6. 6. Social media: 200,000,000 can’t be wrong ContentSEO • Turnkey integration Social + MediaSEM • Automatic engagement Compliance
    7. 7. Search: The entry point Content • Every search coveredSEO • Managed campaigns Social + MediaSEM • Single industry focus • PPC available today Compliance
    8. 8. Confidence to act Content • Complete oversight • Social media coverageSEO + Social • Same archiving as the Media SEC itselfSEM Compliance
    10. 10. Roadmap• Social media and web/blog archiving• FINRA content library• Custom PDF report generating calculators• Broker-dealer integration• Social media metrics• … and much more
    11. 11. Q&A
    12. 12. SUBSCRIBINGContact WealthVest or 1-877-595-9325