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How to Set Up Social Account Links


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In this webinar, Christine will walk you through how to link your existing social network accounts (LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter) to your AdvisorDeck account.

I will cover:

- Benefits to setting up social media network accounts
- Why linking social networks to AdvisorDeck benefits you
- How to add social networks to AdvisorDeck
- How to schedule a blog/social media campaign for a week

Published in: Technology, Business
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How to Set Up Social Account Links

  1. 1. How to Set Up Social Account LinksChristine LucMarketing AssociateJune 20, 2012
  2. 2. Who we are Cameron Derrick Christine Co-Founder/ Development Marketing Principal Manager Associate
  3. 3. Why should I set up a social media account for my business?
  4. 4. Demographics using social media:55% of Americans 45-54 have a profile on asocial networking site5 million high-net-worth investors use socialmedia to research financial decisions
  5. 5. FacebookDid you know?• Out of 901 million active users as of March 2012, women age 55-65 are one of the fastest growing segments on FacebookWhy you should have a Facebook account if you don’t:• Facebook allows you to connect with your current client base with anecdotes such as pictures and video sprinkled with relevant industry updates that keep them involved in your business.
  6. 6. LinkedInDid you know?• 60% of surveyed financial advisors have used LinkedIn to gain new clientsWhy you should have a LinkedIn account if you don’t:• You can post your full credentials in your profile and establish yourself as an industry authority in LinkedIn group discussions
  7. 7. TwitterDid you know?• 76% of Twitter users are active tweeters.Why you should have a Twitter account if you don’t:• Twitter helps you reach out to potential clients in a casual and public setting• It’s easy to curate articles and brand yourself as an expert in your field
  8. 8. Maintainingsocial mediaaccounts for yourbusiness allowsmore brandcontrol in Googlesearch results.
  9. 9. How often should I update my social media accounts?
  10. 10. How to manage all of these accounts at once?
  11. 11. WALKTHROUGHThe nitty gritty for how to set up socialaccount links. It’s really quite easy.