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  • Welcome to the first AdvisorDeck weekly walkthrough webinar. We’re scheduling these every week to provide a touch point for those interested in the platform to see it in action and for current customers to get updates on our roadmap. I’m Cameron Nordholm, the product manager for AdvisorDeck, and Christine, our marketing lead, and I will be walking through the basics of the platform in this short 20 minute webinar while leaving some time for Q&A. Please use the “questions” box in GoToWebinar to submit questions along the way, and we’ll walk through them at the end of the call.
  • In our webinars we usually show off our great staff who have fantastic industry experience. Cameron, the co-founder has worked for a wide range of digital media and social products, including, WIRED Science, and the White House before working as co-founder. Derrick, our development manager, has founded and worked on numerous startups after leaving Earthlink and recently managed his own consulting firm in Hawaii. We also have an offshore development team that assists Derrick in building out our product.
  • Mahogany makes use of a new and very sophisticated technology layer created by Twitter. Twitter wanted to solve some of the same problems that we did, and when they did, they released it to the developer community to work on and improve.
  • We work with several providers of the best content and interactive solution providers, including Educated Investor, with whom we just struck the first relationship of its kind for web based, granular social distribution. We also work with CalcXML using a sophisticated implementation of their engine that allows advisors to capture leads and follow up with prospects based on declared needs. We have several
  • AdvisorDeck Welcome Webinar

    1. 1. 11/13/2012 1
    2. 2. 11/13/2012 2VisionEvery financialprofessional is aneffective onlinemarketer.
    3. 3. 11/13/2012 3We Merge Marketing tech Engaging content Compliance Expert guidance Ease of use
    4. 4. Who We AreSan Francisco, California Cameron Derrick Christine Co-Founder CTO Marketing SpecialistLeadership & backing Lincoln Collins Wade Dokken • Co-Founder, • Co-Founder, WealthVest Marketing WealthVest Marketing • Fmr. CEO The • Fmr. CEO American Hartford Europe Skandia • Fmr. COO American Skandia
    5. 5. 11/13/2012 5 PLATFORM RIAs, Agents, Registered Reps
    6. 6. 11/13/2012 6Key Platform Features• Marketing dashboard• Turnkey website and blogging• Social media management• Campaign builder• User tracking• Voice call tracking (roadmap)• PURL tracking (roadmap)• Email tracking (roadmap)
    7. 7. 11/13/2012 7
    8. 8. 11/13/2012 8Your Agenda (Coming Soon)
    9. 9. 11/13/2012 9Message Management
    10. 10. 11/13/2012 10Content Library
    11. 11. ContentTechnology
    12. 12. 11/13/2012 12 ENTERPRISE Broker-Dealers, IMOs, Publishers, Marketing Groups
    13. 13. 11/13/2012 13Solutions• Account Management • For: Carriers, Broker-Dealers, marketing groups • Provision and maintain accounts in the Enterprise• Marketing • For: Publishers, marketing groups, consultants • Build marketing programs of content and services delivering automated marketing support• Compliance (roadmap) • For: Broker-Dealers, compliance officers • Pre- and Post-Review published content
    14. 14. 11/13/2012 14Enterprise Content Marketing
    15. 15. 11/13/2012 15Account Management
    16. 16. 11/13/2012 16 DEMO
    17. 17. 11/13/2012 17Getting Started• Go to and create a new account• Follow the guided setup process• Support and best practices• Questions?
    18. 18. 11/13/2012 18 QUESTIONS