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In each year, around end of march, voluntary workers in Europe (mostly surfers and sealovers) organize a great eco-citizen weekedn with a global scope dealing with the problems of macro-waste, and dedicated to the protection of our coasts, our lakes and our rivers. This is taking place on the 19th, 20th, 21st and 22nd of March 2009.

more : http://www.initiativesoceanes.org/

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Water cycle - Surfrider

  1. 1. ONE PLANET … ONE WATER CYCLE … Water is present everywhere on earth and is indispensable for life. Astronauts who have been lucky enough to observe our planet from space come back fascinated by its The quantity of water has remained unchanged for 4.4 billion years, and is distributed between four major sources : incredible beauty and its amazing blue colour. This colour, which has earned Earth its nickname of the oceans, coastal waters, the atmosphere and biosphere. “blue planet”, is partly linked to the vast expanses of water that cover it. On average a molecule of water remains in the atmosphere for 8 days Atmosphere Precipitation before falling back to the ground. 0,001 % billion Condensation Storage The volume of water on Earth amounts to 1.385 billion km3. If it were to be spread in depressions out evenly over the surface of the globe, it (lakes, ponds, etc.) would form a layer 2.7 km thick. Run-off The oceans cover 71% of the Earth’s surface. It’s the A molecule of water remains for a few blue planet. hours only in the cell of a plant or ani- mal. Evaporation Plants and animals 0,0001 % Large and small rivers Salt water accounts for 97.2% 0,0001 % of water on Earth, with fresh In soils Lakes water only accounting for 2.8% 0,005 % 0,01 % Water is an asset that is poorly shared out on Earth. 40% of the world’s population lack water. The water available to Infiltration mankind on Earth repre- On average a drop of sents less than 1% of the water remains in a Oceans total volume. river for 2 weeks 65% of an adult human’s body 97,2 % and in a lake for 17 is made up of water. years. Glaciers and polar ice caps 2,2 % Subterranean water Renauld sources 0,6 % In the glaciers and polar ice caps, water One kilogram of sea On average a drop of water remains is sometimes stored for up to 10,000 years. water contains on in the seas and oceans for 2,500 average 34.4 g of salt. years. Underground discharge … AND MANY Key Bacteriological pollution Waste pollution Nitrate and phosphate pollution Hydrocarbon pollution Physical-chemical pollution TYPES OF POLLUTION! Water is the preferred vehicle for all types of pollution. Watercourses, rivers, then streams sweep the poison along for miles before pouring it out into the ocean.