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Adverteaze is an all pervasive advertising solutions platform for television, newspapers, radio, internet, out of home. You can call us an online platform that has buyers and sellers for marketing, branding and advertising ideas, concepts and campaigns. It’s a forum to bridge the gap between established advertising agencies, corporate communications teams from various companies and the creative geniuses who haven’t had a chance to make their mark or waiting for the right opportunity to showcase their talent; who can provide advertising inputs, marketing ideas and campaign designs with refreshing novelty.

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Adverteaze - Digital Marketing

  1. 1. Integrated Marketing Credentials Think fresh. Deliver more.
  2. 2. advantageadverteaze, has wide capabilities and asubstantial reputation built over the lastfew years. We use creativity as a businesstool. We believe that to think out of thebox, you have to know what’s in it.
  3. 3. advantageWe know that knowledge - about theproduct, the market place and thecustomer – is the springboard to effectivecommunications.
  4. 4. advantageAt adverteaze, our work is defined bycreativity – both strategic and conceptual.We aim to surpass your expectations ofwhat an agency can and should be, byoffering innovative creative thinking.
  5. 5. advantageWe offer a blend of imagination andexpertise. adverteaze will always belooking ahead to where you should begoing. Offering you unique selling ideasthat will reinforce and strengthen theimpact of your business.
  6. 6. advantageWe believe that fresh Ideas takesimplicity, focus, and clarity of vision.We’re here to help make you moresuccessful than you ever thought possible.
  7. 7. advantageOur goal is to claim attention of prospectsand drive response through a meaningful,and memorable words and images inorder to build a strong rapport throughbranding for long-term loyalty
  8. 8. advantageWe love what we do. And we strive tosurpass our own expectations of what wecan do, with fresh selling ideas and novelexecutions. We’re creative.
  9. 9. We are the ones we’ve been waiting for.We are the change that we seek.President Obama Speech - Night of Super Tuesday
  10. 10. we are
  11. 11. We hate to depend on stupid people toget shit done. We’ve developed ourframeworks intelligently.
  12. 12. BUILD DESIGN Who: adverteaze What: IDEATION Who: Advisor Team, • Build, operate, maintain Brand Experience. What:DISCOVERY Who: Advisor Team, Client • Final Brand Narrative How: • creates turnkey operation for • Final Experience Design implementation What: • Technology SpecificationsWho:, Advisor Team, Client • Develop Brand Narrative • BudgetWhat: Develop 2-3 possible• Identify critical customer Experiences How: attitudes, behaviors and needs. • We works closely with partners• Examine cultural drivers How: to develop scalable, of brand experience. • Intense 2-day Experience affordable technology solutionHow: Ideation session Our team of• Deep immersion into current • Beyond Brand Strategy to architects and designers customer experience with Brand Story develops final plans for Brand. physical space.• Behavioral and Cultural • Experience Adventure• Brand Experience Audit Experience Optimization Process
  13. 13. Advertising
  14. 14. We understand that the world isbecoming ever more complex, and ishaving to face up to challenges andchanges to an unparalleled extent.
  15. 15. In an intensely competitive environment,the need for any product, service, peopleto brand itself, to differentiate itself fromothers has become paramount.
  16. 16. We believe that our combination of sectorknowledge and marketing know how canreally make the difference for our clients.
  17. 17. Our Offerings
  18. 18. CommunicationMarketing I Branding I Public Relations I Creative Services
  19. 19. CreativeIdentity I Brochures I Website I Presentations I EDMs
  20. 20. Media BuyingPrint I Digital I Outdoors I Mobile
  21. 21. OutdoorsOutdoor activations I Road Shows
  22. 22. Digital AdvertisingSEO I SEM I SMM I ORM I Mobile I Lead generation
  23. 23. No matter your marketing goal, we canexplore it, cultivate it and bring it to life.
  24. 24. Adverteaze has a team of exceptionallytalented strategists, artists, writers,planners and designers. We haveexperience in delivering compelling andinsightful communications.
  25. 25. Our success is a reflection of our people.We are a dynamic and energetic group ofprofessionals committed to the higheststandards of excellence and integrity.We’re known by the Company we Keep
  26. 26. Thanks.Email: I Mobile: +91 9502421919 I Blog: