Tech to Watch for in 2013


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2013 has just started, but tech companies are already developing new technologies to be ready later in the year. Join us as we talk about what new technologies are just around the corner and what you can expect. Which apps, services, gadgets and gizmos will change the way we work, play and learn? Will we see an evolution of what we already know or is something brand new on the horizon? Be a part of this exciting conversation!

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  • Quick poll: How many were in my “2012 wrap-up class?”
  • Bigger, better, faster
  • How many have heard of CES?
  • How many own smartphones?
  • How many own a 3dtv or HDTV?4K resolution, a collective term for digital video formats having a horizontal resolution of approximately 4,000 pixels
  • Larger but more functional
  • Sony XperiaCan be dunked in waterBigger in Japan then here..
  • How many own a tablet?Lenovo Horizon Tablet- has accesories that connect to itcomes with table?Instead of everyone on their smartphone everyone is around a tablet
  • Samsung- no stand needed- good side viewing angles
  • How many have donated to or seen a kickstarter project?
  • How many actually wear a wristwatch?
  • How many use instagram?Instaprint - booth that prints pictures instantly, rent out for parties
  • Razor edge- windows 8 tablet- gaming tablet
  • How many still use a regular camera to take pictures vs. smartphone?It's not just about syncing photos to your PC anymore, either; it's being able to post photos to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and other sharing sites without moving through a PC first, just like you can do with an (inferior) cell phone camera. 
  • - Rumor- Phil Schiller said "no"- said "no" to ipad mini- Reuters rescinded story
  • Tech to Watch for in 2013

    1. 1. Tech to Watch for in 2013Presenter: Rachel EichenNovare Library Services
    2. 2. Goodbye 2012!
    3. 3. Hello 2013!
    4. 4. Consumer Electronic Show
    5. 5. Control with just your eyes
    6. 6. Apps Everywhere!
    7. 7. 3D is out, 4k is in!
    8. 8. Double-Screened E-readers
    9. 9. Bendable Screens
    10. 10. Waterproof smartphones
    11. 11. Table Tablets
    12. 12. Curved TVs
    13. 13. Crowdfunding
    14. 14. Smart Watches
    15. 15. Polaroids are coming back!
    16. 16. Tablets going after gaming
    17. 17. Wi-fi cameras
    18. 18. Macworld Convention
    19. 19. Rumor: Cheaper iPhone?
    20. 20. Vibrating Forks
    21. 21. What new technology are youexpecting?
    22. 22. Questions?
    23. 23. Rachel Eichen