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Free Software Solutions for Small Business


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Date: March 28, 2013
Time: 6:30-7:30 pm EST

The term “open source” means more than just free software. The open source movement believes in publicly providing their source materials, so that other people can build upon and make the software better.

Contrary to many people’s opinions, you do not need to be a computer scientist in order to use open source software. In fact, there are many well-developed and easy-to-use open source software tools ranging from accounting applications to Web browsers that are available today that can help your small business succeed with its day-to-day tasks.

During this webinar, you will:

Understand what open source is and how it can benefit your business.
Discover the best open source resources.
Learn the pros and cons of each open source tool.
Have opportunities during and after the webinar to share successes and failures.

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Free Software Solutions for Small Business

  1. 1. Quick Poll Small Business?
  2. 2. Agenda Open Source? Software Web Tools Resources
  3. 3. Make changes
  4. 4. Free … (usually)
  5. 5. Multiple Versions
  6. 6. No Real Support
  7. 7. Android OS
  8. 8. Firefox (Browser)
  9. 9. Thunderbird (Mail)
  10. 10. GnuCash (Accounting)
  11. 11. OpenOffice
  12. 12. Audacity (Audio)
  13. 13. GIMP (Photo Editing)
  14. 14. FreeMind (Mind Mapping)
  15. 15. OrangeHRM (HR)
  16. 16. VLC (Video)
  17. 17. Calibre (eBooks)
  18. 18. Pidgin (IM)Windows, Linux only
  19. 19. LogoMaker
  20. 20. Wordpress (CMS)
  21. 21. Drupal (CMS)
  22. 22. Magento (E-Commerce)
  23. 23. phpBB (Message Board)
  24. 24. SourceForge
  25. 25. Helpful Links Open Source Initiative Wordpress for Business 75 Open Source Software Replacements Guide to Linux
  26. 26. Any questions?
  27. 27. Rachel Eichen