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Has your computer, shared drive and cloud-based storage world become a mess of lost files, duplicate documents, and missing information. Do you find yourself spending more and more time looking for that one picture? one document? A digital declutter can help organize your PC, your mind and speed up your computer.
During this 2 part course, you will not only learn about tools and techniques to get organized – but actually work to organize your digital life.
We will focus on 4 basic areas:
Dedupe your files
Organize your files so they can be located quickly
Tools and tips on how to keep yourself organized for the future
How to ensure you do not lose your files, music and photos.

Instructor: Rachel Eichen

Rachel Eichen is a certified presenter who has had over three years of teaching experience. She has taught computer classes to passengers on the Grand Princess cruise ship, which included such topics as Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Office. She also taught classes while working within the software industry. She enjoys learning about new technology trends and loves sharing this information with others. Rachel holds a Master’s degree in Library & Information Science and a bachelor’s degree in Technical Writing.
When registering you also be registered for Part 2 - Thursday July 24, 2014 @ 1:00 PM EST

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  • Why Declutter?
    Its distracting
    Cluttered house = cluttered mind.
    It will stamper your creativity and create a barrier to success
    Find the Quality in what you own. Be able to find the treasures. It’s hard to know what you own when its buried with a million other things or stuffed into an overfilled drawer or closet
    An organized place with give you peace of mind and a sense of self-satisfaction. Don’t “dread” looking into drawers or around your house.

    Set about decluttering in an organized manner & set small goals- bouncing from one place to another will lead to nothing being completed.
    Set a goal (a folder, a type of file, a year)
    Create a vision in your head on how you want the space to look –
    - How are you going to access this stuff? By Year, By Name? By Album?
  • Good: HOA2011, Christmas2011
    Bad: Stuff, Pictures
  • Organizing Your PC:2 Part Series

    1. 1. Organize Your PC: 2-part Series Presented by: Rachel Eichen
    2. 2. Which OS are you running? Windows XP Windows 7
    3. 3. Image from
    4. 4. Organize
    5. 5. Agenda  Delete What You Don’t Need  Organize Your Files  Organize Incoming Knowledge
    6. 6. Deleting = Good  Try to keep 25% of your harddrive free (on a 500GB harddrive, that’s 125GB free)  Less space = your computer works harder
    7. 7. Recycle Bin  Everything “deleted” goes to the Recycle Bin (i.e. still taking up space)  Shift+Delete to bypass Recycle Bin  Clean out regularly
    8. 8. Duplicate Cleaner Delete Duplicate Files
    9. 9. CCleaner
    10. 10. Folder Size
    11. 11. Organize Your Files
    12. 12. Create Folders  Right Click on Desktop (or within folder)  New > Folder  Name Meaningfully
    13. 13. Everything Has a Place  Create as many folders as needed  Folders Need Meaningful Names  Turn on preview (View > Extra Large Icons) to see
    14. 14. Moving Files  PC:  Hold Ctrl/Shift to select multiple files  Control + X = Cut  Control + V = Paste  Control + A = Select All  Right-click and drag to make sure you are moving  Mac  Hold Command to select Multiple Files  Click and drag to new folder
    15. 15. Rename Files  Image003 v. 2011JulyGabrielPoolParty100  F2 or Right Click > Rename
    16. 16. Rename Files  Shift or Ctrl to select multiple files  Rename all at once! >
    17. 17. Do you really need it? Picture Source
    18. 18. Change Default Save Destination  Save to Desktop  Not My Documents or Downloads (where things will just gather)  In Chrome > Settings > “Show advanced settings”
    19. 19. Never Let it Happen Again  When downloading, rename pictures and documents. Give a meaningful name:  Date  Event  Person  Tag if possible  Check EXIF data if unsure (Right click > properties)
    20. 20. The Key: Clear Your Desktop Regularly
    21. 21. Organize incoming knowledge to maximize the time you have and to avoid becoming overwhelmed
    22. 22. Consider an Information Diet
    23. 23. BE AWARE OF NETFLIX QUEUE SYNDROME WITH YOUR NEWS Twitter, Email, RSS, Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, LInkedIn
    24. 24. Consider Dumping  Redundant News Sources  Those you are “saving” for later  Topics no longer of interest
    25. 25. Social Media  Follow in ONE place  Why are you following them?  If you skim or skip them 70% of the time – delete, hide or unfollow
    26. 26. Cleaning Up Facebook  Delete your “likes”  “Hide” annoying family  “Unfriend” a few people  Create lists of close friends and family
    27. 27. Hide a Person’s Feed
    28. 28. Yipit.
    29. 29.
    30. 30.
    31. 31. Homework  Try out one of the tips mentioned in this presentation  E-mail me about it and let me know how it went  Ex: “Downloaded Duplicate Cleaner and it found over 2,000 duplicate files. Deleted them and freed up over 500 MB of space!”
    32. 32. Rachel Eichen
    33. 33. Organize Your PC: 2-part Series Presented by: Rachel Eichen
    34. 34. Agenda  Assignment Review  Spyware/AntiVirus  Backup & Cloud Storage
    35. 35. Spyware/Antivirus
    36. 36. Microsoft Security Essentials windows/security-essentials-download
    37. 37. Avast Free Antivirus
    38. 38. Avira Antivirus
    39. 39. Spybot (Spyware removal)
    40. 40. Backup Hardware
    41. 41. Keep Backup Hardware Current
    42. 42. What is Cloud Computing?  Internet-based  No hard drive needed  Software examples include: Facebook and G-mail
    43. 43. The Main Sites  Dropbox  Google Docs/Drive  Amazon Cloud Player  Microsoft OneDrive
    44. 44. Dropbox
    45. 45. Remote File Storage Dropbox keeps 30 days – back-up so I can restore accidently deleted files. Phew!
    46. 46. Syncing Different Devices  Use the Desktop Version of Dropbox and keep all documents/folders stored there.  Download the App for phones/tablets  Also – works with Google Drive, Box and other Cloud Sites…
    47. 47. Auto-Sync Mobile Phone Pictures and Desktop Uploads
    48. 48. Tools and Toys for Dropbox
    49. 49. Email Directly to Dropbox
    50. 50. Great for PDF and other online documents Save a FILE VIA URL
    51. 51. Sync Your Ebooks
    52. 52. - Open Dropbox on device and read away - Automate – and send to your Kindle How to access Top image from
    53. 53. IFTTT
    54. 54. Organize your technology to ensure data security, back-ups, and other important processes are running at full efficiency.
    55. 55. Look into Password Managers  Features:  Multi-browser  Multi-device  Password Generators LastPass, Norton, Dashlane 1.1
    56. 56. Passwords  Change Everything!  One word is not enough – words, symbols, numbers, capitalization  Longer the better  Double Authentication when possible
    57. 57. Security Questions LIE!!!!!!!!! First Pet? First Concert? Mother’s Maiden Name? First Car? Favorite Book? Grandmother’s Maiden Name?
    58. 58. Analyze Your Settings • Browser Extensions • Uninstall Programs • Turn off items on start menu
    59. 59. What tools do you use? • Western Digital MyCloud • Dropbox • Evernote • OneNote
    60. 60. Rachel Eichen