10 Greatest Mountaineers in the World


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List of 10 Best and Greatest Mountaineers ever lived on this Earth! Some made it and other died trying, however here are some of those who made a

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10 Greatest Mountaineers in the World

  1. 1. 10 GreatestMountaineers inthe World*List of most Trending mountaineers in SocialMedia, Online Searches and NEWS!
  2. 2. #1Reinhold MessnerFirst to Summit all the Fourteen 8,000erswithout the support of Bottled O2(First everto Summit Everst without Bottled O2)!
  3. 3. Reinhold Messner (Italian), an adven-turer and explorer became the first everto summit all the 14 Eight-Thousandeersin the World (without bottled oxygen).Despite suffering the loss of his youngerbrother (Günther Messner) during theNanga Parbat expedition in 1970, Mess-ner took the challenge and completedthe gigantic task of climbing remaining13 Eight-Thousanders.With great enthusiasm and efforts,Messner (and Habeler) became the first tosummit Mount Everest without bottledO2. In 1980, he accomplished the simi-lar feat during the solo climb of Everestfrom the Northern (Tibet) side.
  4. 4. #2Erhard LoretanSecond to Summit all the Fourteen8,000ers without the support ofBottled O2.
  5. 5. Erhard Loretan (Swiss) became the 3rdperson to summit all the 14 Eight-Thousan-deers, and 2nd to summit without bottledOxygen.He made a revolutionary ascent of MountEverest in only 43 hours, climbing by nightand without the use of bottled O2.
  6. 6. Alex Lowe “The White Knight”Notable for exploring new routes up themountain and leading rescue missions.#3
  7. 7. Alex Lowe (American), nicknamed “TheWhite Knight,” was the finest all-roundmoutaineer the world had ever seen.His notable feats include exploring new andmore difficult routes, first ascents of two ofthe mountains and numerous other climbsand skiing.
  8. 8. Second person to Summit all theFourteen 8,000ers.Jerzy Kukuczka#4
  9. 9. Jerzy Kukuczka (Polish) was the secondperson in the mountaineering history tosummit all of the 14 Eight-Thousandeers(except Mt. Everest, where he used bottled O2),and 3 of them during the Winter.He achieved all of his 14 summits within8 years, and established 10 new routes.
  10. 10. #5Edmund HillaryFirst Person ever to Summit MountEverest.
  11. 11. Sir. Edmund Hillary (Kiwi) was the first person ever tosummit Mount Everest (along with Tenzing Sherpa).He is also the first person to reach both the North andSouth Pole along with climbing Everest.He devoted most of his life helping needy communityof ‘Sherpa’ in Nepal through Himalayan Trust (founded byHillary), and helped open many schools and hospitals inthe rural regions.
  12. 12. Gerlinde KaltenbrunnerFirst woman to Summit all of theFourteen 8,000ers without bottled O2.#6
  13. 13. Gerlinde kaltenbrunner (Austrian)is the first woman to summit all of the14 Eight-Thousandeers without thesupport of bottled O2, and second tosummit all of Eight-Thousandeers.
  14. 14. Park Young-SeokFirst Person to undertake the climb ofall Fourteen 8,000ers, Seven Summitsand visits to North and South Poles.#7
  15. 15. Park Young-Seok (S.Korean) is thefirst person ever to undertake thesummits of 14 Eight-Thousandeersand Seven Summits, along with visitsto North and South Poles.He holds the world’s second fastesttime for ascending the 14 Eight-thou-sanders, the Guinness World Recordfor climbing six of the 8,000-meterHimalayan peaks within one year.
  16. 16. First woman to Summit all of Fourteen8,000ers (with bottled O2).#8Edurne Pasaban
  17. 17. Edurne Pasaban (Spanish) is the firstwoman to summit all of the 14 Eight-Thousandeers (with the support ofBottled O2).
  18. 18. #9 Apa Sherpa “Super Sherpa”First to Summit Mount Everest for thetotal of 21 times.
  19. 19. Apa Sherpa (Nepalese), nicknamed “Su-per Sherpa” is a mountaineer and expe-dition leader. He has climbed the Everest21 Times as of May 2013.He started his career in the mountains in1985 (he worked as a kitchen boy and porter forvarious groups). It wasn’t until 1990, whenhe made his first ascent of the Everest.
  20. 20. #10Ueli SteckNumerous Summits of Eiger Mountainsand 8,000ers.
  21. 21. Ueli Steck (Swiss) is known for attempting nu-merous successful summits of Eiger Mountains atthe shortest period of time, along with summits of8,000ersW in the Himalaya.
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