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5 Profiles of Today's Common Mobile Touchscreen Users


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As smartphones dominate the mobile space, there are many user profiles emerging. Adventure House takes a closer look. Which one are you? Let us know with a comment or a tweet (@adventurehouse) and tell us if your profile isn’t here.

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5 Profiles of Today's Common Mobile Touchscreen Users

  3. Your touchscreen style is a reflection of your frenzied lifestyle: fast and furious. Your hectic schedule requires that you send texts and emails whenever you can find a few spare seconds: Between meetings, as you pause to run a quick spell-check, while you wait for the driver’s side airbag to fully inflate, etc. While your high-speed technique is a great time-saver, colleagues complain about the occasional sonic-boom when your fingers break the sound barrier.
  4. Maybe you’re perpetually angry. Maybe you hate phones. Maybe it’s the performance enhancing drugs that you “never used, honest!” For whatever reason, you treat your device like a digital punching bag. Whether you’re calling your Great Aunt or zapping zombies, it’s you versus your phone – and your finger isn’t taking prisoners. Maybe it’s time to consider downloading that new anger-management app.
  5. Do your hands tremble with fear when opening your phone’s web browser? Do you break into a cold sweat just trying to change your screen brightness? You may suffer from Timid Tapper Syndrome. If the mere thought of using any device invented after 1982 sparks a minor panic attack, we suggest one of the following two solutions: either you’d better find yourself a support group or it’s time to dig out your trusty old Ham radio from the attic.
  6. Your mobile device is still as pristine as the day you brought it home from the store. From the moment you removed it from the box, you’ve treated it with the kind of care and respect usually reserved for religious artifacts – and it’s likely that you’ve spent more money on elaborate protective cases than you did on the phone itself. Most people regard your obsession with your phone as harmless. But your therapist still urges you to stop calling it your “Precioussss”.
  7. You may not be the most savvy user, but what you lack in technique you more than make up for in style. A light touch, a delicate grip, and most importantly the extended pinky finger are your signature skills. It all boils down to a firm belief that it doesn’t matter what you do with your tech as long as you look good doing it.