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Rold skov saw_mill_case_study


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Rold skov saw_mill_case_study

  1. 1. CASE STUDY ROLD SKOV SAWMILL TRACING TIMBER IN REAL TIME MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS’ WI-FI NETWORK AND BARCODE SCANNING SYSTEM ROLD SKOV SAWMILL Rold Skov Sawmill is one of Denmark’s largest sawmills. Located in the A/S Lindenborg Gods estate, it cuts up soft wood for the building sector throughout Europe. The sawmill had previously managed its operations using paper-based processes that relied on employees remembering what stock was being held and where. The mill therefore searched for an automated solution to track and trace its stock. However, to create a communications network, the area is extremely challenging: equipment is subject to all weathers and the spruce trees that dominate the forest have a powerful, deadening effect on radio waves which impairs wireless networks. In addition, any equipment used by teams or attached to vehicles has to cope with the knocks, bumps and drops associated with working in the tough environment. Rold Skov Sawmill partnered with communications specialist Norris Print-Tech A/S to help it overcome these issues. Norris Print-Tech A/S recommended the installation of a robust Wi-Fi network from Motorola Solutions. The network, which has recently been updated, connects handheld scanners and vehiclemounted computers from Motorola Solutions with the back office so that barcodes attached to wood can be read in the field to track and trace products in real time. The technology provides Rold Skov Sawmill with a complete real-time view over its inventory to help process orders quickly and accurately, enhance operational efficiencies and better align production to customers’ demands. CUSTOMER PROFILE Organisation Rold Skov Sawmill Location Århus, Denmark Industry Natural resources Motorola Solutions products l 10 VC5090 vehicle terminals l 10 DS3578ER long-range imager scanners l 2 Motorola RFS6000 wireless LAN switches l 40 access points (mix of AP300 and AP650 antennas) l 6 Motorola MC7090 handheld computers Partner Norris Print-Tech A/S Application (s) The tracking and tracing of timber in real time using Wi-Fi, barcodes and handheld and vehicle-based scanners and computers
  2. 2. CASE STUDY ROLD SKOV SAWMILL “The sawmill is subject to extremes of cold and moisture in winter and dust and heat in summer – it’s a very tough place to build and operate a computer-based stock management system. But with our expertise and the rugged build of Motorola’s Wi-Fi technology and mobile devices we’ve overcome these challenges. The highly reliable technology is helping Rold Skov Sawmill efficiently track and trace produce in real-time and understand which products are selling well to adjust production accordingly.” Jacob Norris, Key Account Manager, Norris Print-Tech A/S CHALLENGE Rold Skov Sawmill set out to deploy a barcode scanning system and Wi-Fi network to enable the real-time tracking and tracing of wood products. However, the deployment presented several challenges. The equipment needed to cope with the elements from the heat of summer to the damp and cold of winter. Also, the spruce trees that dominate the forest are dense and would impair the progress of radio waves, while electronic devices – e.g. vehicle-mounted computers – would need to cope with the judders and jolts of the rough terrain and be impervious to large amounts of sawdust. SOLUTION Rold Skov Sawmill selected Norris Print-Tech A/S to recommend and deploy its new inventory management technology. It proposed the installation of a robust Wi-Fi network from Motorola Solutions, and the introduction of barcode labels attached to wood products. The labels would be read by cordless scanners connected by Bluetooth™ to vehicle-mounted computers integrated with the back office. Although the technology worked well, key components had reached end of life, so Norris Print-Tech A/S updated the Wi-Fi network and scanners. The Wi-Fi network includes two Motorola Solutions RFS6000 switches and the addition of new AP650 access points alongside the existing AP300 access points. The switches are extremely robust, providing the surety of continuous service. In addition, the switches and the access points include advanced self-healing and self-adjusting technology to dynamically sense weak or failing signals and automatically compensate for unforeseen gaps in coverage. The handheld scanners used by teams to read labels have been replaced with Motorola Solutions’ new DS3578ER scanners. The devices are ideal for the mill’s environment. They are cordless, allowing users to move freely, and can scan lumber ID barcodes over distances of up to 9m. And critically, the omni-directional scanning technology built into the DS3578ER means that drivers don’t need to spend time getting close to the barcode or lining up the scanner parallel to it. In fact, they scan barcodes from their vehicle through the windscreen. Also, the scanners can capture data in bright sunlight and are IP65 sealed so are impervious to dust and moisture and can withstand the knocks and drops associated with working in a busy sawmill. The VC5090 computers attached to trucks are also extremely robust link to the back office Microsoft® Dynamics ERP system. Drivers get their instructions to pick up packs of wood through their computers and as they fetch the goods they scan the barcodes through the ERP system that runs directly on their vehicle terminals using a citrix platform. In addition, team members who manually move materials by hand, scan products using the MC7090 rugged handheld computer from Motorola Solutions. The devices are similarly designed to work outside in all weathers and cope with the demanding working environment. Using these technologies, all movements are instantly tracked and traced, from the moment goods are packed to the minute they leave the mill on delivery trucks or are picked up by customers. RESULTS Rold Skov Sawmill has a complete, real-time view over its inventory with data communicated over a Wi-Fi network that provides continuous operation whatever the weather and in a very demanding operating environment. In addition, by analyzing its ERP data, the sawmill can better understand what stock is popular and adjust its production schedule. Customer service is enhanced too as orders are processed quickly and accurately. The technology is also helping to save time. For instance, replacing paper processes with electronic systems is reducing administration. Also, drivers no longer need to jump from their vehicle to scan barcodes. And, when a driver needs to pick stock he does not need to rely on his memory to find it as he’s directed to the location to find it quickly and efficiently. For more information on how Motorola Solutions’ Wi-Fi networks and rugged mobile scanners and computers can improve the efficiency of your field service teams and inventory management, please visit us on the web at or access our global contact directory at MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized M Logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2013 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved. Benefits l Traceability: Wood can be traced through each stage of the production process l Enhanced customer service: Teams can find the right products faster for customers l Reduced administration: Removing paper from the inventory management process is saving teams administration time l Enhanced planning: The mill can understand which products are proving popular to better predict its future stock needs