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Nx9500 datasheet

  1. 1. PRODUCT SPEC SHEETNX 9500 SERIES Features Centralized service delivery and management platform Complete visibility ofNX 9500 Integrated the entire distributed deployment One point of configuration;Services Platform SERIES WiNG 5 provides comprehensive management and multipleFor the Private Cloud points of control for up to 10,000 multi-vendor network elements; provides granular control plane managementControl your entire network with a single, Centralizedcentralized command center troubleshooting and network assuranceAre you prepared to manage the explosion of wireless devices and mobile applications in Single pane of glass for remote troubleshooting ofyour enterprise? With our NX 9500 Integrated Services Platform for the NOC or private the wired/wireless networkcloud, you will be. This single appliance provides one management interface through that is distributed across multiple locations withwhich your entire distributed network can be controlled — including the NX 4500/6500 different architectures;Integrated Services Platform for the branch office, access points, guest access services, aggregated KPIs provide a global network healthtelephony services, mobile applications and the mobile devices in the hands of your view while remote toolsworkforce. The NX 9500 feature set includes centralized management of initial and allow troubleshooting of individual networkongoing configurations, security policies, remote troubleshooting, hotspot management elements; tools includeand DHCP, Radius AAA and FTP services. historical troubleshooting via detailed forensics PAGE 1
  2. 2. PRODUCT SPEC SHEETNX 9500 SERIESGuest access analytics WiNG 5 for superior WLAN Centralized management ofAnalytics and reports performance, scalability, all your mobile deviceson device-user browsingbehavior provide insight reliability and quality of service With the proliferation of Wi-Fi enabled mobile devicesinto the usage of guest Motorola’s WiNG 5 architecture distributes intelligence and corporate Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies,access network; usage data to every point in your network — including the enterprises must determine how to manage and secureincludes date and duration NX 4500/6500 Integrated Services Platform for the different devices with different operating systems.of use, device and user branch office and the access points that are connected By integrating Mobile Device Management software,profile and websites visited to those devices. Now, the platforms as well as access you get the powerful multi-vendor support you needSecurity at the points are all capable of determining the best route for to manage a mixed device environment — includingnetwork edge traffic, maintaining Quality of Service (QoS) and security Motorola mobile computers as well as Android- orEach packet is inspectedat Layer 2 via a stateful policies. The result? Bottlenecks in traditional hub-and- iOS-based devices. Now, your IT team can automaticallyfirewall, IP SEC VPN and spoke networks are eliminated. The NX 9500 supports stage mobile devices, update the software resident on24x7 Wireless Intrusion 1:1 failover for high availability, with no additional deployed devices and easily troubleshoot and resolveProtection System (IPS); licensing fees for the redundant system. A virtualized device problems — all from your network operationsbuilt-in sensors provide environment with licensable modules and features center (NOC).better control of yourbroadcast domain allows you to build as your business grows — a large upfront investment is not required. Easily deploy and manageHierarchical mobile applicationsmanagement Hierarchical management of A virtualized framework allows you to host, deploySimplified policymanagement for platform your entire distributed network and manage mobility applications directly from yourand platform-less The NX 9500 hierarchical management system simplifies NOC, right on the NX 9500. Mobile applications candeployment architectures control and network management by presenting a be deployed faster and less expensively than everin the network single graphical user interface for the entire network. before — including voice and video. You no longerMulti-level resiliency The NX 9500 can adopt NX 4500/6500 and RFS 4000/ have to purchase additional hardware to supportwith Spectrum 6000/7000 Series controllers, all of their adopted and new applications. In addition, you can also manageManagement standalone WiNG 5 access points, plus the Total Enterprise applications that are remotely deployed at yourSmart RF management Access and Mobility (TEAM) appliance — which delivers branch offices on the NX 4500/6500 Integratedmitigates the RF disruptioncaused by Wi-Fi and non- voice services such as mobile extensions to your PBX Services Platform.Wi-Fi interference, faulty and push-to-talk over Wi-FI or cellular networks. Aantennas, dynamic dead macro and micro view of your network allows you to End-to-end supportspots or neighboring access simultaneously view all your branches or drill down into As a leader in enterprise mobility, Motorola bringspoint failures by allowing the infrastructure in any particular branch. experience gained from working all over the globe withthe WLAN to automatically some of the world’s leading companies. We leverageand intelligently adaptto changes in the RF Gap-free security for multi-vendor this expertise to offer solutions to our branch officeenvironment; the optional wired and wireless networks customers that meet the peak performance needs ofSpectrum Analysis module The AirDefense’s Advanced Network Assurance Toolset their business. Our comprehensive portfolio of servicesavailable on the centralized provides a high-powered platform to manage your offers assistance at every phase of network lifecycle —NX 9500 Platform allows entire network, including Motorola and non-Motorola from planning and implementation to post-deploymentthe visualization andidentification of the source WLAN infrastructure. With remote troubleshooting, everyday support. Our services help you reduce risk,of spectrum interference RF visualization, spectrum analysis, forensics and lower your capital investment and operational costs, customized reporting, you have all the tools you need improve service delivery and tailor your network toSimple installation andremote debugging to secure your wired and wireless infrastructure. meet your specific needs.Fast and easy zero-touchinstallation; rule-basedaccess point and NX 4500/6500 adoption from all Simplify network control, reduce network costs and increaselocations; centralizedpoint for gathering remote network services with the Motorola NX 9500.troubleshooting data For more information, please visit www.motorolasolutions.com/NX9500PAGE 2
  3. 3. PRODUCT SPEC SHEET NX 9500 SERIES Creating a cost- SCALABLE CENTRALIZED PROVISIONING CENTRALIZED TROUBLESHOOTING effective, robust and flexible network in each branch location NX 9500 SERVICES The flexible NX 9500 Integrated PLATFORM Services Platform for the Cloud allows you to manage NX 4500/6500 devices located in your branch offices or directly adopt and manage your Motorola access points. The NX 9500 easily scales as your company grows, allowing you to add more services and support more workers as INTERNET needed — while also providing the management simplicity AP - DOMAIN CONTROLLER - DOMAIN that comes with centralized MANAGER MANAGER and remote provisioning and troubleshooting of network infrastructure. And the NX 9500 delivers the intelligence your Motorola access points need to provide workers inside each branch with highly dependable and secure integrated voice and data services and applications. MOBILITY SMART RF MESH QOS SECURITYMOTOROLA SOLUTIONS CONFIDENTIAL RESTRICTED Integration into NX 9500: SIMPLIFYING MANAGEMENT AT THE NOC any size network The powerful NX 9500 forms the foundation of a true integrated network capable of delivering practically any service required to any worker in any size office — from large headquarters to mid- Headquarters Adjacent Building INTERNET RFS 7000s size and small branch offices. Simplified guest access Guest Access Management is NX 95OO vastly simplified through the WLAN Management Indoor Mesh: ability to centrally manage Telephony Management AP 7131 802.11a/b/g/n guest access policies across Network Assurance the network, including: Security Mobile Device Management parameters such as device Applications finger printing, onboarding (setting up secure guest access) and differential access (user, device and application based access with QoS). NX 4500/6500 Small Offices and Storefronts REMOTE LOCATIONS AP 650 AP 7131 Medium Enterprise AP 6532 AP 6532 AP 6532 Wired connection Wireless connection Long-distance wired or wireless connection PAGE 3 MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS CONFIDENTIAL RESTRICTED
  4. 4. PRODUCT SPEC SHEETNX 9500 SERIESSpecifications Chart BYOD services Fingerprinting, analytics and identity management NX 9500 NX 9510 help manage and secure Dimensions 2U; 3.4 in. H x 16.9 in. W x 27.75 in. L/8.63 cm H x 42.93 cm W x 70.49 L cm user-owned devices with differential access and CPU Dual Intel Xeon 6-core, 2.53GHz, 8MB cache based on user roles and Memory 36 GB of ECC DDR3 RAM different devices per user on the network, along HDD Enterprise-class reliability SAS/SATA drives 2x 1TBGB rated for 24/7 high-duty cycle operation with time based statistics (read/write) and 1.2m+ hours MTBF on user behavior on Ethernet Ports Ethernet ports 2x GbE on rear 2X 10 GbE Ports the hotspot. Access Point Capacity 10,240 Simplified license Data Plane Yes management for large 10 GigE Ports 2 distributed enterprises Distribute and use licenses IPSEC VPN Yes based on actual load per Redundant Power Supply Hotswap power supply site/location — no need USB Ports 5 total ports: 4 ports on the back of the unit, 1 port on the front of the unit to provision each location individually; eliminate the Features • BYOD need to provision devices • DHCP Server in both local offices and • RADIUS Server the NOC with access • Data processing point licenses • Centralized configuration • Site survivability Management of Motorola • Guest analytics Voice-over-IP (VoIP) • Hierarchical management communications Centralized License • Network assurance: Forensics, Live RF, Spectrum Analysis, AP Test solutions Management • Mobile device management Enables management of • Security: Rogue elimination/intrusion prevention and forensics voice services located at • WLAN management: configuration management, statistics and alarms branch offices, delivering • VoIP communications management VoIP, mobile extension to • Third party application provisioning and management the PBX, enterprise grade Troubleshooting • LiveView push-to-talk and more • Spectrum Analysis • Client Connectivity Testing Multivendor mobile • Network Assurance via access port testing, policy compliance and end-to-end network device management connectivity testing Centrally manage up to 500,000+ handsetsSoftware modules on NX 9500/9510 will be available in the near future. Check WiNG 5.x release notes atwww.motorolasolutions.com/support for details on modules supported on the NX 9500/9510. deployed at remote sites, including devices based on the Apple iOS and AndroidPart number: SS-NX9500. Printed in USA 12/11. MOTOROLA, MOTO, MOTOROLA SOLUTIONS and the Stylized MLogo are trademarks or registered trademarks of Motorola Trademark Holdings, LLC and are used under license. Allother trademarks are the property of their respective owners. ©2010 Motorola Solutions, Inc. All rights reserved.