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Cambium network ptp 800 series 05 00 system release note


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Cambium network ptp 800 series 05 00 system release note

  1. 1. Cambium Networks PTP 800 Release NoteSystem Release PTP 800-05-00Thursday, April 5th, 2012Document: phn-2752_001v0001 INTRODUCTION This document provides information for the Cambium Networks PTP 800 Series System Release PTP 800-05-00. Software updates for PTP products are available from This document is the confidential property of Cambium and without its prior written consent may not be copied or released to 3rd parties. The information in this document is subject to change without notice. The recommendations, technical data, configurations and statements in this document are believed to be reliable and accurate, but are presented without implied or express warranty. Users must take full responsibility for their applications of any product specified in this document. The information in this document is proprietary to Cambium Networks Ltd.Cambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-00
  2. 2. Cambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-002 PTP 800 VARIANTS This release of software supports the following variants: VARIANT REGION PTP L6800 ETSI, IC, FCC PTP U6800 ETSI, FCC PTP 07800 ETSI, NTIA PTP 08800 ETSI, NTIA PTP 11800 ETSI, IC, FCC PTP 13800 ETSI PTP 15800 ETSI PTP 18800 ETSI, IC, FCC PTP 23800 ETSI, IC, FCC PTP 26800 ETSI, FCC PTP 28800 ETSI PTP 32800 ETSI PTP 38800 ETSI, IC, FCC PTP 06800i IC, FCC PTP 11800i IC, FCC3 NEW FEATURES IN PTP 800-05-003.1 Support of High Power All Indoor Solution PTP 800i with IRFU System Release PTP 800-05-00 introduces the PTP 800i high power all indoor solution, which delivers high performance, cost effective, reliable backhaul and backbone solutions over long distances. The PTP 800i all indoor solution operates in: • 6 GHz IRFU covers following bandCambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-00
  3. 3. Cambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-00 o FCC L6, U6 and 7 GHz o IC L6 • 11 GHz IRFU covers following band o FCC 11 GHz o IC 11 GHz PTP800i support following different radio setups: • IRFU 1+0 • IRFU 1+0, ready to upgrade to 1+1 Tx MHSB with Equal Splitter • IRFU 1+0, ready to upgrade to 1+1 Tx MHSB with Unequal Splitter • IRFU 1+1, Tx MHSB with Equal Splitter • IRFU 1+1, Tx MHSB with Unequal Splitter • IRFU 1+1, Tx MHSB with Rx Spatial Diversity • IRFU 2+0 • IRFU Repeater (East/West)3.2 Support of Switched Spatial Diversity System Release PTP 800-05-00 introduces switched spatial diversity for ODU-A, ODU-B and IRFU deployment. It is also compatible with both Fixed modulation and Adaptive Modulation. Spatial Diversity improves link availability by providing each end of the wireless link with two observations of the signal which has been transmitted from the other end of the link. It is particularly effective in combating multipath fading caused by atmospheric effects such as scintillation and ducting. Both these effects can occur to a significant degree in microwave links. It also combats fading caused by reflections from water.3.3 Support of QoS based on Network Layer ClassificationSystem Release PTP 800-05-00 introduces QoS control where frame classification is based onfollowing network layer priority schemes: • IPv4 DSCP • IPv6 DSCP • MPLS TC priority3.4 Support of ASTRO® UEM and Wireless ManagerSystem Release PTP 800-05-00 is compatible with ASTRO® Unified Event Manager (UEM)(starting with UEM release A7.9) for Fault Management integration, which complies with allInformation Assurance (IA) requirements required as part of UEM A7.9 system release. Thisincludes SNMPv3, HTTPS, Identity-based user accounts, Strong Password enforcement rules,remote authentication user RADIUS-CHAP, and Syslog/local Logging.System Release PTP 800-05-00 is compatible with Cambium Wireless Manager for all faultmanagement and configuration management.Cambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-00
  4. 4. Cambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-003.5 Support of Login InformationSystem Release PTP 800-05-00 introduces the following security-related capabilities: • Increased message size for the security notices in the login banner. • An option to enforce acknowledgement of the notices. • Optional display of login information, including details of the most recent successful login and unsuccessful login attempt.3.6 Support of Authenticated SNTPSystem Release PTP 800-05-00 introduces optional authentication to the existing SimpleNetwork Time Protocol (SNTP) capability.The feature consists of: • Support for dual NTP servers. • Rules for selecting between the servers. • Optional authentication of time messages using DES or MD5. • Extensions to the web-based interface for configuring the SNTP client. • Additional SNMP objects similar to attributes in the web-based interface. • Additional Syslog messages.3.7 Support of RADIUSSystem Release PTP 800-05-00 introduces the use of MS-CHAP-v2 as an alternativeauthentication method for RADIUS.3.8 Support of Comprehensive Logging of Configuration ChangesSystem Release PTP 800-05-00 introduces comprehensive logging of the following systemchanges: • All configuration changes executed using the web-based and enterprise SNMP management interfaces • All status changes displayed using the web-based management interface • Significant events, including authentication and access control decisions4 ENHANCEMENTS AND CHANGES IN PTP 800-05-004.1 Support of Graphical Display of Recent Hour HistogramsSystem Release 800-05-00 introduces the feature for graphically displaying histograms for thefollowing attributes: • Vector Error • Receive Power • Receive Data Rate • Transmit Power • Transmit Data Rate • Link Loss • Aggregate Data RateCambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-00
  5. 5. Cambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-005 KNOWN RESTRICTIONS AND LIMITATIONS IN PTP 800-05-00NoneCambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-00
  6. 6. Cambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-006 TECHNICAL SUPPORTPlease visit our support pages at contact the Technical helpdesk on one of the following numbersNorth America +1 866-961-9288Denmark 043682114 Australia 1 800 457 439France 0157323434 China - Northern 10 800 713 0885Germany 06950070204 China - Southern 10 800 130 0867Italy 0291483230 China - local DID +86 21 6108 6109Lithuania 800 030 828 Hong Kong 30 027 861Netherlands 0202061404 India 000 800 100 3098Norwa 24159815 Japan 221626765Portugal 0217616160 Japan (PSTN) (81) 335 708 643Spain 912754787 Korea South 080 681 0880Russia 810 800 228 41044 Malaysia 1 800 812 384Saudi Arabia 800 844 5345 New Zealand 0 800 448 472South Africa 0800981900 Philippines 63 29 003 057United Kingdom 0203 0277499 Singapore 64 155 110All other countries: +44 203 0277499 Taiwan 00 801 14 8690 Thailand 001 800 441 0950 Indonesia 001 803 015 20 20530Argentina 0800-666-2789 All countries: +420 533 336 946Brazil 0800-891-4360Chile 800-225-288Columbia 01-800-912-0557Mexico 001-800-942-7721Peru 0800-70-086All other countries: +420 533 336 946Cambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-00
  7. 7. Cambium Networks PTP Release Note: System Release PTP 800-05-00 Cambium NetworksCambium Networks provide professional grade fixed wireless broadband and microwavesolutions for customers around the world. Our solutions are deployed in thousands of networksin over 153 countries, with our innovative technologies providing reliable, secure, cost-effectiveconnectivity that’s easy to deploy and proven to deliver outstanding metrics.Our award-winning Orthogon Point to Point (PTP) radio solutions operate in licensed,unlicensed and defined use frequency bands including specific FIPS 140-2 solutions for the U.S.Federal market. Ruggedized for 99.999% availability, our Orthogon solutions have animpeccable track record for delivering reliable high-speed backhaul connectivity even in themost challenging non-line-of-sight RF environments.Our flexible Canopy Point-to-Multipoint (PMP) solutions operate in the licensed, unlicensed andfederal frequency bands, providing reliable, secure, cost effective access networks. With morethan three million modules deployed in networks around the world, our Canopy access networksolutions prove themselves day-in and day-out in residential access, leased line replacement,video surveillance and smart grid infrastructure applications.Our Rapid Deployment Broadband (RDB) solutions provide highly reliable broadbandconnectivity for U.S. Federal applications. Based on our field proven technology, these solutionsare designed to meet stringent performance, security and environmental requirements for specialapplications.Cambium Networks’ Orthogon, Canopy and RDB solutions are proven, respected leaders in thewireless broadband industry. We design, deploy and deliver innovative data, voice and videoconnectivity solutions that enable and ensure the communications of life, empowering personal,commercial and community growth virtually everywhere in the world.www.cambiumnetworks.comAll product or service names are the property of their respective owners. ©Cambium Networks, Ltd.. 2012. All rights reserved. For system, product or services availability andspecific information within your country, please contact your local Cambium office or Business Partner. Specifications are subject to change without notice.