gender and stem research symposium advance purdue gstem science educational contexts gender technology other contexts engineering stem quantitative methods graduate students participants interview-based methods p-12 participants or contexts qualitative methods gender and stem symposium social cognitive career theory agriculture contextual learning theory testing survey-based methods work-life balance mathematics theory generating discourse analysis advance-purdue career choice outcome expectations career motivation advance gaming experience self-efficacy gaming strategies gender gap digital literacy game team effectiveness first-year engineering diversity liminality culture hands-on research under-represented career mentor under-served pre-college program career development rural students implicit bias change models academic organizations resistance academic leaders institutional ethnography parental leave structuration theory feminist engineering rife group dina banerjee underrepresented minorities stem career development authentic learning pre-college programs informal learning stem learning experiential learning life science historical analysis role model impact on diversity curricular impact on diversity gender parity stem diversity gender differences undergraduate research experiences undergraduate students participants effective programs women participation in stem gender theories faculty members faculty participants chemistryscience teaching-research balance graduate students career decision-making program logistics symposium race intersectionality job satisfaction benefit masculinities industry participants or contexts observation-based methods industrial manufacturing process cnc machine family owned business femininities career pathways oral histories identity retention work-family gender ideology scaling back mental rotation ability spatial ability meta-analysis discourse career socialization culture development
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