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"Your Message on the Move" is a general mobile marketing presentation that covers nearly all of the aspects of mobile marketing. Included are several case studies and examples of mobile marketing success.

The presentation was given by ATS Mobile ( President Bob Bentz and sales manager Scott Bronenberg in September, 2013 to a major media partner in Philadelphia.

Check out the slides and learn more about mobile marketing, including mobile statistics, smartphone penetration, and why mobile is under-represented in overall advertising. See why geo-location makes mobile advertising such a powerful force that enables you to effectively pinpoint your target market.

Thirty percent of searches are now performed on the mobile device and for organizations like Major League Baseball and that number is significantly greater than the norm.

Hungry for profits? Restaurants surely are. Special emphasis is given to restaurants and why its so important that restaurants have a mobile strategy.

The presentation also discusses the products that make up the mobile marketing space, including: text message marketing; mobile websites; responsive design; mobile apps; custom QR codes; mobile advertising; mobile seo.

Powerful mobile marketing case studies done by Met Life, Staples, Franklin Sports, Skittles, Warner's, Cititrends, Cheerwine, Red Lobster, Holland Trucking, Bank of America, and Wise Foods.

If you'd like to learn more about mobile marketing and how to create compelling mobile engagement, give Bob Bentz or Scott Bronenberg a call at 1-610-688-6000. You can also follow them on Twitter @BobBentz and @SBronenberg. Or, visit ATS Mobile at

Bob Bentz on Google Plus =

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Mobile Marketing "Your Message on the Move"

  1. 1. Your Message on the Move
  2. 2. Today’s Starting Lineup Bob Bentz Scott Bronenberg
  3. 3. 2013: Mobile Passes PC Now represents 20% of all media use.
  4. 4. Getting Smarter Every Day By 2015, 85% of us will own smartphones.
  5. 5. Mobile: 20% of Time Spent 4% of Advertising Invested 2013 TV = 38.7% Digital = 20.6% Print = 19.3% Radio = 9.2% Mobile = 4.2% Outdoor = 4.1% Other = 4.0% (Source –eMarketer)
  6. 6. 2017: Mobile will Exceed Desktop
  7. 7. Location, Location, Location Geo-Fencing Drives Local Mobile Advertising
  8. 8. 30% of Searches via Mobile Great Way to Find Your Business on the Go
  9. 9. A Mobile Home Run 70% of Traffic to Comes via Mobile
  10. 10. Restaurants To Go Mobile: Serving Up an Immediate Need • • • • 75% searches are via mobile. 50% done in the car. 60% will visit the restaurant within 15 minutes. 84% will visit the restaurant within 60 minutes.
  11. 11. Fastest Texter Wins! Win this Radio – Handmade in South Africa
  12. 12. Fastest Texter Wins! Win this Radio – Handmade in South Africa Text RESULTS to 84444 Msg. & Data rates apply. Text STOP to stop. Text HELP for help.
  13. 13. The Pillar That Holds Up The Mobile Marketing Building Mobile Websites Apps   Text RESULTS to QR Codes Text Message Marketing Text Message Marketing Text Message Marketing Mobile Video
  14. 14. Response… 97% of All Text Messages Are Read within three minutes of receipt. (Source: Greg Stuart, Mobile Marketing Association)
  15. 15. Response… 97% of All Text Messages Are Read within three minutes of receipt. (Source: MMA) Note – eMail open rate is 31% (Epsilon)
  16. 16. Text Message Marketing 101 The Success Story Advanced Telecom Services  
  17. 17. Mobile Websites Give it the Thumb Test 61% will leave immediately if a website is not mobile friendly. (Source: Google)
  18. 18. Mobile Apps
  19. 19. Custom QR Codes “23 of the Coolest QR Codes” Custom QR Codes get a 2.3x greater scan rate than ordinary black & white ones. -- Text Message Blog
  20. 20. Mobile Advertising Geo-Location Advertising
  21. 21. “ Our team has a deep understanding that mobile and social platforms go hand in hand” - Scott Hudler VP of Global Consumer engagement at Dunkin Brands – Mobile Marketer Jan 13
  22. 22. Since 1989 Innovative Development - Flawless Execution - Cutting Edge Creative - Measureable Results!
  23. 23. Over 23 years in business • Pioneers in Mobile Marketing Solutions • Cutting edge Mobile APP development Text Message Marketing • Innovative QR code customization Mobile Microsite Development • Mobile Media Ad targeting strategists Mobile Promotion Execution and Management We help clients understand how MOBILE can change the way they do BUSINESS!
  24. 24. It’s critical that your brands and businesses are providing an optimal mobile marketing experience…
  25. 25. MOBILE Technology is moving at HIGH Speed!
  26. 26. DEATH to the SMART PHONE? Samsung just revealed its smart watch, the Galaxy Gear. It will cost $299, and be out in early October for U.S. consumers. The watch has a 1.63-inch screen, a 1.9 megapixel camera built into the watch band, and a microphone and speaker in the clasp. The mic/speaker combo can be used for making phone calls. MassiveImpact CEO Sephi Shapira recently predicted that the smartphone will go the way of the dinosaur within 5 years. “Wearable mobile phone technology is now progressing from the binocular to the glasses stage, and vertical devices like Google Glass, iWatch, and Google voice-enabled devices will inevitably replace the smartphone,” said Shapira. “Being close to the body, these devices will monitor vital signs, emotions, and activities. Fitness bands already monitor our actions, our sleep, calories burn and so on. The medical implications alone are mind-boggling — how about keeping an infant or child safe? A recent report from BI Intelligence conservatively forecast a $12 billion market for wearable devices in 5 years, led by wrist-worn gadgets.”
  27. 27. By 2014, mobile internet use will surpass desktop internet use. You can't ignore the numbers: More than one-third of Facebook's BILLION user base uses Facebook mobile, more than 50 percent of Twitter's 165 million users use Twitter mobile, and 200 million YouTube views occur on mobile devices every day. - Scan Life 2012
  28. 28. Turning traditional awareness into mobile audience engagement! Facebook to Mobile Broadcast TV to Mobile Radio to Mobile Event to Mobile
  29. 29. Local Drives ACTION! Mobile Users are using devices to discover what’s nearby, and then making their purchases online or in-store
  30. 30. Some of us will have the mobile phone number # we have today for the rest of our life! Your Phone # is your mobile – digital DNA!
  31. 31. National Radio campaign promotions interacting with mobile!
  32. 32. Mobile & Standard Web Optimized Promotions
  33. 33. Mobile Sweepstakes Promotions Get to know who your customers are … Data Capture and Opt In’s are the name of the game! And stay connected!!!
  34. 34. Mobile Responsive Design! Consumers are accessing your website on countless devices of many sizes, every day. Responsive design means your website will recognize where it’s being viewed and adapt the same content to an appropriate style & formatting, instantly. Not a-site-for-each-device. One site for all devices.
  35. 35. Mobile App Development • Loyalty • Power of Push Notification • Store locator • Added Value • Instant Activation and Business! • The ability to “buy” and react instantly! PRIME REAL ESTATE ON MOBILE DEVICES!
  36. 36. Mobile and Facebook Optimization!
  37. 37. Text 2 Win Promotions:
  38. 38. Social-Mobile
  39. 39. Q: How can you create instant impact at retail! A: Mobile Scratch & Match Game with a Facebook Twist! Increase Facebook LIKES Prize Pool
  40. 40. The Scratch and Match Game will provide interaction and product engagement with a bounce back to retail. This provides a rich experience through mobile and PC offering the versatility and value of both Worlds!
  41. 41. Every Winner and player receives an email confirmation and their prize!
  42. 42. The best part … It’s Viral! Your Facebook wall posts an update each time you play and win! Share with friends!
  43. 43. ATS Mobil
  44. 44. 1. Acquisition 2. Retention 3. Cultivation
  45. 45. Mobile Micro-site Development and Advertising Activation
  46. 46. Promotion Text Message Promotion Responded To
  47. 47. Creative Brand Activation and MOBILE consumer engagement @ Events! • Bank of America Sponsors Bryant Park Summer Film Festival – SMS Movie Trivia Program – part of activation components Each Week consumers will be asked to engage in an SMS trivia game that entails questions about the up-coming featured movie, the fastest correct answer for each question will be notified by SMS text that they are a winner and to redeem their prize at the BOA tent on-site. * SMS custom functionality built to engage in timed SMS text communication with ability to score in real time with a web based admin system and scoreboard for people “keeping score”.
  48. 48.
  49. 49. Goals of our Mobile Marketing Refresher • MOBILE is critical to any clients advertising and marketing strategy • As your clients’ marketing partner, establishing and executing your clients mobile marketing and advertising can be the key to your longevity, and value to your client. • Engagement leads to data acquisition, activation, retention, and cultivation of your clients •
  50. 50. Contact US Scan to Link In or Text BOB to 84444