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Class Action Lawsuit IVR Toll Free Programs


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CLASS ACTION LAWSUIT IVR TOLL FREE 800 NUMBER PROGRAMS are a specialty of Advanced Telecom Services -- an IVR service bureau in the United States since 1989 and in Canada since 1993.

Advanced Telecom Services knows the importance of providing the right information and having adequate capacity to process large volumes of inbound phone calls from class action lawsuit and product recall programs.

At ATS, we take Murphy's Law very seriously. That's why we plan for almost every conceivable situation that may have an effect on your IVR program to make sure that it runs smoothly 24/7/365.

We are used to working with class action administrators and the law firms that work with them. ATS will provide a seamless process that satisfies all of the legal requirements to ensure that the consumers get the information that they need. This includes interactive voice response solutions and redirects to live operators.

Need an international solution? No problem. In addition to our office in the United States, we also have offices in Canada, the United Kingdom, Ireland, and Czech Republic.

Please contact Advanced Telecom Services at 610-688-6000 in the United States and 416-800-2490 in Canada. Or, email us at Visit our website at .

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Class Action Lawsuit IVR Toll Free Programs

  1. 1. Presented By: Bob Bentz 2015 Presented To:
  2. 2.  Our Silver Anniversary - Established July 15, 1989  Stability - Still owned by two original partners - VP Engineering with ATS since 1995  International - Philadelphia 1989 - London 1992 - Toronto 1993 - Prague 1997 - Taipei 1998  Experienced - Over 55,000 IVR Programs established
  3. 3. Super Bowl XXVII Champions With the King of Pop Capacity is not an issue
  4. 4. CLASS ACTION EXPERIENCED  Work with Class Action Administrators  Direct with Law Firms
  5. 5. Headquarters Philadelphia Development Philadelphia Bar Harbour, Maine Capetown, South Africa Prague, Czech Republic Offices Philadelphia London Toronto Prague Sales Offices Austin Des Moines Toronto
  6. 6. OUR EQUIPMENT BREAKS But, Chances are, You’ll never notice Because
  7. 7. We Take Murphy’s Law Very Seriously
  8. 8. Carriers Locations Equipment Software Power
  9. 9. Plus, ◦ You’ll have all of our mobile phone numbers… Just in case Bob Frank
  10. 10. IVR Tips And our Exclusive Recommendations
  11. 11.  No options apply  Can’t remember options  Don’t understand options  Provide same info twice  Personal interruptions end call  Voice jail Good Design Enables Technology
  12. 12.  Aligns with company image  Professional voice aligns with target market  4 or less options  Concise conversational language that is easily understood  Consistent language  Describe action, then key press  Don’t Disconnect after user error  Effective opening prompt  System refers to itself as “I” (Personal connection instead of machine)  Let caller know how much to go to complete survey  Tested thoroughly
  13. 13.  Call when most beneficial to consumer  Call when most likely to answer: ◦ Weekends ◦ Nights ◦ Testing  Display Caller ID ◦ People answer based on this ◦ What is Best Display? ◦ Blocked or Private is lowest choice  Option to reschedule call ◦ Don’t have all information available, like blood pressure ◦ “Call me back in 15 minutes”  Voicemail Detection ◦ Play different message  Custom Data ◦ Give ID # on call  Compliance with FTC Telecommunication Standards and Do Not Call Lists
  14. 14.  Provides phone number now saved on phone  Do survey at your convenience  Less intrusive reminder 98% of all text messages are read within four minutes of receipt. (MMA)
  15. 15. Why ATS? ATS 25 years IVR experience Bob and Frank 45 years of IVR experience Award-winning service bureau Redundancy Mobile expertise Deal with an owner
  16. 16. Presented By: Bob Bentz 2015 Presented To: Toll Free IVR 800 Number Programs