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Signs of Hearing Loss


Published on Hearing loss can significantly compromise quality of life. Hearing loss affects both the individuals with the loss, as well as their families.

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Signs of Hearing Loss

  1. 1. 24310 Moulton Pkwy, Suite D . Laguna Woods, CA 92637 949-273-2728 Visit our web site: July 2009 In This Issue A Funny Thing Happened Signs of Hearing Loss ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A Funny Thing Happened On The Way Here... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Please remember our offerto give you a six monthsupply of batteries inexchange for yourhumorous story aboutwhat brought you, a friend Hearing loss can significantly compromise quality of life.or family member to Studies show that untreated hearing loss is associatedfinally wearing hearing with depression, anxiety, lowered self-esteem, irritabilityaids. Be assured that and other issues that affect our ability to live life to thenames will not be used in fullest.the newsletter. Sharingyour story may helpothers. Hearing loss affects both the individuals with the loss, as well as their families. If you know someone with untreated hearing loss (and chances are you do given the prevalence of hearing loss), you know its negative effects firsthand. Quick Links The good news is that new and more effective treatments Our Website for hearing loss are now available, thanks to advances in healthcare and medicine. Treating hearing loss has been proven to have very positive effects on quality of life. Yet, in many cases hearing loss remains untreated - either due to denial, misinformation or a lack of knowledge about
  2. 2. available solutions and how to benefit from them. Please forward this newsletter to your friends and family. Loved ones play a critical role in ensuring that people Their name will not be with hearing loss seek and benefit from the remarkable added to our mailing advancements in hearing loss treatment. The payoff is list unless they much more than better hearing - its a better life for those specifically request it. with hearing loss and their families. We dont know when, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ or to whom, youforward the newsletter. If you have a question about hearing, hearing aids, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ hearing protection, or on any other topic in our area of expertise, please call our office at 949-273-2728 and let us know how we may assist you. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A hearing loss is more obvious than a hearing aid. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Signs of Hearing Loss Common signs of hearing loss may include but are not limited to: - Turning TV or radio up louder than previously - Find you are missing parts of conversations while in a group setting - You can hear but cant always clearly understand all the words spoken - Asking people to repeat what they say - Perception of persons mumbling or sounding muffled, especially females and/or children - Difficulty hearing speech in background noise ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ There are many reasons for having difficulty hearing and not all of them require a hearing aid to improve. If you or a loved one are experiencing any of the symptoms listed above, call our office to schedule a free hearing evaluation. Well check your ears to determine if theres
  3. 3. any obstruction. If you currently wear hearing aids, wellcheck them to be sure they are working properly and arecorrect for your current hearing ability. There is no chargefor this service.Our promise is Successful Hearing. Every Time. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~