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Loop System


Published on Perhaps you have heard of the new home-wired receiver technology called “looping”.

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Loop System

  1. 1. MARCH 2010 IN THIS ISSUE * St. Patrick’s (“Paddy’s”) Day *A Funny Thing Happened – Funny Bone *Buddy’s Bio *Common Sense Speaks “UP” *Palm Sunday and Passover * “In the Loop” * St. Patrick’s Day Coupon Funny Bone When Irish Eyes *Input and Gratitude *Looney Law Are S miling…“A cheerful heart is *Million Dollar Mistake! *Now ‘Ear This From Stuart good medicine…” *Word Search Proverbs 17:22 * Fun Fact A Funny Thing Happened on the Way March 17th is designated as “St. Patrick’s Day” and many folks scattered around the to Better Hearing… globe will be “wearin’ o’ the green” and kissin’ the Blarney Stone – from Ireland, to Australia,Thank you to one of our dear patients, to North America. Interestingly, a British-born lad, Maewyn Succat, became Ireland’s patronMary-Lou McCoskrie, who shared acouple of her hearing “mishaps” with saint: ‘St. Patrick’. At sixteen, Maewyn was taken as a slave into Ireland by Irish She was gracious enough to give After six years in captivity, he escaped to Gaul (modern day France). Working outdoors as apermission to use a couple of her shepherd, Maewyn was lonely and afraid and sought comfort in his faith. After a few years,“embarrassing moments”: he returned to his native Britain where he spent fifteen years studying Christianity. He had a Many years ago, Mary-Lou was vision that he was to return to Ireland and preach to the Irish. He is often credited withvisiting the famed and sacred Sistine being the force behind Ireland’s conversion to the Christian faith. Maewyn was declared aChapel in Rome, Italy. As the guidewas pointing out the marvelous and saint by Pope Celestine of the Roman Catholic church shortly before the Pope died in 432 A.D.magnificent work of Michelangelo, he St. Patrick is believed to have died on March 17 around 460 A.D., hence the date ofwas giving a verbal commentary on celebration.the history of this beautiful and St. Patrick’s Day is not a holiday that is celebrated internationally and ironicallyhistoric chapel. Mary-Lou was enough, the largest celebrations are held in America. There are a reported 36.5 million U.S.troubled to hear the guide talkingabout prostitutes in such a sacred residents with Irish roots. That’s nearly nine times the population of Ireland itself, which hasplace. Tempted to say something about only somewhat more than four million residents. In 1845, Ireland’s Great Potato Faminethe offensiveness of such talk, she brought nearly a million Irish to America’s soil as they tried to escape starvation.suddenly caught herself and realized Today, thousands of Irish Americans gather every March 17th to share ahe wasn’t talking about prostitutes at “traditional” meal of corned beef and cabbage. Irish immigrants living in the Lower East Sideall, but “Protestants”. Boy! Was she of New York City substituted their traditional bacon with the cheaper corned beef to saveglad she had not spoken up before shecaught her mistake! money, having learned about the less expensive alternative from their immigrant Jewish neighbors. I love corned beef and cabbage, so a big thank you to our Jewish friends! Some ofAnother one of Mrs. McCoskrie’sembarrassing memories is when she the celebration dishes people enjoy for St. Paddy’s Day include: Irish stew, boxty (potatoand a friend were talking. Mary-Lou, griddle cakes), fish soup, Dublin Coddle, Irish soda bread and apple mash, to name a a gracious effort to assure her friend There are many icons associated with St. Patrick’s Day. In America, the fun littlethat she certainly was NOT “a mess”, leprechauns we think of are almost synonymous with St. Patrick’s Day, but these crankywas dismayed to find that what her tricksters really had nothing to do with St. Patrick, or the celebration of this Catholic holyfriend had actually told her is that shehad ‘M.S.’ Ouch! This was a situation day. The friendly, cheerful leprechauns we recognize today are a recent American creation andwhere Mary-Lou wishes she had are very different from the cantankerous little men of Irish folklore. The shamrock symbolizesunderstood clearly and given a more the birth of spring, but by the 17th century, it had become a symbol of emerging Irishappropriate response to her friend’s nationalism. Many Irish began to wear the shamrock as a statement of pride in their heritage.sad news. Irish music, too, is very much a part of St. Patrick’s Day. Their music is produced withThese are just two very good reasons instruments that have been used for centuries, including the fiddle, elaborate bagpipes and thewhy Mrs. McCloskey appreciates her tin whistle (a type of flute). Ireland’s melodic, pure, and sometimes haunting music (oftenaids! How about YOU? heard in the sounds of vocalist and musician, Enya, and Irish singers “Celtic Woman”) has been highly popularized in recent years, as has traditional Irish step-dancing, highlighted in the spectacular performances of the entertainment phenomenon,“ Riverdance”. If you’d like to celebrate St. Paddy’s Day more quietly than downin’ a spot o’ ale at the local pub and kissin’ a Blarney Stone for good luck, there are several things you can do to rrememberr the Irrish. Furrst, mates and ladies, get out ‘n’ see one of the St. Paddy’s Day parrades aforre gettin’ a pot o’ yerr Irrish stew or corrned beef ‘n’ cabbage cookin’ Continued on Page 3
  2. 2. Buddy’s Bio... Far too often lately it seems like common sense and personal responsibility have “left theIt appears there’s building.” But a recent YouTube presentation by Kimberly Alyn of “Up Time America” showsjust no mercy from us it’s hopeful that good, old-fashioned common sense MAY just make a comeback. We hope you appreciate her comments as much as we do. Here’s what she had to say:Mariela for Buddy… “Ladies and gentlemen, it’s time for this country to experience a little “UP” time!even when he’s suffering with ear So if….you’re blind to your faults, WAKE up! …you make a mistake, ‘FESS up!infection! …you see injustice, STAND up! …something needs to be said, SPEAK up!“He stinks and I just can’t stand it!” …you make an appointment, SHOW up! …you are overstepping, BACK up! …you get behind, CATCH up! …they knock you down, GET up!Poor Buddy has an ear infection in both …you are out of line, STRAIGHEN up!ears. Of course, this causes an unpleasant And when…your boss instructs, KEEP up! …your elders speak, LISTEN up!odor and Mariela wants nothing to do …your teachers teach, SIT up! …your preachers preach, WAKE up!with it…although she was the one to take …your country calls, MAN up! …the fight is over, MAKE up! If you’re being hard, EASE up! If your heart is closed, OPEN up!him to the vet to have him checked. After If you…want to buy something, SAVE up!a hefty bill for diagnosis and the (It’s NOT an entitlement, so SHUT up!)antibiotics, Mariela was done with him. …make a mess, CLEAN IT up! …drop trash, PICK IT up!Once again, it was up to the Spencer guys, If…a car is waiting for you to walk across a street, SPEED IT up!Stuart, Luke and Daniel, to give Buddy the …you’re busted, GIVE IT up!daily medicine and ear drops. Rinse his …people fall down, HELP THEM up!ears one day. Medicine the next. Poor (NOT the government - YOU STEP up!)Buddy. …idiots start fighting, BREAK IT up! …the music is wholesome, TURN IT up!On top of all that mess, the rainy season …the message is poisonous, THROW IT up!seems to present a challenge to Buddy, as …your words are vulgar, CLAM IT up! …your words encourage, KEEP IT up!well. Every time he goes out while the …your pants are baggy, PULL them up! …the belt is loose, CINCH IT up!patio and grass are still wet, he has to be …the fly is down, ZIP IT up! …you’re dressed half-naked, COVER IT up!stopped at the door to have his paws …you can’t afford it, PASS IT up! (There’s no bail-out, folks! PONY up!)wiped so he won’t track the dirt and …you make a promise, BACK IT up! And…take your whining, and PACK IT up!muddy water all over the house. Just It’s called “ p-e-r-s-o-n-a-l re-spon-si-bil-ity”, so TAKE IT up!when he seems so happy and proud about (Our country was founded on it – you can LOOK it up!)getting a little “relief” (and taking his It’s the American Way, people, so CRANK IT up! ‘Cause if life is boring, SHAKE IT up! If life is good, you SOAK it up! If life’s unfair, you SUCK IT up! If life is funny, you canbusiness outside instead of repeating YUCK IT up! If life is sad, just LOOK STRAIGHT up, ‘cause life is short – so LIVE IT up!prior transgressions…), Mariela snatches Am I right? I know that I am very passionate about this topic of “UP” time, buthim to towel-dry his feet. If he manages C-O-M-E OONN! If you don’t agree with all this stuff, well, then… you’re just MESSED up! to slide by, it’s trouble for the whole tribe. - Kimberly Alyn -Understandable. In Mariela’s defense, This was a fun and enthusiastic presentation she made, and quite entertaining to watch! Itfour dirty paws running across a clean tile got me to thinking and I came “up” with a few more “up” moments that she could add:floor and onto light-colored carpeting can If…you are uptight, LOOSEN up! …you owe someone money, COUGH IT up!be a lot of work to clean up. Luke and …you need to exercise, SUIT up! …the occasion calls for it, DRESS up!Daniel find plenty of time to play with …you make dumb decision, SMARTEN up!Buddy and give him some love. Mariela? …you abuse drugs or alcohol, SOBER up! …you have a vice, GIVE IT up!Well, she still doesn’t even want him to be …love the American flag, RAISE IT up! …think of a loved one, CALL “EM up!near. Maybe that will improve after he Okay,,,now it’s YOUR turn. It’s UP to you to think of some more “UP” moments and let mesmells better? know what they are. Maybe we can share your ideas here one day. Remember: It’s all for fun…so DON’T GIVE UP!  SPECIAL EARLY GREETINGS… To all of our readers who observe a time of remembrance on Palm Sunday – to be celebrated on March 28th this year – and for our friends who observe the eight-day Jewish Passover festival beginning on March 30th, we send early greetings and warm wishes. These hugely significant celebrations mark two of the most memorable events of history and we send our wishes for God’s peace and grace for each of you who celebrate. God bless, and Shalom!
  3. 3. How Would You Like to Be “In The L O O p”? Your Opinion is Important!Perhaps you have heard of the new home-wired We really appreciate the feedback we getreceiver technology called “looping”. This is the from you…whether it be about this newsletter, our customer service, thelatest in hearing help for those who wear hearing products we sell, or any other thought thataids featuring a “telecoil”. The idea behind looping may come to mind. Positive or not, youris to wire your home (or other selected location) with a opinion really matters to us.wiring system threaded through the ceiling or underneath the A couple of suggestions regarding the newsletter have come in and I took them toflooring. This allows for excellent reception of television and heart. One came from our dear friend, Lila,radio signals through your hearing aids. Here’s Stuart for more who is reading our newsletter in AZ theseinformation: days. Thank you, Lila; I’ll try to keep the graphics out of the text areas so it will be “I started researching “looping” early last fall. The results easier to read. For those of you who had aof my research were so positively conclusive as to the functionality and hard time reading our paper, it should beperformance of this exciting new concept that by the end of 2009, I “smooth sail read-ing” for you from now on.decided to implement a program to offer “looping” to our patients. I And future Sudoku puzzles may just have to get a little harder…apparently it was toohired a qualified electrician (one of our hearing impaired patients) to easy for some. But I will need more inputwire our surround-sound room. I then sent his hearing aid to the factory to add the before we “beef it up" , so let me know. required telecoil so he could personally test the response of the looped system. His results Thank you, too, for those who write or tellonly added to my excitement for this innovative technology. Now he can hear television us what you think about Advanced Ear Care.clearly – directly into his hearing aids! And here’s the kicker: he can actually have a We sincerely appreciate it.conversation with his wife! Here’s a comment from our young user, “So how does our “looping” program work? It’s an amplifying sound system that Olivia Taylor, almost 21. She’s been with uswe will, for a fee, install in your home – typically the room where you watch TV. since she was seven years old:We will install a wire around the room under the car pet or flooring, and “Thank you for giving me the greatest gift,connect the wiring to an amplifier plugged into your radio or television the gift of hearing. This is something that Iset. You push the telecoil button on your hearing aids, and voila´! You can never repay you for, beyond the effortscan hear TV or radio speech clearly because it is amplified through your of money. You have been, and continue to be, a true blessing in my life.”own hearing aids that are programmed for your specific hearing loss! Thesound is superior to any other device, including the popular ‘TV Ears’ You just did, Olivia; you just did. It’s why we do whatAssisted Listening Device (ALD). ‘TV Ears’ is not designed to be we do. Your success andcompatible with hearing aids. Most people remove their expensive, gratitude are repayment enough,programmed hearing aids to wear the cumbersome headset to better hear and we thank YOU!their TV programs. This means they sacrifice the ability to haveconversation while using the ‘TV Ears’. With looping, that is no longer necessary. Continued From Page 1There are no wires, no headsets, no missed conversation while wearing a headset. Yourcompanion can set the TV or radio volume at their comfort level and YOU can hear on the stove furr dinnerr. Then, whilst yurrbetter than ever! bakin’ some Irrish Brrown Brread in thee oven, “The February 2010 copy of the professional publication, The Hearing mix togetherr some “champ” furr a side dishReview magazine, features “Looping the World” as their cover story. The whilst listenin’ to an upliftin’ Irrish jig on theauthor discusses many topics relating to helping patients hear better with rradio. When dinnerr’s rready, sit down withthis technology and how effective it’s become. This is a HUGE step yurr wee ones to watch a wonderrful movie offorward for hearing better in one of the most important environments you Irrish flavor, like ‘The Quiet Man’, ‘ Darbywill ever experience: home.” o’Gill and the Little People’, ‘ Boys Town’, or even revisit the O’Hare family of ‘GoneMUST HAVE APPOINTMENT! APPOINTMENT NECESSARY! MUST HAVE COUPON! With the Wind’. Sarrve killarney cake and FREE “LOOPING” DEMONSTRATION! pistachio ice crream furr desserrt and listen to a WE WILL GIVE YOU AN E X C I TI N G FR E E D E MO TO HEAR rrousing CD of bagpipes aforre sendin’ the MUSIC, TELEVISION AND DVD’S! lads and lassies off to slumberrland. When they’ve settled in, then it’s yurr turrn to finish yurr own St. Paddy’s Day celebrration. Have an Irrish Coffee whilst watchin’ Celtic Woman on public television. Put in a CD as you turrn ADVANCED EAR CARE down the bed and listen to the auld melodies of 2 4 3 1 0 M O U LT O N P K W Y . , S T E . D L A G U N A W O O D S , C A ‘Sweet Rosie O’Grady’, ‘When Irish Eyes Are IN THE WILLOW TREE “VONS” SHOPPING CENTER Smiling’ ‘n’ ‘My Wild Irish Rose’ aforre ye turrn out the lights and say g’night to March (949) 830-5330 17th until next yearr. Toodle pip!MUST HAVE COUPON MUST HAVE COUPON MUST HAVE COUPON
  4. 4. ADVANCED EAR CARE24310 Moulton Pkwy., Ste. DLaguna Woods, CA 92637(949) 830-5330E-mail: sherillf@advancedear.comWebsite: TEXAS LOONEY LAW: CRIMINALS MUST GIVE THEIR INTENDED VICTIMS AT LEAST 24 HRS ADVANCED NOTICE, ORALLY OR IN WRITING, AND MUST INCLUDE AN EXPLANATION OF THE NATURE OF CRIME TO BE COMMITTED! NOW THAT OUGHT TO SAVE LAWYERS TIME!MILLION DOLLAR MISTAKE!Everyone makes mistakes, and sometimes errors that can cost millions. But it’s a rare occasion to make mistakes that earn millions. Twosuch serendipitous goofs you may already know about are the potato chip and the ‘Slinky’ children’s toy. But here’s one I’d never heardbefore and it’s eaten by mega millions of people around the world every day! In 1902, the Kellogg brothers were searching for healthyfoods to feed to patients at the Battle Creek Sanitarium in Michigan. The elder brother, John, was a doctor and superintendant of thesanitarium; Will Keith (“W.K.”) was a clerk. Inadvertently leaving some boiled grain on the stove one day, the brothers ran the dried outmixture through rollers, hoping to make it into dough. It turned into flakes instead and the resourceful duo decided to toast them. Aftermuch experimentation with various recipes, the infamous “Corn Flakes” were born, leading to the formation of the Kellogg company in1906. The rest is history. Who knows? The next mistake you make may make you a millionaire! (Try saying THAT five times fast!) Well, here we are in March already! And St. Paddy’s Day reminds us of the legendary Pot o’ Gold at the end of the rainbow that anybody would be thrilled to find. But its doubtful any self-respecting leprechaun would let anyone get their hands on it, even with the “luck o’ the Irish” on their side. So, in the meantime, we’ll just appreciate and enjoy the simple blessings we experience every day and consider those our ‘Pot o’ Gold’. As always, we count you among our blessings, and you are the best treasure we could ask for. That’s why I make every effort to keep up with new ideas and the introductions of hearing aid technologies and product features thatwill enhance your hearing experience. It is a top priority in my scheduleto read professional publications featuring articles about what’s new in the industry, to search the websites dedicated exclusively to industry professionals, and to attend conventions and industry summits to learn about the never-ending research that brings new help to the hearing impaired. By keeping abreast of what’s on the horizon and what’s being introduced, we are able to stay prepared to help you when and how you need it. And I am really excited about some very intriguing new features that will be introduced in April. Keep your eyes open for our upcoming notices that will give you a heads-up on this exciting new concept! It’s a winner and has been worth waiting for! FUN FACT: THE CORRECT RESPONSE TO THE IRISH GREETING, “TOP O’ THE MORNIN’ TO YE” IS: “AND THE REST OF THE DAY TO YERSELF.”