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Search trends 2016


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Google Knowledge Graph SEO: Optimizing these special Google SERPS. With the new Knowledge Graph technology, Google redefines the world of searches by understanding users needs and wishes.

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Search trends 2016

  1. 1. Search Trends 2016 Google Knowledge Graph
  2. 2. Knowledge Cards
  3. 3. Knowledge Panel
  4. 4. Endless Answers ?
  5. 5. NO Traffic For You
  6. 6. NO Traffic For You
  7. 7. NO Traffic For You
  8. 8. New Changes : Wait its Just a Beginning Whole current trends
  9. 9. What are searchers looking for ?
  10. 10. Search on mobiles is now higher than desktop
  11. 11. Mobile searchers are increasing…
  12. 12. No Place for Organic Result on mobile Less Space for SEO
  13. 13. Direct Paid Booking
  14. 14. View and Compare
  15. 15. View and Compare
  16. 16. Video Results Capture whole screen
  17. 17. Only Informative Content Again No traffic for You…..
  18. 18. New Adwords Feature Call Only Campaigns
  19. 19. New Adwords Features Shopping Ads
  20. 20. Use Google to Apply Credit card
  21. 21. Will Ad Blockers Change the Game? Watch for companies to continue to create advertisements that seamlessly blend with — rather than interrupt — the browsing experience, as well as to use those customer-centric insights to drive content and social engagement
  22. 22. MOBILE, MOBILE, MOBILE For retailers, mobile is basic; for others, it soon will be. At a minimum, this means a mobile-optimized and responsive website, and may include custom apps and mobile-targeted campaigns.
  23. 23. How Advaiya can help Advaiya’s digital marketing strategies help you leverage modern digital media (including web, social platforms, devices, and more) to better reach and communicate with your target audience, and thus grow your business. Our team of SEO specialists dedicate substantial time and energy to stay updated with the latest search engine algorithm changes and optimization strategies. We can help you not only trigger a Knowledge Graph panel, but also boost search performance and direct traffic to your website.