Advaita brochure final


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Contains product and services offered by us. The brochure is exclusively made for educational institutions

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Advaita brochure final

  1. 1. Advaita Social Media Social Media Marketing Bulk Mailing Graphic Designing Corporate Videos and Presentations few Words can CHANGE your World
  2. 2. connect to new way of marketing CONNECTING YOUR BUSINESS TO SOCIAL MEDIA FOR OPTIMAL GROWTH Being a part of digital generation today everyone is able to transfer information freely and as fast on internet. Social Media is a web based interactive technology which has turned frivolous communication to worthwhile business dialogs in the current marketing scenario. Gone are the days when people only used to chat and send e-mails. Social Media has emerged a strong way to express and advertise the expertise of individual as well as organized industry. New social forms of media such as blogs, forums, wikis, and online communities allow the receiver of the message to interact in real time with not just the author, but also with a community of individuals who follow and share ideas for purpose of combined and healthy growth. Some examples of Social Media are Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube etc. The oldest and most reliable form of marketing has always been a friend referring anotherSocial Media Solution friend about a product or service. With the proliferation of so many online, social websites, people are now connected to each other in a new, elegant and quite public Analysing the current scenario ways. In this way Social Media is the same old word-of-mouth marketing approach. The Strategy Development marketing strategy of any business owner who wants to be successful today and Profile building via tomorrow would be involved in online Social Media marketing. Social Media helps you achieve multiple goals from advertising your product to great customer support. It gives o Facebook you a huge platform to connect customers and know the pursuit of market base. Social o Twitter Media helps in increasing the public trust upon your brand and product in ascending order o YouTube thus proving to be an important course as a brand building exercise. As the words spread o LinkedIn they tend to become an anecdote…so is our commitment for your business growth…… Bulk Mailing Few words can change your world!! Mailer Development Content Development flexible solutions for your business needs Video, Banners if required SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGNS DESIGNED TO MEET YOUR BUSINESS NEEDS Additionally connecting to various forums and blogs if required FOR COLLEGES/UNIVERSITIES The penetration of social media is among the 60% of the 5% of the internet users in India and is growing astonishingly. A lot of learners in the age group of 18-35 are internet savvy and take their decision on what they hear on the social media sites and communities. Here are the few ways in which social media could help you: OUR USP (Unbiased Servicing Price)  Help bring in new students Social Media Marketing is much  Online Counselling, webinars  Advertise the achievements of your college/university economical and easy to implement  Promotion of upcoming events as compared to traditional  Connecting to alumni marketing options.  Could even be used as a handy tool for communication among teachers and What else? We offer you best students services in less-than-market rates.few Words can CHANGE your World
  3. 3. CUSTOM SOLUTIONSWe work according to your needs. Weoffer you dynamic packages as perrequirements by continuous monitoringand analysing SOME FACTS AND FIGURES ABOUT SOCIAL MEDIABILINGUAL ENVIORNMENT  14% of people trust Ads 78% trust customer recommendations (Nielson Global Trust in Advertising, 2007)We have experienced copywriters whocould work in bilingual environment i.e.both Hindi and English as per therequirement.LINK BUILDING MEASURESWe enhance your brand value via trustbuilding options such as blog articles,whitepapers, comments, and contentupdates for more site traffic. . few Words can CHANGE your World
  4. 4. Other ServicesWe also offer following services individually: Corporate Videos Ad Films Banners Logo Designing Content Development Mailer Design few Words can CHANGE your WorldADVAITA SOCIAL MEDIA+91 – 7838019990 (Chandreshwar Mani Tripathi)+91 – 9792795847 (Yashark Pandey)+91 – 9213277966/9873549566 (Gaurav Mishra)+91 – 9268003706 (Vijaya Tripathi) |