Minds on media 105 the hive


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This is my Minds on Media Slideshare about 105 the Hive.

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Minds on media 105 the hive

  1. 1. Tune In To Learn Learning Opportunities on 105 The Hive
  2. 2. How We Tinker First … Exploring Math Manipulatives And Solving Math Problems
  3. 3. Then We Have A Radio Show  Share our thinking aloud and clarify what we thought.
  4. 4. More Tinkering …  Playing with problems. Designing and creating.
  5. 5. And The Tinkering Continues …  We create. We build. We design. We think.
  6. 6. We Can Tinker With & Without Technology  Another group shows their creating, building, designing, and thinking – all with art supplies!
  7. 7. An Opportunity To Share  Clarifying thinking as they share. Expanding on ideas.
  8. 8. We Can Tinker With Ideas  Here we “played” with point of view, as we considered how different characters in the book would think, act, and respond.
  9. 9. Then We Took Our Ideas On The Air In This “Hot Seat” Radio Show
  10. 10. We “Tinker” With Ideas In Books  Thinking deeply about the books and figuring out what the author intended to say and why.
  11. 11. Using These Ideas On The Radio  Sharing thinking with others. Responding to questions.
  12. 12. The Ideas I Didn’t Try  Before reorganization, I did prep coverage for JK- Grade 2. Here’s what I wanted to do with them. Students loved building with the Geometro tools I brought in to use. They had so many creative ideas to share. We could have done a radio broadcast in an “interview format.” Students could continue building and sharing, and I could walk around asking them to “tell me more” about what they created.
  13. 13. Tinkering In Grade 1  Students learned about various media texts by exploring options, “playing” with them, and recording what they observed. Why not allow these Grade 1’s to teach others about media literacy? They could host a radio show. Even as they’re exploring, I could go around and talk to them about their learning. These conversations could become a “Media Broadcast” for 105 the Hive!
  14. 14. Do “Tinkering” And “Inquiry” Go Hand In Hand?  Students are inquiring during Science, Social Studies, Health, and Media Literacy. I think that inquiring allows for some amazing “cognitive tinkering.” http://missdunsiger.commons.hwdsb.on.ca/category/student-work/ Look under October 3rd to hear the “Debate on Matter.”
  15. 15. Imagine Creating A Radio Show Where Students Have These Debates …
  16. 16. Contact Information Board Email: aviva.dunsiger@hwdsb.on.ca Twitter: @avivaloca Professional Blog: http://adunsiger.com Class Blog: http://missdunsiger.commons.hwdsb.on.ca