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The Impact of Mobile Web 2.0 on the Telecoms Industry


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Speaker: Ajit Jaokar

Published in: Technology, Business
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The Impact of Mobile Web 2.0 on the Telecoms Industry

  1. 1. The impact of Mobile Web 2.0 on the Telecoms industry Web 2.0 Expo - Berlin Nov 2007 0 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  2. 2. Ajit Jaokar - many hats Ajit Jaokar UK based - Hands on Publisher (futuretext) - Author (Mobile Web 2.0) - Chair: Oxford University's Next Gen Mobile Applications panel - PhD student UCL/UK Recent and forthcoming talks include Stanford University - MIT Sloan Web 2.0 expo - Ajaxworld The Scoble show - CNN money BBC - Oxford University, Heise, Inc The O Reilly radar, European parliament Global top 20 wireless blogger According to fierce wireless 1 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  3. 3. Ajit Jaokar - alliances .. 2 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  4. 4. Roadmap .. • Social networks and mobile • Impact of social networks on business models • The changing nature of the Telecoms industry • Mobile Web 2.0 and the deep blue sea problem (uniqueness of mobile) • Interactive • Accent • Verbose. 3 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  5. 5. Goals?? 4 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  6. 6. Roadmap .. • Social networks and mobile • Impact of social networks on business models • The changing nature of the Telecoms industry • Mobile Web 2.0 and the deep blue sea problem (uniqueness of mobile) 5 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  7. 7. 6 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  8. 8. Tectonic plates .. Media, Telecoms and Internet 7 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  9. 9. Don’t forget the web in Mobile Web 2.0 because Web companies are driving the future of Mobile .. Mobile Web 2.0 8 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  10. 10. Anyone for Apple Pie? The era of the Networks - 2000 to 2007 The era of the devices and customers has dawned .. “If sharing revenue brings a bigger (APPLE?) pie to the table, then we’ll be happy to share that pie . . . The revenue-sharing model will play an increasingly important role in the future of converged communications.” Peter Erskine, the O2 chief executive ! It is the customer who decides who wins .. 9 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  11. 11. Google .. We want to create a whole new mobile experience for users Eric Schmidt, Google 10 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  12. 12. Customer is winner (king) .. Customer is King 11 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  13. 13. Meta data .. If Customer is King - then Meta data is King Kong 12 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  14. 14. Umbrella social networks .. People will no longer making a distinction between web and mobile. The social network is increasingly becoming the point of interaction and often the first and increasingly the only point of contact for people. This affects all applications development (all applications will be modelled on facebook apps and span the mobile web and the fixed web) 13 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  15. 15. 50 million MySpace unique visitors - Comparable to - number of American households that tune to Superbowl 100 million YouTube videos every day - Comparable to Top 15 primetime shows in England (100 million viewers) or Top 4 American shows 14 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  16. 16. Perspectives .. ● Power is moving away from the old elite (Rupert Murdoch, CEO NewsCorp.) ● Our industry is facing a profound challenge from home-made content (Tom Glocer, CEO Reuters) Source: Arthur D. Little 15 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  17. 17. The world will go on .. Whether we like it or not! People will find new ways to communicate .. Because they always have! So, is it not time to join the party? 16 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  18. 18. I am not talking to you if you are not in my network! 17 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  19. 19. Mobile Youth? - The youth are talking - and not necessarily mobile .. 18 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  20. 20. The youth are reading a book .. 19 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  21. 21. Unfortunately, that book is called 'facebook' 20 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  22. 22. And its all about new connections and relationships .. 21 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  23. 23. And it only gets better or worse depending on your viewpoint .. Limited attention spans .. 22 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  24. 24. Questions? 23 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  25. 25. Roadmap .. • Social networks • Impact of social networks on business models • The changing nature of the Telecoms industry • Mobile Web 2.0 and the deep blue sea problem (uniqueness of mobile) 24 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  26. 26. Part of a much older problem .. Everyone wants to get in bed with the customer 25 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  27. 27. Value chain .. Advertiser Content Content Web Consumer creator distributor aggregator Web aggregators is a different type of distributor. Everyone is trying to bypass the traditional distributors. Distributors are having to evolve. Dis-intermediate … Distributors - Cable companies ; Web aggregators - YouTube Advertiser to consumer -, MVNO, IPTV Content creators - like to go to Web aggregators New distributors are coming in - freeview set topbox $70 and 10million units in 2006 26 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  28. 28. Advertiser Content OPERATOR Web Consumer creator aggregator The Operator is a type of distributor and is facing the same problem which other distributors are facing 27 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  29. 29. A fork in the road for former partners? DIS-tributor v.s. Dis-Intermediate Content Customer creator Content OPERATOR distributor 28 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  30. 30. Broadcast yourselves .. But .. New media is talking about old media .. 29 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  31. 31. Strategies .. Overall strategy • Content owners ( Maximise revenue, Protect content) • Distributors (operators) - ex: Cable TV - Managed distribution/Walled gardens, ) Content owners: Open distribution user aggregation Community Leveraging assets Content distributors Long tail content - cheap (free!) UGC = lower viewership for traditional content = lower license fees at next round of negotiations=lower money to make content Community .. And customer intimacy! 30 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  32. 32. Questions? 31 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  33. 33. Roadmap .. • Social networks • Impact of social networks on business models • The changing nature of the Telecoms industry • Mobile Web 2.0 and the deep blue sea problem (uniqueness of mobile) 32 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  34. 34. Why bother with Mobile Web 2.0? Where is the growth going to come from in our industry? Web growth is proven. Mobile Web growth is not. Can Mobile Web 2.0 help? 33 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  35. 35. Factors driving change .. • The financial community • The battle for eyeballs • Consumer attitudes are changing – social acceptance of online dating • The growing MySpace generation • Other intermediaries from content to consumer – Slingbox • VOIP is making voice cheap/free (traditional revenue models) • User generated content is becoming more prevalent • New models (Blynk) • Storage on device 34 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  36. 36. Changing worlds .. • 99% reliability • 18 months lead time • Silo mentality • Interoperability – not a priority • Data apps: low priority • No unpipe • Social networks, Connecting people vs. the media industry • Iterative development, Converged development • Network itself is becoming lower in value • Edge of the network is becoming more important • New services without changes to network (separation of service layer from network layer) • Complex but longer tail services vs.. Existing simple services with mass demand 35 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  37. 37. Changing nature of Telecoms Assets • Going from specific apps (sms) to leveraging assets • What assets to leverage? Location (based advertising) Data mining trends based on customer historical information APIs such as Billing • Abundance in traditional areas (free voice!) vs.. New areas of leverage (scarcity) • The new areas of leverage now become the core assets • IMS helps to leverage these areas into APIs 36 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  38. 38. Roadmap .. • Social networks • Impact of social networks on business models • The changing nature of the Telecoms industry • Mobile Web 2.0 and the deep blue sea problem (uniqueness of mobile) 37 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  39. 39. Overview .. What is Web 2.0 a) Web as a platform: TV (v.s. Google) A web of mainframes? Connecting the farmer in Africa to the rest of the world. b) Harnessing collective intelligence : Google page rank The platform is the Internet, On the Internet, the rules are different. Information sharing is actually better than information hoarding. With enough people sharing information – you build a database and the database becomes bigger and better with incremental users 38 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  40. 40. A blue chair is a chair .. A concept cannot exist in isolation. Mobile Web 2.0 must be defined in context of Web 2.0 39 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  41. 41. Embodiment of the sixth principle .. Web 2.0 Web As A Platform Harnessing Rich user collective experience Intelligence Data is the Intel inside S/W above a Single device Light wt Programming End of the S/W models Release cycle 40 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  42. 42. What does it all mean? When we extend this definition to ‘Mobile Web 2.0’ – there are two implications : a) The Web does not necessarily extend to mobile devices b) Even though the Web does not extend to mobile devices, intelligence can still be captured from mobile devices. 41 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  43. 43. Capturing Mobile intelligence • Capturing intelligence at the point of inspiration • Tagging • Unique data elements like location 42 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  44. 44. Not ringtones etc (packaged content)! Mobile Web 2.0 != Packaged content (ringtones) 43 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  45. 45. Harnessing collective intelligence: Mobile devices (b) The web Mobile Web 2.0: Harnessing backbone – but not necessarily web collective intelligence through protocols end to end restricted devices (a) – harnessing collective (c) The PC: Selecting intelligence and configuring the service 44 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  46. 46. The Deep blue sea problem … 45 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  47. 47. Walk on water .. What value can be added? What value can Mobile add to the Web without losing the ethos of the Web? TIM - Dr Massimo Valla's team - sharing context from mobile devices. T-mobile - Dr Joerg Heuer in Berlin - Identity France Telecom - Martin Duvall Nokia - Ovi SoonR - Enterprise, OMTP, Opera - for browsers .. ODP - On device portals .. 46 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  48. 48. TIM .. 47 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  49. 49. Internet (IP) Mobile Internet WiFi, Wimax,HSDPA, DVB-H, WCDMA, Bluetooth, IMS Maps, LBS and Geotagging Music Entertainment and games Full web Browsing/ Search Communities Images: blogging, sharing, Video, IPTV and geotagging mobile TV VOIP, voice, messaging Context, Payment, security, Identity 48 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London Customer centric mobile value chain:
  50. 50. Recap .. • Umbrella social networks .. • Mobile Web 2.0 and the deep blue sea problem (uniqueness of mobile) - Embrace the ethos of the web and yet add something new 49 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  51. 51. Questions? 50 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London
  52. 52. Mobile Web 2.0 Contact me for IMS and Web 2.0 or for meetings at the conference Thanks!! All images from Google images or their respective copyright . 51 Copyright : Futuretext Ltd. London