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Microformats: The Nanotechnology of the Semantic Web


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Speaker: Jeremy Keith

Published in: Technology

Microformats: The Nanotechnology of the Semantic Web

  1. 1. microformats the nanotechnology of the semantic web
  2. 2. network architecture
  3. 3. intelligent computer network
  4. 4. “As simple as possible... but no simpler.” dumb network small pieces, loosely joined
  5. 5. smart data formats dumb
  6. 6. XML RDF smart enough HTML dumb enough
  7. 7. XML RDF
  8. 8. microformats
  9. 9. engines of creation people first, machines second 80/20 low hanging fruit
  10. 10. pattern recognition relationships XFN licensing rel-license people hCard events hCalendar
  11. 11. rel attribute the relationship from the current document to the anchor specified by the href attribute <link rel=“stylesheet” href=“foo.css” /> <a rel=“help” href=“foo.htm”>help</a>
  12. 12. rel-license <a rel=“license” href=“ licenses/by/2.0/”> Some rights reserved </a>
  13. 13. XFN <li><a rel=“friend met colleague” href=“”> Brian Suda </a> </li> <li><a rel=“friend met co-worker” href=“”> Andy Budd </a> </li>
  14. 14. class attribute for general purpose processing by user agents
  15. 15. hCard <li class=“vcard”> <a rel=“friend met colleague” class=“fn url” href=“”> Brian Suda </a></li>
  16. 16. vCard BEGIN:VCARD N:Keith;Jeremy;;; FN:Jeremy Keith ORG:Clearleft; TITLE:Web Developer TEL;type=CELL:+44 7792 069292 END:VCARD
  18. 18. hCalendar XTech 2007 is taking place in Paris from May 15th to 18th. <span class=“summary”> XTech 2007 </span> <span class=“location”> Paris </span>
  19. 19. design patterns <abbr title=“2007-05-15” class=“dtstart”> May 15th </abbr>
  20. 20. nanoculture twitter yahoo local upcoming linkedin flickr evdb
  21. 21. seeds
  22. 22. nanobots search : technorati expose : operator convert : x2v
  23. 23. nightmare scenarios spam trust?
  24. 24. grey goo
  25. 25. community wiki irc email process reason document iterate
  26. 26. the future portable social networks syndicated contact details a semantic web
  27. 27. thank you Jeremy Keith