Procedure masks the east asia health and hygiene phenomenon


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Procedure masks the east asia health and hygiene phenomenon

  1. 1. Procedure Masks: The East Asia Health And Hygiene Phenomenon If you have recently made a trip to any large East Asian town or city, you will already have experienced the phenomenal rise of the procedural mask, more commonly worn by surgeons in the operating theatre. Described by some critics as alarmist, they should more accurately be compartmentalized as the future for safe, hygienic societies and prudent, healthy people. Since the 1980s and 1990s, when procedural masks were worn by commuters hopefully wishing to reduce the effects of high levels of smog and air pollution, their use has expanded rapidly. They are now seen as one of the leading solutions for helping to prevent the spread of illnesses. Procedure masks work on basic principles. An infected wearer can prevent the transmission of tiny globules of moisture from his nose and mouth. Instead of being coughed or sneezed out into the air, these globules are caught and trapped within the procedure mask. Because of this, the wearer should ensure that they dispose of their mask after use. It is these globules of moisture which contain the germs, viruses or bacteria known to cause illness. In some parts of Asia, including Japan, an ill wearer of a procedure mask is making a sign of respect and consideration by wearing the mask. Even if you are not familiar with East Asian towns and cities, it is likely that you are beginning to see more and more people take advantage of the benefits of procedure masks. They became especially prevalent during the recent swine flu pandemic, and widespread individual usage was evident in many parts of Northern America and Western Europe. The procedure masks also offer an additional advantage, being that they remind users not to spend too much time with their hands around their mouth and face. Since fingers are such an easy accumulator of germs (think about all the places you find to put your hands on a daily basis!), this reminder is a second level of security for the wearer. In conclusion, by wearing a procedure mask when you are feeling under the weather, you will be helping to create a more positive and less germ-infected environment for your colleagues. In years from now, it is almost certain that procedure masks will be a regular sight in almost any town, city or village in the world. In order to find out more information about the benefits of procedure masks and to purchase your own box of these hygiene friendly products, please visit the online medical retailer Twin Med Direct at