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Key pages from 3 to 5


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Key pages from 3 to 5

  1. 1. CUARTO INGLÉS KEY PAGE 3 SIDE B 1aisareisareisisam 1b 2 3‘s I’m not a teacher. Is he your assistant? Yes, he is.‘re He isn’t American. Are they at a conference today? Yes, they are.‘s They aren’t here today. Are you the new guy? No, I’m not.‘re This isn’t my phone. Is Peter from New York? No, he isn´t.‘s She isn’t Spanish. Are they married? No, they aren’t.‘s I’m not married.‘m This seat isn’t free. 4a & bAre you married? Yes, I am. OR No, I’m not.Are you a student? Yes, I am..Is your teacher British? No, she isn’t.Is your classroom on the second floor? No, it isn´t. KEY PAGE 4 SIDE A 1 2 3 4 What is your surname? 2 Linda T Wells What do you do? 6 T 29 F What is your nationality? 5 Female Separated F Are you married? 4 Canadian F How old are you? 3 Teacher T What is your title? 1 76 Barton Road, Portsmouth. T P075GF
  2. 2. SIDE B 1It’s a quarter past one.It’s ten to five.It’s five past seven.It’s eight o’clock.It’s half past eleven. 2 3a 3b 1c 1) at Mon 6.45 Spanish class 2e 2) on / at Tue 3a 3) on / at Wed 10.00 interview 4b 4) at / on Thu 4.15 appointment at the bank 5d Fri 8.30 Tania’s partyLessons 5-81a2b3b4a5b6b7b8a
  3. 3. PAGE 5 SIDE A 1 Completa el diálogo Completa las oraciones con los verbos entre paréntesis. Elige la respuesta correcta. Responde a las preguntas. Redondea las palabras en la sopa de letras. 2 Completa el cuadro. Days of the week: Tuesday, Monday, Months of the year: October, March, June. Cardinal numbers: ten, six, seven. Ordinal numbers: fifth, second, first.3 4 5Address 32 butler Avenue Am I AreTelephone 02083233731 Is my mother, Tom, our teacher, a cat, pizza. Aren’tNationality English Are you, the chairs, Grace and Alan, you and I. AmAge 19 IsColour of hair black IsColour of eyes blue Isn’t are 6 Hasn’t got Hasn’t got Has got Has got Hasn’t got Has got Hasn’t got Have got Haven’t got haven’t got Have got Haven’t got
  4. 4. 7Has / gotHasn’t / has gotHave / gotHaven’t got / have got