adtran adva adva optical networking gnss timing synchronization oscilloquartz pnt gps broadband wi-fi assurance apnt network timing timing and synchronization pon access networks fiber to the home ftth fsp 3000 holdover ptp ai dci data center interconnect osa assured pnt multigigabit intellifi self-calibrating ensemble fiber director advanced link monitoring edge networks pon networks demarcation reflectors real-time service agnostic non-intrusive deep pon assurance alm fiber monitoring 5g 10g sdx mosaic one fiber ols open line system 400g 400zr 100zr coherent grandmaster backup resilience ofc optical transport management packet networks san data centers cloud leo gps vulnerabilities osa 5400 stl module satellite time and location satelles stl osa 5405-s synchronization and timing plume wi-fi 7 4x4 radios adtran routers arm processors sdg 8700 sdg 8600 in-home connectivity mesh wi-fi mesh routers wi-fi 6e wi-fi 6 sdgs service delivery gateways full fiber fttp low-density sdx 6324 sdx 6000 fiber access 4 port combo pon olt optical pumping cesium metrology institute high-performance atomic clock osa 3300 osa 3300-hp rohs-compliant optical cesium atomic clock atomic clock gnss backup metrology optical cesium clock optical cesium qkd gen 7 fsp 3000 s-flex muxponder connectguard brocade encryption quantum-safe 64g fibre channel adva network security s-flex enterprise mobile transceiver optical layer wavelength broadcasting zr edge ols edge software-defined mosaic otns optical network terminals zero touch xgs-pon sdx 630 coherent 100zr micromux openfabric teraflex ofcnet sonet legacy tsm osa 5422 department of defense dod military cyberattacks spoofing jamming network optimization r&d research ml network analytics streaming telemetry sdn automation dwdm data center ensemble ens network management multi-vendor disaggregation openness storage area networks
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