adtech SF 2012 Facebook how display works differently by appssavvy and Optimedia


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adtech SF 2012 Facebook how display works differently by appssavvy and Optimedia

  1. 1. Changing the Dynamicfor Display in the SocialLandscapeChris Cunningham, co-founder and CEO of appssavvyDenise Leone, associate media director of Optimedia
  2. 2. Traditional display is a useful massive reach tool
  3. 3. We’ve been conditioned to avoid display advertising real estate
  4. 4. The result is lower impact and devalued media investments “31% of 1.7B (tested) ad impressions were never in view” January 2012 “43% of users ignore online display ads” / December 2010
  5. 5. So, is Facebook more of the same? (Yes!...but)
  6. 6. Facebook’s focus on people and their experiences has openedthe door to new ways to advertise to consumers set status send gift share photo message complete friends download song mission play game vote/poll level up
  7. 7. To capture this trend, we built a new ad technology platform we reach your audience across multiple publishers when they perform activities to drive action & performance
  8. 8. New, high-impact placements we create with our publishers.The answer to traditional display (demo video)
  9. 9. Native to the environment, delivered in a natural break in theconsumer experience (demo video)
  10. 10. Delivering creative impact and results across brandsaverage 5.8% interaction rate
  11. 11. Case Studies
  12. 12. Case Study: • Challenge – While Payless has relatively strong overall brand awareness, establishing a relationship with a younger female audience was the challenge • Objective – Drive awareness of Payless Brash – a new line targeted to junior women, encouraging brand loyalty
  13. 13. Payless Brash on adtivity
  14. 14. Results Brash content delivered to an engaged teen girl audience, driving strong interaction with the brand and social buzz! Industry Average Interaction Rate (video view, 4.14% 3.4% hover, etc.) Video Completion Rate 57.2% 44.2% Clicks to N/A Facebook share vs. total clicks 12% Sources: Payless Brash campaign data 11/3/11 – 11/20/11; Google benchmarks, March 2012
  15. 15. Case Study: • Challenge – Denny’s is significantly outspent by QSR competitors and as a result is not top-of-mind or considered especially relevant for socially- driven audiences. • Objective – Drive awareness of Denny’s Let’s Get Cheesy initiative, building brand relevance socially- savvy audience, ultimately encouraging visits to Denny’s.
  16. 16. Denny’s on adtivity
  17. 17. Results Denny’s Let’s Get Cheesy messaging delivered to the most engaged audience, driving strong engagement vs. industry benchmarks Industry Average CTR 0.83% 0.09% 9x Sources: Denny’s campaign data 9/6/11 – 10/30/11; Google benchmarks, March 2012
  18. 18. Thank You!Chris Cunningham Denise LeoneCo-founder and CEO Associate Media DirectorE: E: denise.leone@optimedia-us.comT: @chrisappssavvy T: @deniseleone