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adtech SF 2012 Startup spotlight mobile shopsavvy

  1. 1. ShopSavvyJohn BoydCo-Founder and COOConnect With Us! @ShopSavvy Email me at
  2. 2. What is ShopSavvy?• The No. 1 mobile shopping assistant with over 25 million downloads. All word of mouth - no paid acquisition• Million+ new users a month• New Wallet feature• Major brands: HP, Best Buy, Panasonic, US Cellular, etc.
  3. 3. How does ShopSavvy work?• Reads standard barcodes, as well as QR codes to provide product information and advice with the product in hand• Wallet used to checkout and buy
  4. 4. The Future of Shopping• Online shopping used to be on the PC at home – now it’s going mobile with desktop power in your hands• The result? The biggest change in local retail in more than 30 years• ShopSavvy helps brands and retailers to adapt by reaching their consumers in a new, more targeted way with new types of conversations
  5. 5. ShopSavvy Ad Campaign• User walks into Target and searches for information on a razor
  6. 6. ShopSavvy Ad Campaign (cont’d)• An ad for a Panasonic Braun Model-SR-X appears – Video review and demo – Availability and pricing – A 15% rebate option – Or 30% off if purchased within the hour to entice the shopper – User photo and social media contest to win
  7. 7. ShopSavvy Engages Users Users share photos with friends to vote who has the cleanest shave.Users take photos of themselves after Users submit photos to Users with most votes win Philipsshaving with their new Norelco shaver Norelco Facebook page Norelco products
  8. 8. ShopSavvy Engages Users Product is not only in hand and ready for purchase but with camera and user gen content it’s a great opportunity to leverage social media as well.
  9. 9. Case Study: Best Buy Scavenger HuntFun and engaging program that moves shoppers to new aisles!
  10. 10. Scavenger Hunt Clue Example
  11. 11. The Best Buy Results• Approximately 50K of 500K shoppers engaged• Drove 27,000 users to the store searching for products over three weekends• Average distance traveled after seeing the ad -- 6.91 miles• Very High Tap Through Rates: 10%• Created new product discovery by driving consumers to new aisles in the store and from competing stores
  12. 12. Adapting to the Changing World of Retail• Brands and local retailers need to use technology to shape the future, before it shapes them• Start with ShopSavvy, the largest neutral mobile shopping platform that allows your brand to give its consumers a better shopping experience with: – Highly targeted offers at the point of sale – Ads that educate, entice and close – Ability to purchase with one tap