adtech SF 2012 Startup spotlight data and targeting magnetic


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  • adtech SF 2012 Startup spotlight data and targeting magnetic

    1. 1. Data-Driven AdTargeting Strategy:Cricket
    2. 2. About Magnetic • Magnetic is the leader in search retargeting – 1st company to focus 100% on search retargeting • Digital advertising = $40B* Market – Display is expected to triple by 2016 - $27B** – Data fuels growth/return of display ads • Two thirds of digital advertising dollars are spent on search today – The percentage spent on display is forecast to grow over the next 5 years – Limited scale in SEM • Only 4%*** of time online is spent on a search site – 96%*** of time is spent hanging out on sites with display advertising • Magnetic is capitalizing on the success of search and the growth in display – Search retargeting uses what you searched for to power display ads on sites you visit*eMarketer, 2012**Forrester Research Interactive Marketing Forecasts, 2011-2016***OPA Internet Activity Index, Nielson Online Data, Jan-April 2010
    3. 3. Data Beyond Search EnginesMore than 43% of searches come from non-search engines Access to non-search engine data is KEY 13 Billion Searches Monthly (beyond search engines) 3
    4. 4. Understand Your Search Experience 1 What was your last search? 3 What site did your search lead you to? 2 Where did you initiate the search? 4 Did you search again? Cricket ZTE Chorus Wireless plans
    5. 5. Retargeting Opportunity Product/Brand research, reviews, pricesWireless plans ZTE ChorusInitial search Consideration Phase Revised Search Retargeting Opportunity
    6. 6. The Solution: Search RetargetingSearch retargeting focuses on targeting customers with display advertising based on user search history 11 2 3 4 USER SEARCHES CONSIDERS OPTIONS SEES TARGETED AD USER CONVERTS For “phone plan” Cricket, Verizon, for Cricket while in Visits,or “Cricket phones” T-Mobile consideration mode signs up for Cricket mobile plan
    7. 7. Search Retargeting Success Pushing consumers through the sales funnel with search retargetingCAMPAIGN BACKGROUND: A mobile provider focused on driving new 2-yearservice contracts. To reach relevant consumers, the advertiser targeted usersthat previously searched for terms related to their competitors as well askeywords relevant to their own brand.CAMPAIGN DETAILS: $100k for two months CPA $150 GoalCAMPAIGN RESULTS: $100 $100• Beat the client’s goal of $100 CPA with a $92 CPA $50 Actual CPA• Generated over 1,000 conversions $0• Achieved a 20:1 ROI, reaching over $1.7M in revenue
    8. 8. Intent-Based Data Strategy Wireless plans Dynamic $500K Brand Extension Creative Budget T-mobile Conquesting
    9. 9. Brand ExtensionUsing Magnetic, Cricket will reach consumers in-market fortheir products and services• Drive new customers through innovative keyword level targeting• Reach customers that have signaled intent through key brand terms• Couple site retargeting with Magnetic’s search retargeting offering to re-engage customers based on site and search behaviors BRAND BRAND CENTRIC INDICATORS Keyword Examples Keyword Examples Cricket phones Phone plans Cricket plans Cell phones Cricket coverage Droid plans Muve Music Smartphones
    10. 10. Competitive StrategyWireless competitors are everywhere. With Magnetic, Crickethas an opportunity to reach their clientele and attractcustomers interested in its core competition.• Target customers searching for competitive keywords• Increase mindshare through conquesting• Penetrate new markets with a competitive footprint through the combination of conquesting and geo-based search retargeting BRAND COMPETITORS Keyword Examples Verizon phone plans Sprint phones T-Mobile plans AT&T plans
    11. 11. Dynamic CreativeSearch retargeting combines the intent of search with thecreative opportunities and scale of display• Layer specific ad messages & creative over the highest form of intent• Support various campaigns and promotions with dynamic creative Broadband plan Cell phone Smartphones Muve Music
    12. 12. Calling plans Cell phone reviewsData-Driven Opportunities Best cell phones AT&T phone plans Verizon phones Sprint smartphones Best smartphones Optimization by keyword or keyword type Virgin Mobile phone plan Search patterns, recency of search Affordable phone plan Pay as you go phone Audience plans Smartphone segment optimization Boost Mobile Detailed plan Cell phone keyword analysis-relationships Cell phones Smartphones Highest Performing Keywords Broadband plans Keywords T-Mobile smartphones Blackberry phones Cell phone plan Verizon phone plans Verizon calling plan Cheap calling plans Cricket ZTE Chorus Cricket calling plan T-Mobile smartphones Mobile phone plan MetroPCS phones Cricket ZTE Chorus Cricket calling plan MetroPCS phones Best cell phones Calling plans Boost Mobile Cell phone reviews T-Mobile smartphones AT&T cellphone plans Cheap calling plan Verizon smartphones
    13. 13. Closing Remarks • Estimated 1.2 Billion searches related to consumer electronics/year** • 93% of all buyers, online or in-store, use search*** • In 2011, more than $1.1 Trillion in retail sales were attributed to “web-influenced” purchases*** • In 2015, Americans will spend $1.8 billion on mobile devices**BBDO, Proximity & Microsoft’s Meet the Screen, 2010**comScore, December 2011***GroupM Search & Kantar Media Compete, October 2011