adtech SF 2012 Online video case studies by Mitchell Reichgut


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adtech SF 2012 Online video case studies by Mitchell Reichgut

  1. 1. Aunt JemimaFrozen BreakfastHow Social Video Brought AnUnderdog Brand To Life
  2. 2. Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast faced some serious challenges• Minor brand, licensed from Quaker• Limited awareness and recognition• Small marketshare (regional product distribution – only stores east of the Mississippi)• Limited budgets
  3. 3. The brand sat down and considered the situation• Outspent and outflanked by a formidable competitor (Eggo)• Few points of differentiation• Limited resources• Limited time
  4. 4. They came to some difficult conclusions• Could not compete with Eggo on their terms• Budget did not exist for a full-fledged traditional ad campaign• The product itself was not special, and there was nothing to differentiate it• Some major changes would have to be made
  5. 5. A decision was made to fundamentally change the product• Connect with the people that made the product every day at the plant• Strip out all artificial ingredients• Create a more wholesome, honest product to which people would naturally respond
  6. 6. Consumers gave us a nugget of insight that couldn’t be ignoredOnce people SAW how the products were actually made –with real ingredients, by real people and flipped on ahot gribble just like the pancakes mom makes at home– they had a higher intent to purchase. It was an AH HA! Moment.
  7. 7. Our approach was equally bold and unorthodox The program we envisioned would have: NO NO NO NO NO NOscript actors sets copywriter art creative director agency
  8. 8. “Live from the Line” would be a genuine, heartfelt message from the people who made Aunt Jemima Frozen Breakfast every day• Shot on location at the Tennessee plant• A competition to select workers to become the face of the brand• Jun Group was brought onboard to develop the content and the distribution strategy
  9. 9. We worked with Weber Shandwick and the brand to create a series of original videos• Varying lengths from :30s – 1:20• All featuring the selected plant workers• Shot with the “Obama Girl” director and crew
  10. 10. Optimedia was put in charge of the overall digital campaignTheir program featured:• Pre-roll• Display• Editorial placements
  11. 11. Given the limited budget, the social component was at the heart of the program• Deliver a large number of opt-in views• Specifically target moms west of the Mississippi• Generate sharing, Facebook visits, and other earned- media• Track everything in real-time and optimize on the fly
  12. 12. The challenges• Generate millions of opt-in views of long-form content• Target moms (with an African-American skew)• Place the videos in brand- safe, relevant environments• Limit the scope to certain areas of the country
  13. 13. The solutionPlacements in leading social games, such as Mall World, ItGirl, and Happy Aquarium.• 53% of Facebook users login specifically to play social games• Over 290MM people regularly play social games (19% say they are “addicted”)• 88% of mothers say they are most likely to use social media to engage with brands in categories of food and recipes.• 55% of people playing social games are women.• The “death of daytime television” is due in large part to social gaming on social media sites such as Facebook, with middle aged women being the primary user.
  14. 14. The social exchange model Americans are expected to spend over $2.1 billion this year on virtual goods. Spending on virtual goods has increased 245% since 2007. Total global spending on virtual goods isestimated to be more than $7.3 billion.
  15. 15. Reaching consumers on their terms
  16. 16. Providing the tools for earned media
  17. 17. We also distributed the AuntJemima videos on mobile devices Videos play full screen “Brand in the hand” at key moments Interactive player promotes social activity
  18. 18. The campaign was a resounding success 238,000 Facebook likes10.4MMvideo views 138MM media impressions 100% positive/neutral earned messaging
  19. 19. Some additional insights about the social portion of the program• 99% of users completed the video• 77% of the audience was female• 83% of total users were 25+
  20. 20. Thank you! Adam Keats Mitchell Reichgut