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What does a DATA driven organisation look like?


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wednesday, march 9, 5:00pm - 5:45pm

What Does A Data Driven Organisation Really Look Like?
Campaigns can begin with a big creative idea, a key message, a manifesto to use a new channel. Sometimes the starting point can be to use one of the organisation’s most powerful resources: its data. In the Information Age the quantity, quality and capability of your data can be a significant differentiator. If you know how.
How does the paid, owned, earned, borrowed environment change your campaign objectives and capabilities?
What data sources can make a difference? How can you create original campaigns and generate original activity through your inventive use of the data and insights that you have available?
What is current best practice to resource data and analytics management?
What are the advantages / disadvantages of separating strategy and execution?
What are the advantages / disadvantages of outsourcing data management?
Who is best placed to ‘lead’ data management: client marketer, client IT, agency, providers?
How can budget be more strategically managed: before, during, after the campaign?
What insights are you actually trying to drive through your data strategy and management?
What is the value of non traditional ROI – what can your data and analysis teach you about your campaign, brand and consumers?
Reviewing examples of data success
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What does a DATA driven organisation look like?

  1. 1. Left Brain Functions Right Brain Functionsuses logic uses feelingdetail oriented “big picture” orientedfacts rule imagination ruleswords and language symbols and imagespresent and past present and futuremaths and science philosophy & religioncan comprehend can “get it” (i.e. meaning)knowing believesacknowledges appreciatesorder/pattern perception spatial perceptionknows object name knows object functionreality based fantasy basedforms strategies presents possibilitiespractical impetuoussafe risk taking
  2. 2. Marketing Data Sales Data +
  3. 3. 1. Get Executive Sponsorship2. Align implementation with Business Objectives3. Invest in Staff/Training & Tools (90/10)4. Establish and Maintain Corporate Standards5. Deliver Quick Wins6. Validate the Data7. Hold People Accountable (KPIs)
  4. 4. Media agencies in a privileged position Client Own Media Media Investment Agency Owner Technology Provider
  5. 5. Current situationPlanning Buying Analytics Majority of data sources not integrated
  6. 6. A data-driven outlookBenefits:View across Paid, Owned, EarnedCosts and results for entire campaign in one placeReal time data analysis = real time optimisation
  7. 7. ON-THE-GO WORK HOME Commute Sit Forward/Task Oriented Sit back Personalised “Lunch time, Prime Time” Entertainment Focus Time Critical Free content model Catch Up
  8. 8. 8m Unique Records