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Twitter vodafone


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Twitter vodafone

  1. 1. Twitter and the evolution of #social to the centre of the digital eco-system Aliza Knox, Managing Director of Online Sales, APAC Twitter, Inc. @alizaknox Alice Smith, Social Media Campaign Manager, Vodafone Australia. @alicesinwonders
  2. 2. Twitter brings you closer...
  3. 3. @TwitterAds | Confidential 5 Adidas @Adidas What happened when David Beckham surprised fans in our UK #takethestage photobooth? goOgSpzYe6I Tweets Adidas #TakeTheStage Photo booth
  4. 4. @TwitterAds | Confidential 6
  5. 5. London helicopter crash 16 Jan 2013 London helicopter crash 16 Jan 2013
  6. 6. 8:03 AM Aaron James Rodgers @bottle_bohemia ` 248 RETWEETS 16 FAVORITES Just witness an horrific crash! Helicopter hit a crane, spiralled into the ground!
  7. 7. Quin @QuinMurray Helicopter just hit a crane and crashed a few metres in front of me in vauxhall. Completely shaken. 2,379 RETWEETS 100 FAVORITES 8:05 AM
  8. 8. BBC Radio 5 live @bbc5live BREAKING: Reports a helicopter has crashed at South Bank in London. Live: 8:13 AM 129 RETWEETS 2 FAVORITES
  9. 9. Craig Jenner @craiglet Helicopter just hit our building in vauxhall 2,563 RETWEETS 116 FAVORITES 8:15 AM
  10. 10. BBC Breaking News @BBCBreaking #Helicopter crashes during morning rush hour near #Vauxhall station in south London, witnesses report - no official confirmation 8:17 AM 1,441 RETWEETS 19 FAVORITES
  11. 11. Twitter users are GLOBAL 31% North America 16% South America 25% Asia 1% 20% Europe 5% Africa AU 5% Middle East
  12. 12. 200Mactive users
  13. 13. Now: Every 2.5 days Then: 3 years, 2 months, 1 day 1 Billion Tweets
  14. 14. Issues with products or service Requests about the company Customer service interactions Sales leads 70% 66% 60% 42% When you listen, you find
  15. 15. Rupak Saluja @roopaksaluja Breakfast Pre-PPM at @fsmumbai. Featuring croissants & Bircher Muesli. Four Seasons Mumbai @FSMumbai @roopaksaluja Enjoy your breakfast. Happy Sunday! : )
  16. 16. Rupak Saluja @roopaksaluja @FSMumbai thx. Must complain about the service though. As a regular, I find breakfast service to be below par & below global FS standards. Four Seasons Mumbai @FSMumbai @roopaksaluja Thanks for the feedback. We will address it with our team. Rupak Saluja @roopaksaluja @FSMumbai Thx for the prompt action. Rashmi came to my table to get feedback. Stuff gets easily forgiven when attended to like that.
  17. 17. build brand engagement increase purchases
  18. 18. build brand engagement increase purchases
  19. 19. Promoted
  20. 20. Promoted Tweet Promoted Trend Promoted Account
  21. 21. 10xnumber of downloads compared to other mobile advertising channels 5.6 Peak engagement rate 300%increase in followers
  22. 22. Drive in-tweet interaction with cards Preview content, integrate media and deep-link to sites and downloads within a Tweet Media Image: photos Player: audio/video/livestream Product Product summary with link to website App Mobile app card with the app download feature Summary In-Tweet article summary with link to website
  23. 23. introducing Vine Sign in with Twitter Sign in with Email
  24. 24. Samsung #GalaxyVine Samsung Mobile US @SamsungMobileUS There’s a first Vine on every phone. Galaxy owners, start your index fingers. #GalaxyVine Promoted by Samsung Mobile US
  25. 25. Twitter, Inc. | Confidential Source: Compete US 2012; Source: BlueFin Study 2012 THE SOURCE TWITTER DRIVES THE ONLINE TV CONVERSATION 50% Of Twitter users access Twitter while watching TV 95% Of the public conversation around TV is taking place on Twitter 33
  26. 26. One can move the world with 140 characters.
  27. 27. villainVodafone’s journey from villain to hero Vodafone Australia, July 2013 Changing the brand one conversation at a time via Twitter
  28. 28. How does Twitter help us to be heroes? AvailabilityWe are where our customers want us to and expect us to be EngagementTwo-way conversations and a listening tool to form business decisions BrandThe voice of our human network
  29. 29. Using Twitter for Care AccessibilityQuick fire responses from @VodafoneAU_Help Risk managementBeing resolution focused, timely and honest ResolutionsFast and in the channel chosen by the customer (Twitter)
  30. 30. Using Twitter for Brand Products & Services Brand Voice Marketing Campaigns • • •
  31. 31. Gaga = social royalty All Time Vodafone prepaid to leverage the Gaga mania in the social space Content long-tail • • • #AllTimeGagaLive
  32. 32. 1st Aussie brand to book promoted tweets
  33. 33. Second screen interactions Impressions Clicks
  34. 34. #TheVoiceAU
  35. 35. #TheVoiceAU
  36. 36. Results 6.2Mimpressions 746retweets 12.4%engagement rate in search 34%positive brand sentiment
  37. 37. #TeamVodafone
  38. 38. Interest targeting
  39. 39. Results 34,500engagements 2300unique brand mentions 15.4%peak engagement rate 36%positive brand sentiment
  40. 40. Give Vodafone customers and cricket lovers a means to access their passion; anywhere, anytime. Cricket
  41. 41. Cricket
  42. 42. Results 1.3Mapp downloads 2.5Mpromoted tweet impressions 6000app download leads via Twitter
  43. 43. Real time: One-to-one marketing
  44. 44. #MaddensHW 80retweets 368mentions 303uses of #MaddensHW 27,162reach 18live tweets real time responding and retweeting
  45. 45. 167$ men(ons$at$ 9pm.$Trends$ stayed$the$ same$ Conversa)on*peaked*at* 8pm*with*417*men)ons.* Trends:*Re;twee)ng*Joel* Madden’s*‘Stuck*in*the* basement’*Tweet;* conversa)on*around*the* party*and*enjoyment.* #MaddensHW
  46. 46. Generating positive word of mouth Team Joel Madden | @Team_JoelMadden | 6,537 Followers |Tweet
  47. 47. Where to now? Restore trust and confidence Amplify the voice of our advocates We’re still on our way to being a hero - Twitter is a key part of our brand recovery arsenal • • •