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Mobile embrace mindshare_boehringeringelheim_fresh_thinking_innovative_solutions


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Mobile embrace mindshare_boehringeringelheim_fresh_thinking_innovative_solutions

  1. 1. Bisolvon Case Study July 2013
  2. 2. Speakers: A View From Every Angle Peter Birch Managing Director Mobile Embrace Ciarán Norris Chief Digital Officer Mindshare Sally Binfield Senior Brand Manager Consumer Health Boehringer Ingelheim
  3. 3. A View from Mobile Embrace:Mobile First • We see mobile as the holy grail for marketers: Digital device with near 100% penetration (60% smart-phone) More than just a stand alone medium Highly complementary to other media: TV, Print, Outdoor and Radio Mobile empowers traditional mediums, increasing effectiveness by: Delivering more information Allowing for a deeper brand dialogue Eliciting a response Reach 100% of consumer base 24/7
  4. 4. Mobile First Better targeting + richer creative for brands + better reporting = increased mobile credibility • Need to deliver great user experience & also mobile native functionality - e.g. find your nearest store and click to call • Advertisers largely understand need for mobile optimised experience • But, many marketers bolting mobile as add-on once everything else executed • Despite capabilities , mobile not used to drive campaigns as 1st screen, housing complete comms message • Mobile mostly being viewed in isolation – relegated as stand-alone medium
  5. 5. A View from Mobile Embrace: Mobile First • Mobile adds interactivity to traditional media – i.e text mechanic added to TVC or print ad or a customised QR code on pack • Easy , cost effective and instant : A device that everyone owns and knows how to use • ‘Mobile 1st’ should be a serious consideration from the outset and not as an after- thought viewed in isolation 3 Rules; 1) Optimise mobile experience 2) Leverage traditional media 3) Exploit mobile’s unique benefits
  6. 6. Executive Summary Campaign Brief: Mobile Embrace to build and execute interactive mobile campaign for Bisolvon’s 2012 campaign Campaign Objectives: 1. High reach and frequency whilst maintaining cost effectiveness 2. Direct consumers to a digital hub where they can enter the bespoke competition 3. Provide mobile traffic in relevant environments 4. Promote Bisolvon during the Winter cold & flu season Campaign Details: We ran traffic across our targeted premium publisher network and channels : Recognised, targeted, safe and the right target audience Interactive mobile creative drove viewers to digital hub which was all mobile optimized We also proposed messaging solution to drive engagement
  7. 7. Campaign Brief:Bisolvon • Pharmacy only medicine, #1 brand Chesty Cough • People suffer in winter but want to get on with their lives. • Most recommended brand by Pharmacists, yet consumer awareness relatively low • Competition set to increase significantly • Purchase path changing , more self selection • Defend position in category, grow sales / market share: To 21.5% from 20.4% • Grow awareness 8% - 9% unaided / 38%- 42% aided Always read the label. Use only as directed.If symptoms persist, see your healthcare professional
  8. 8. Identifying the Marketing Challenge POE Plan, POE Exchange POE Implementation Measure and Learn Co-created brief / Job to be done Situation Analysis POE Plan Consumer Understanding Ambition, Barrier, Challenge Media Strategy Consumer Definition POE Exchange POE Delivery Measure & Learn Project Share Strategic Direction Brand / Cultural Dynamic DIAS Role of Channels Original Thinking Framework: Bisolvon
  9. 9. otf
  10. 10. Insight: Bisolvon
  11. 11. Easy, Engaging, Informative: Bisolvon
  12. 12. User Experience: Bisolvon User sees the promo on Facebook, the mobile banner advertising or the transit advertising CTA to text in “Cough” or “Mucus” to 194 888 Upon receiving a “Bisolvon” branded message with link to m- site, user can personalise their own get well card or choose from pre-existing messages The delivery method of SMS, email or Facebook is then picked and the user fill in theirs and the recipient’s details User sends the card, and automatically entered into the comp if leaving the check box ticked – ensuring users’ details captured to contact them if they win a prize, measure responsiveness to the promotion and map out when people have engaged with the brand
  13. 13. Bisolvon
  14. 14. Results:Bisolvon Dwell time(s), impressions, competition entries, social media numbers and clicks all helped deliver insight Market share = 22.6% (IMS, cough category, Dec 2012) Bisolvon achieved highest sales growth Awareness unaided =10%, aided = 55% Mobile Awards 2012 winner
  15. 15. Get buy in from Senior Management:Bisolvon • Demonstrate challenges faced by the brand and the need to achieve overall objectives • Be aware of the target audience and their behaviour to determine best strategy for brand interaction • Acknowledge what is working – keep doing that – and look at how that can be optimised/built on with other activities. These could relate to in-store activities just as much as digital • Know your regulatory framework well (i.e. ad guidelines) and assess risk, ensuring everyone on ‘team’ does - particular externally. Be proactive with colleagues (regulatory team) and gain their support early on by taking the time to explain the project and sharing information • Be transparent - agree that it is a ‘test’/ no one is an ‘expert’ and embrace opportunity for engagement. Budget should reflect this and ensure you complete post activity review and recommendations • Help create environment that considers new ideas and help other team members ‘stay in touch’ by sharing articles / case studies
  16. 16. Bisolvon Case Study July 2013