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ADSPACE_Tools and Technologies — Andrew Silverman


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ADSPACE_Tools and Technologies — Andrew Silverman

  1. 1. Google AdWords Conversion Optimizer: Multi-dimensional Bid Management PANELIST: Andrew Silverman, Product Manager, Google
  2. 2. Conversion Optimizer Interesting Facts • Multi-dimensional Bid Management tool which can improve your campaign’s performance and make it easier to manage to your CPA goals • Campaigns adopting CO achieve a 21% average increase in conversions and 14% average decrease in CPA • No additional charge for AdWords advertisers • Works on both content and search • Available to campaigns using AdWords Conversion tracking which have received 30 conversions in the past 30 days Optimizes your placement in each Gets you as many Gets you more ad auction to profitable clicks conversions at avoid unprofitable as possible lower costs clicks 2
  3. 3. Simple vs. Multi-dimensional Bid Management Multi-dimensional Bid Management Simple Bid Management • Varies bids by keyword (only) • Considers many other factors that indicate the value of a click • No other factors taken into (Examples: user location, match account quality, user query, content site, • Examples: manual bid etc.) management, 3rd party bid • Optimizes performance in real management time based on the specific characteristics of each auction • Opportunity to achieve much better performance Google Conversion Optimizer 3
  4. 4. How Simple Bid Management works I sell customized surfboards online. How much should I bid on my keywords surfboard and ocean sports? Keyword: surfboard (broad-match) Keyword: ocean sports (broad-match) Keyword results Keyword results conversions clicks “good” keyword “bad” keyword high conversion lower conversion rates rates With Simple Bid Management, surfboard is identified as a “good” keyword and ocean sports as a “bad” keyword. Ocean sports will have lower bids and most of those clicks will disappear. 4
  5. 5. How Multi-dimensional Bid Management is more effective Looking deeper than just at the keyword level, there are fine-grained pockets of good and bad performance Keyword: surfboard (broad-match) Keyword: ocean sports (broad-match) Keyword results Keyword results conversions clicks Refinement: I don’t ship Refinement: on certain AdSense internationally, so international for Search partner sites, these clicks unlikely to convert. clicks convert very well. In Multi-dimensional Bid Management, the good parts of both keywords are taken, therefore: many unprofitable clicks are 5 eliminated and less opportunity is missed.
  6. 6. Conversion Optimizer knows: keyword is not the only predictor of conversion rate Conversion Optimizer considers many other auction factors in optimization, including • Broad vs. exact match Search targeting • Particular broad-match query • Search partner site • Content site “topic” Factors Content targeting • Match quality between ad and content unavailable to simple bid • Actual content site management • User location • Browser User attributes • Operating system • Language setting 6
  7. 7. 10 Important things to know about Conversion Optimizer It’s easy to try, so try it out. If you choose The Max CPA bid is similar to the Max 1 CPC bid – the most you want to pay for to turn off the Conversion Optimizer, your 6 a conversion campaign will revert to the previous CPC bids you were using. Although you are bidding with a CPA, with the Conversion Optimizer you still pay 2 Use the Conversion Optimizer with per click. It is like being charged a little existing campaigns. The longer a 7 piece of your CPA for each click campaign has used conversion tracking, the more data the Conversion Optimizer A Max CPA is not an average or target. Your average CPA will usually be less than has available. your bid. (Just as if you bid a Max CPC 3 Change your Max CPA as often as you and your average CPC is less than this, like. If you’d like more conversions, raise 8 you might bid a Max CPA and get an your bid. If you’d like a lower average average CPA below this.) CPA, lower your bid. You should start with the recommended Your average depends on factors outside bid presented when you first turn on 4 Google's control, so your actual CPA 9 Conversion Optimizer. Raise and lower may sometimes exceed the maximum your bid once you have some data to CPA you specify optimize your performance. Experiment and find out what works best 10 You can set a different Max CPA bid for 5 for you! each ad group 7
  8. 8. Resources Conversion Optimizer website Features: • Conversion Optimizer Video • Conversion Optimizer Guide • Product FAQs • Success stories 8