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4 s newsmarch12


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4 s newsmarch12

  1. 1. March, 2012 Issue No. 3 The Bonsai Circus Sunday, March 25, 2:00 p.m. Meet in the greenhouse at Telly’s, Troy, 1:45 p.m. - Meeting setup and socializing 2:05 p.m. - Club business and announcements 2:20 p.m. - PresentationsThe bonsai circus is one of our most popular club events becausethere’s always something for everyone. Beginners find plenty ofinformation on the basics of bonsai, while long-time club memberscan find unique subjects of interest too. Several presenters willeach give mini-demonstrations on a variety of topics - all President’s Messagesimultaneously! March madness is all around us and the anticipation of spring hasMembers and guests can jump from one presentation to the next to arrived! Im confident we allcatch everything, or stick with one or two for a really in- depth have accumulated some creativelesson. See the topics that interest you most. Ask the questions ideas for this year. With that said, Iyou’ve always wanted to ask one-on-one. It truly is a circus! Just am delighted to announce our nextlike last month, well be meeting in the greenhouse, so even if the event, the 4sbc 3-ring circus. The 3-weather is cold outside, inside itll be warm and (hopefully) sunny. ring circus has always consisted of fresh concrete methods. TopicsAs of newsletter press-time, the following presenters and topics range from choosing the rightwere confirmed: nursery stock, soil choices, insect control, wiring branches, air Guy Vitale: Styling & air layering a Chinese elm. layering, thread grafting, Forrest Michael Corbeille: Wiring your bonsai and an introduction grouping, jin, Phoenix graft, tree to tools. styling, marriage of the correct pot to tree and last min prep before the John Stevens: Bonsai soils. show. Think there is nothing more(Well have more presenters at the meeting, but thats all we could you can learn? Come to the circusconfirm by newsletter time. Expect more on the topics of repotting, and show your enthusiasm for thestyling and possibly fertilizers and pest control.) art of Bonsai. Thank you.One last note: feel free to bring your bonsai in for expert help and Presidentadvice. Any styling, wiring, repotting, etc. questions are welcome. Lamont Jackson 1
  2. 2. New Interactive USDA Hardiness MapJust a quick note to let our members know that the USDA has revampedtheir hardiness zone map. Were still zone 6a here in Oakland county, sono change there, (6b if you live closer to Lake St. Clair, the Detroit river orLake Erie), but the map itself is much nicer now. Check it out at: Vance Hanna during last months meeting. A Special Announcement from Jack Wikle Thank you for a great presentation, Vance! Looking back at more than 45 years of pleasure and Photo by John Stevens. personal satisfaction in "growing" bonsai, and with my 80th birthday rapidly approaching (July 2012), my wife, Jeannine, and I have decided it is time to pass on the bulk of my outdoor bonsai collection (some 90 trees or groups of trees in bonsai pots) before changes in our health or other circumstances make this transition more difficult. After having these bonsai independently appraised, they will be available for sale at 40% off from the appraised values until Labor Day, 2012. Our plan is to host the last of our Wikle Bonsai Open Houses, open to everyone, Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day Weekend. Until that time, we will continue to welcome visitation by appointment. If you would like to come and see us and the bonsai in Tecumseh, Michigan, call us at 517-423-7893. Bonsai unsold by Labor Day will be donated to Hidden Lake Gardens, Matthaei Botanical Gardens and Frederik Meijer Gardens. Jack Wikle Volunteers needed for the Annual Bonsai ShowContact Mr. President @ (586) 646-3888 orsign up at the next club meeting. 2
  3. 3. SUPPORT OUR LOCAL BONSAI VENDORS WHAT’S AHEAD ON THE SCHEDULE FOR 2012 April 29 ....... Focus on Advanced Techniques. 3 demonstrators will show must-see techniques used by bonsai experts. Beginners can learn a lot from these techniques too. May 20* ...... Mentor Workshop. A BYO (bring-your-own) tree workshop where beginners are paired up with more experienced members. June 23-24 . ANNUAL SHOW. Our once-a-year, not-to-be- missed event! Featuring the spectacular bonsai exhibit, raffles, as well as bonsai, tools, pots and supplies for sale. July 29 ........ Workshop. This workshop is meant to be relatively inexpensive and welcoming for all our new members that joined at the annual show. Experienced members are welcome too.Club members get 10% discount on bonsai items. Aug. 26 ....... Bonsai Auction and Pot Luck Lunch. A great opportunity to acquire everything from high- quality bonsai to low-cost bonsai stock plants, pots and tools. Sept. 30 ...... Focus on Beginning Techniques. 3 demonstra- tors will show must-see techniques for bonsai beginners. For experi- enced members, treat this as a BYO (bring-your-own) workshop. Club members get 10% discount on regularly priced bonsai. Oct. 28........Pine Presentation with Paul Kulesa from the Ann Arbor Bonsai Society. Thank you, S+R EVENT RENTAL Nov. 18* ...... Winter Protection. You’ll learn how to protect your S+R Event Rental “FOR ALL OUTDOOR OCCASIONS” outdoor bonsai over the for all your help HARRISON TWP. winter and have them looking good and ready with the club’s Toll Free #: 800-230-7706 for success in the spring. annual shows! *Not held on the last Sunday of the month.
  4. 4. OFFICERS, COMMITTEE CHAIRS DIRECTIONS TO OUR MEETINGS& BOARD OF DIRECTORS Our meetings are usually held at Telly’s Greenhouse at 3301 John R Troy, MIPresident ................ Lamont Jackson 48083-5656, between Big Beaver and Wattles. Nursery phone: 248-689- (586) 646-3888 8735, Nursery website: Guests are welcome at meetings. Meetings usually take place on the last Sunday of the month at 2:00 p.m.Vice-President ........ Michael Corbeille Some events are held off-site. Always consult the newsletter issued just before a meeting for exact date, time and location.Secretary ................ John Stevens, (248) 544-3112 E. Wattles Rd. 17 Mile Rd.Treasurer ................ Janine Makowski (248) 585-6074 Rochester Rd. TELLY’S NURSERYNewsletter .............. Kristy Lowell, (248) 670-6712 3301 John R Road kristy_lowell@comcast.netShow Chair ............. T.B.D. Big Beaver Rd. Metro Pkwy.Website .................. Todd Renshaw, (see below) John R Rd. Dequindre Rd. Exit 67Director, 3-Yr. Term ... Bette Gay, (248) 515-1732 Ste . Rd ph en sterDirector, 2-Yr. Term ... Todd Renshaw, (248) 585-9916 so Roche nH wy E. Maple Rd. 15 Mile Rd. .Director, 1-Yr. Term ... Jimmy Whiteley (248) 608-2478 jimantique@aol.comDirector, 1-Yr. Term ... Guy Vitale, (734) 558-2024 VISIT THE CLUB WEBSITE AT WWW.FOURSEASONSBONSAI.COM Four Seasons Bonsai Club Place 913 Hendrickson Stamp Clawson, MI 48017 Here