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NANM, Inc. - Georgia Laster Branch


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The National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc. is an organization supported by people of cultural ideals and music groups of high standards.  All care deeply for the fine art of music and for musical culture throughout the country. They lend their gifts of music to people of all ages, races and creeds who come together to participate in the total experience of music.

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NANM, Inc. - Georgia Laster Branch

  1. 1. NANM, Inc. Georgia Laster Branch Dedicated to the Advancement of African American Music and Musicians
  2. 2. What is NANM, Inc? The National Association of Negro Musicians, Inc. is an organization supported by people of cultural ideals and music groups of high standards. All care deeply for the fine art of music and for musical culture throughout the country. They lend their gifts of music to people of all ages, races and creeds who come together to participate in the total experience of music.
  3. 3. Our Mission NANM promotes, preserves, and supports all genres of music created or performed by African Americans.
  4. 4. Our History • The National Association of Negro Musicians was organized May 3, 1919 in Washington D.C. for the purpose of stimulating public interest and support in the work of Negro instrumentalists, singers, and composers who were experiencing great difficulty in receiving proper recognition in the concert field. • Since its inception, NANM has been a source of support, encouragement and often a launching pad for the dreams of many talented young artists. Many NANM scholars have earned world-wide respect and have made significant contributions to our culture and music history.
  5. 5. The Georgia Laster Branch Our branch was formed in Los Angeles in 1961 as a result of the leadership of Dr. Albert McNeil, a prominent teacher and choral director. He had attended a NANM convention and was so impressed that he decided to start a chapter in Los Angeles. When the singer Georgia Laster was killed in an auto accident in 1961, the new branch was named in her honor with Florence Brantley as the first president. Georgia Laster Florence Brantley
  6. 6. Goals and Objectives Our branch (GLB, NANM., Inc.) works toward the fulfillment of NANM's mission by providing financial support and opportunities to perform for young musicians between the ages of 10 and 18 by • providing scholarships for talented students between the ages of 13 and 18 years of age. • sponsoring quality concerts that showcase outstanding talent. • providing opportunities to perform and participate in professional development--master classes, and workshops--that allow adults, youths, and juniors associated with the branch to experience continual growth in music.
  7. 7. GLB Members Past & Present GLB Members meeting at Congregational Church of Christian Fellowship circa 1960’s.
  8. 8. GLB Members Past & Present
  9. 9. A Few of Our Members
  10. 10. Symphonic Chorale The Chorale, organized and directed by Dorothy Hayes, is composed of GLB members and talented friends who sing with other choral groups.
  11. 11. Annual Spirituals Program Each February, during black history month, the branch produces a program that displays the talents of vocalists, choral groups, orators, dancers, and instrumentalists. Information about other genres that have evolved during the past 150 years is also presented.
  12. 12. Annual Memorial Program Each November, the Branch memorializes deceased members, or former national officers, and musicians of national and international repute. This service also allows individuals to remember deceased family, friends, teachers, and loved ones by listing their names in the memorial program.
  13. 13. Annual Scholarship Program Marian Anderson William Warfield Internationally acclaimed opera singer, Marian Anderson, received NANM’s first annual scholarship award in 1919. Her legacy is one that continues to Jessye Norman inspire many. Other notable recipients were Margaret Bond, William Warfield, Grace Bumbry, George Shirley, Robert McFerrin Jessye Norman, Martina Arroyo Joseph Joubert, to name a few. Grace Bumbry
  14. 14. Our Local Scholarship Program We are passionate about the work we do. Over the last 51 years, the Georgia Laster Branch of NANM has provided financial support and opportunities to perform to hundreds of students in Southern California. Our annual competitions are held in May each year. The scholarship committee is led by Dorothy Jackson-Hayes and Gloria Lindsay. Mrs. Hayes and Annelle Gregory, 2013 winner. Mrs. Hayes and Mrs. Lindsay with scholarship participants.
  15. 15. GLB Scholarship Winners Past and Present
  16. 16. Quotes from Scholarship Winners Sarah Johnson, Flutist said • “NANM Georgia Laster provided me with scholarship funds to aid my musical studies. At the age of 22, I have earned a BA in Music Business and Management and a Masters Degree in Flute Performance. More importantly, NANM, Georgia Laster Organization has created a safe and supportive community for many young musicians and continues to do so.” • Sarah graduated from the Berklee College of Music in May, 2010, with a Bachelors Degree in Music Business and Management, where she received a full four-year scholarship.
  17. 17. Saxophonist Keeland Bowers Said “Georgia Laster, NANM has helped me largely in the ways of preparing myself for my future years of college. Georgia Laster, NANM has helped me build a college fund, prepare myself for future competitions and learn how to handle myself respectively in front of an audience. Thank You for your amazing support.” Keeland Bowers, 2012 First Place Winner
  18. 18. Cellist, Nailah Conner Said “The Georgia Laster Branch of NANM has helped me in so many ways. Not only did they provide a platform for me to perform, but the funds that I won from competitions greatly helped me to attend different music programs including the Meadowmount School of Music in New York. Furthermore, NANM provided an environment in which I could see and learn from other talented and dedicated performers- each time inspiring me and pushing me even more to be better the following year.” Nailah Conner
  19. 19. Violinist, Annelle Gregory Said “I’m overwhelmed by the support and kindness of the Georgia Laster Branch of NANM. Because of NANM’s generous scholarship fund, I am able to attend an international music festival in Germany this summer where I will be a soloist and concertmaster of the festival orchestra. I’m so proud and honored to be associated with GLB, NANM.” Annelle Gregory
  20. 20. Opera Singer, Ashley Faatoalia Said “The Georgia Laster branch of the NANM Organization has long been a source of support, encouragement, and love for me as a young artist. In my early years of training, I received scholarship money which helped defray the costs of my college education. As a young professional, I have been mentored and guided by the members of this fine organization. Most importantly, I must stress the love and nurturing I continue to receive as a part of the Georgia Laster family; this is the greatest gift of all for a young musician!” Ashley Faatoalia
  21. 21. Pianist, Jordan Daniels, Said “The NANM Georgia Laster Organization has helped me tremendously in my endeavors as a musician. It has given me the confidence to share my talents with the community and has let me know that there is still hope out there for the arts. The aid that I received from NANM is much appreciated, and cannot be taken for granted, as some young musicians are discouraged from having a career in music, due to the lack of funds and support. Thank you so much for all the support and guidance you have given me.” Jordan Daniels
  22. 22. We invite you to join us. Anyone who is musician, a lover of music, understands the importance of music in our lives and the importance of providing excellent music instruction to our children is welcome to become member of the Georgia Laster Branch of NANM. Inc. You will also become a member of the national organization. Branch members give their time and financial support for our programs. They also serve as officers, chairs of committees, performers on programs, music teachers and managers of the branch's business.
  23. 23. Presentation Credits Designed & written by Henrietta Fortson Recorded Music Darryl Taylor