Heelprint 2.0


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Keynote presentation unveiling Heelprint Communications 2.0 - UNC's premier student-run creative communications agency.

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Heelprint 2.0

  1. 1. version 2.0
  2. 2. flight plan1. who we are2. what we came from3. where we are4. where we’re going5. wrap up
  3. 3. who we are
  4. 4. who we areadam schifter, ceo fitch carrere, cootempe, az goldsboro, ncpublic relations major public relations majorspanish, music minor entrepreneurship, inls minor
  5. 5. we are a student-run creativecommunications agency.
  6. 6. We’re2.
  7. 7. We’re 2.(so it’s time to get serious)
  8. 8. what we came from
  9. 9. what we came from• founded in 2009 by students of the J-School• strategic communications agency• 65+ student staff organized by discipline Heelprint Communications 100% Passsion Driven
  10. 10. what we came from“Heelprint Communications is dedicated to providing studentsat UNC Chapel Hill with the unique opportunity to gain realworld public relations and advertising experience, while helpinglocal businesses and non-profit organizations with their strategiccommunication needs. We are an innovative, student-runagency that aims to challenge students’ creativity while helpingdevelop their communication skills through team-work andindividual exploration. We are passionate about our work, andwe are dedicated to making your heelprints stick. Let us helpyou. Create your heelprint.”
  11. 11. where we are
  12. 12. where we are• new brand• simpler mission• smaller staff• smarter structure
  13. 13. old brand Heelprint Communications 100% Passsion Driven
  14. 14. new brand
  15. 15. former mission“Heelprint Communications is dedicated to providingstudents at UNC Chapel Hill with the unique opportunity togain real world public relations and advertising experience,while helping local businesses and non-profit organizationswith their strategic communication needs. We are aninnovative, student-run agency that aims to challengestudents’ creativity while helping develop theircommunication skills through team-work and individualexploration. We are passionate about our work, and we arededicated to making your heelprints stick. Let us help you.Create your heelprint.” -mission statement october 2010
  16. 16. simpler missionHeelprint aspires to give students a dynamicoutlet to explore the fields of advertising,marketing and public relations while providingthem with invaluable hands-on experience.
  17. 17. smaller staff• formerly 65+ students• currently 16 strong• 8 guys / 8 girls• students from around the state and country
  18. 18. smarter structure• organized into multidisciplinary teams • the Big Spaceship model• 1 core team + 2 "mini-agencies"• "Never have a team bigger than can be fed with two pizzas." - michael lebowitz
  19. 19. our clients
  20. 20. our clients
  21. 21. our culture
  22. 22. guided by three principles 1. produce exceptional work 2. take care of each other 3. learn from everything we do ...the rest is up to you.
  23. 23. Embrace tinkering.
  24. 24. Promote sharing.
  25. 25. and when things don’t go right...
  26. 26. Respond quickly.
  27. 27. questions?
  28. 28. thanks!