Continuosly Kicking Ass


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  • Before we dive into tooling and actions around CI, let’s talk about what makes CI a necessity and what really makes it a key to success.\n
  • Individuals, individual contributors, leaders, organizers, community members, team members, managers and more. Without the individuals there is no reason for process and tools. There is a decisive priority here.\n
  • Continuous Delivery makes this dramatically easier than in the past, it provides an almost turn key solution to making sure teams have working software as often as possible.\n
  • But again, collaboration and communication are far more important. The single biggest advantage that CD has is it communicates to everyone what state the tools, and in turn the project, are in.\n
  • Being able to respond to change requires confidence, knowledge and awareness of where the project is. You must know where the product is, what you’re doing and what is done on the product. CI & D give us this ability to communicate this easily.\n
  • ...they are the root of destroying stress and keeping things moving for all involved in a reliable way. Testing provides confidence, pride in ones work, and removes that dreaded “why is it not working on my machine” issue.\n
  • ...are fundamental to knowledge sharing and continuous learning. A team needs to maintain learning of everything about themselves and their practices to their tools and implementations. Learn as much as often as well as possible. Never stop.\n
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  • I agree with my fellow feline friend here. We can indeed build a better mousetrap.\n
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  • Continuous Integration\n
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  • Deployment, don’t screw it up.\n
  • Even though there are tools out there that help get us a long way towards easier deployment we often still end up with...\n
  • ...a bunch of messy scripts. \n
  • Github + Huboard + TeamCity + ??\nGithub + Hubaord + Travis CI + Node.js PaaS Somewhere\n
  • Platforms are usually important, not that any of them hold a panacea for all, but they’re what we build everything on top of. Platforms are the keys to our kingdoms, ya know, if developers had a kingdom. It is often said, we’re the kingmakers now but I’ve still not seen a kingdom anywhere that is ours.\n
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  • Continuosly Kicking Ass

    1. 1. Continuously Kicking Ass
    2. 2. Continuous Delivery• Build, build and build more.• Integrating Always• Iterations bah. Maintain Speed!• The Tests Run
    3. 3. Continuous Delivery• Keep building...• Integration, Delivery, What?• Iterations are still ok...• Unit, Integration, Mess oh’ my...
    4. 4. PriorityHigher than tooling...
    5. 5. Priority• Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    6. 6. Priority• Working software over comprehensive documentation
    7. 7. Priority• Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    8. 8. Priority• Responding to change over following a plan
    9. 9. Priority• Tests...
    10. 10. Priority• Pairing & Communication...
    11. 11. PriorityNow let’s get back to practice & tools...
    12. 12. Builds
    13. 13. Builds
    14. 14. Builds
    15. 15. Builds
    16. 16. Builds
    17. 17. CI & Kanban LiveTools in Action
    18. 18. PaaS
    19. 19. HerokuEngineYardTier 3AzureAppFogAppHarborAWS (Sort of....)
    20. 20. PaaSOSS...Created by...Extended by...
    21. 21. Blog http://compositecode.comOSS http://ironfoundry.orgTwitter & App.Net @adron