Apps for Work & Life by Adrienne L. Strock


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Presentation handout for the 2012 AzLA Annual Conference on November 10, 2012

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Apps for Work & Life by Adrienne L. Strock

  1. 1. Apps for Work & Life presented by Adrienne Strock 2012 AzLA Annual Conference November 10, 2012Be aware that: Not all of these apps may work with older devices (dependent upon which version of the operating system you are running and whether or not you’ve updated it) The info may not be accurate due to constant changes in pricing and apps becoming temporarily or permanently unavailable The orange hyperlinks provide you with links to websites or app stores.What is an app?Short for application, an app is “typically a small specialized program downloaded onto mobile devices”source: Apps for Work = AFWAccess My LibraryThis location-based Gale app will find nearby libraries. You can view them on a map or in list form and point yourcustomer to other libraries in your area. There are also school and college versions of this app.COST: FreeAvailable for: Android and iOSEasyBibScan a barcode (not a library barcode) to get immediate citations for MLA, APA and Chicago style works cited/referencepages. This app has email capability, so you can you can email the list, cut, and paste it into your works cited page.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSMovies by Flixster (with Rotten Tomatoes)Use Flixster to: discover upcoming movie releases, see what’s playing in theaters nearby, view Rotten Tomato ratings, orlog into Netflix. Use the DVD tab to let customers know DVDs release dates: answer reference questions about releasedates or to encourage DVD holds through “coming soon” posters and flyers.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSHow to Make OrigamiUse this app to jazz up an origami program. The navigation provides an origami image and the number of steps. Click ona desired origami, navigate through the screen with the back and forward arrows, and watch the animated steps.COST: Free (with the opportunity to download more for free)AVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOS Apps for Work & Life 1 presented by Adrienne Strock November 10, 2012 2012 AzLA Annual Conference
  2. 2. LibrarianTracks (adjustable) noise levels and loudly shushes once preset noise level is exceeded. This is a great app to use for a“Silent Library” program ( The app goes from light gray (not activated) to green (live) to red(too loud).COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: iOSRedLaserThis easy to use price comparison app lets users know if a nearby library owns a desired item through WorldCatintegration. Simply select scan to scan the barcode, select the local listings, and scroll to the bottom. Please note that ifan owning library hasn’t updated its WorldCat holdings for the item yet, RedLaser will not know that the library has it.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOS (There are plenty of other apps that using WorldCat integration. Here are a few: winners or honor books using the year spinner.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: iOSYALSA’s Teen Book FinderTake this app with you to the YA stacks to search for all of the YALSA award winners and list makers.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: iOSBumpShare photos, contact info for yourself or others in your address book, and your social network accounts with others by“bumping” hands with each other (both bumpers must have the Bump app open and device in hand). You can nowbump with your computer by tapping your phone onto your spacebar (visit FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSCardMunch (powered by LinkedIn)Capture business card information through photos and add it to your contacts. It also will sync to LinkedIn profiles. Musthave a LinkedIn account to use this app.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: iOS (There are plenty of non-LinkedIn alternatives. In fact, Mashable recently posted about 5 recommended apps for digitizing business cards: LiteTake a picture of a document, photo, or whatever and quickly create a PDF document to save or share.COST: $6.99 (the Free lite version leaves large “watermark” on the PDF)AVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOS Apps for Work & Life 2 presented by Adrienne Strock November 10, 2012 2012 AzLA Annual Conference
  3. 3. Evernote SkitchEdit screenshots and images with arrows, text, highlights, etc. Use them in presentations, email, trainings, and more.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSCloudOnView, create, and edit MS Office products. View various file types (PDF, JPG, GIF, etc.). Also offers Dropbox integrationfor easy access and sharing of files. Best of all, it’s free!COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSDropboxShare files between devices (including your computer). Simply save a file into Dropbox and you will have access to itwherever the app’s installed. 10 Things You Didn’t Know Dropbox Could Do from Mashable: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOS Apps for Life = AFLCox Mobile ConnectSet your DVR via your phone, check out the guide channel, and manage your home phone.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSCox TV ConnectWatch live cable TV on your iPad.COST: FreeAvailable for: iOS (iPad)Gas BuddyFind the cheapest gas price near you. Report gas prices to earn rewards and prizes.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSRun Pee (Helping your bladder enjoy the movies as much as you do)Discover the best time to use the restroom during a movie so you don’t miss the good bits. Provides you with the besttime to go, how long you have to go, and a synopsis of what you missed. This app also tells you if there are any featuresafter the movie credits worth sticking around for.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSTake Me to My CarPin your current location on a map when you park your car so that you can find it later. Great for city parking, parking atlarge venues, or for general absentmindedness. Android users, try Find My Car Free.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: iOS Apps for Work & Life 3 presented by Adrienne Strock November 10, 2012 2012 AzLA Annual Conference
  4. 4. Happy HoursProvides you with a list of nearby restaurants and bars and includes their addresses, their locations on a map, what theirhappy hour deals are, and when happy hour ends. Filter your list of results or search for a deal by restaurant name.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSTaplister (discover craft beers)Search by beers and bars to discover which bars have your favorite craft beers or to find out what nearby bars have ontap and on the menu.COST: FreeAVAILABLE FOR: Android & iOSMobile RSSRead your Google Reader content through this app.COST: Free (ad-free pro version $2.99)AVAILABLE FOR: iOSAppDeals (for iPad) vs Apps FreeBoth will direct you to discounted apps that are either on sale or free. AppDeals Apps Free COST: Free COST: Free AVAILABLE FOR: iOS Available for: iOS Apps for Work & Life 4 presented by Adrienne Strock November 10, 2012 2012 AzLA Annual Conference