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Society and success


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Published in: Education, Career
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Society and success

  1. 1. Work Contributing toIndividual andSocietal Success Adrienne Ngo Sidharth Naik Chris Serra
  2. 2. Simple ConnectionSociety is directly connected to individualsIf individuals stop working, productivity goesdownProductivity decreasing means that societyregresses and success is not achieved
  3. 3. ProductivityIndividuals contribute to productivity whenthey work People create or obtain resources to sustain society All productivity accumulates to benefit individuals
  4. 4. Individuals and their WorkMany types: old, young, rich, poor,educated, uneducated, immigrant, natural-born
  5. 5. The Elderly
  6. 6. The Youth
  7. 7. The Evergreen
  8. 8. The Bourgeois
  9. 9. The Impoverished
  10. 10. The Educated
  11. 11. The Uneducated