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Chapter 18 Think! textbook. Slides adapted from Think!

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  • This question will stimulate discussion of the strategies and tactics used by advocacy groups.
  • CH_18 NPO, Ed, Health PR

    1. 1. Ch 18: NonprofitsAdrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    2. 2. What is a nonprofit [npo]?• A collection of entities that are organizations; private as opposed to governmental; non-profit distributing; self-governing; voluntary; and of public benefit• Often referred to as the third sector, independent sector, voluntary sector, philanthropic sector, social sector, tax-exempt sector, or the charitable sector.• NGO overseas [nongovernment organization] Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    3. 3. Climate Change in NPO’s• Government cutbacks• Competition• Demand• Diversity & cultural issues/initiatives• Credibility/Accountability/Transparency/Trust• Social problems• Technology Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    4. 4. The Role of PR• Serving public interest• Fostering good will• Tax exempt• Staff development• Volunteer recruiting• Fundraising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    5. 5. ABC’s of PR for Nonprofits• Acceptance• Build [audience]• Communication• Donations• Encouragement Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    6. 6. 3 Issues• Competition for donations• Partnership based on common interest• Conflict with different causes Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    7. 7. Why PR in Nonprofits?• Generate awareness• Enhance fundraising efforts• Survive a crisis• Change public policy Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    8. 8. Fundraising• A major public relations task• Motivations for giving – Why do people give? • These are potential strategies. Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    9. 9. Fundraising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    10. 10. Fundraising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    11. 11. Fundraising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    12. 12. eNonprofit Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    13. 13. eNonprofit Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    14. 14. Fundraising• Fundraising methods – Corporate and foundation donations – Structured capital campaign – Direct mail [direct email] – Event sponsorship – Volunteering [$ budget offset $21+ per hour] – Telephone solicitations – Online and social media – Text-to campaigns – Friend raising Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    15. 15. Membership Organizations• Professional Associations – Seek mutual benefit – Examples • Royal Institute of British Architects • National Association of Professional Organizers • American Medical Association Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    16. 16. Membership Organizations• Trade Associations – Memberships are held by corporate entities, not individuals. – Examples • Electronic Industries Alliance • American Beverage Association Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    17. 17. Membership Organizations• Labor Unions – Represent the interests of an entire industry – Examples • National Basketball Association • UPS employees Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    18. 18. Membership Organizations• Chambers of Commerce – Work to improve city’s commercial climate and to publicize city’s attractions – Examples • The U.S. Chamber of Commerce • Local chamber of commerce Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    19. 19. Advocacy Groups• Use various forms of advocacy to influence public opinion and/or policy.• Groups vary considerably in size, influence and motive.• Some long term, some short term.• Examples: – PETA – NRA – Greenpeace, Sierra Club Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    20. 20. Advocacy Groups• Use various forms of advocacy to influence public opinion and/or policy• Groups vary considerably in size, influence and motive• Some long term, some short• Examples:• Social Issue Organizations – Mothers Against Drunk Driving Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    21. 21. Advocacy Groups• What kinds of strategies and tactics do advocacy groups use to further their causes?• What about the law? Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    22. 22. Advocacy Groups• PR Strategies and Tactics – Lobbying – Litigation – Publicity stunts – Media campaigns – Mass demonstrations – Boycotts – Polls – Briefings – Reconciliation – Fundraising – Social media Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    23. 23. Social Service Organizations• Philanthropic foundations• The original “nonprofit” – Examples • The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation • The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundations • Habitat for Humanity • United Way • Gilda’s • American Heart Association • Boys and Girls Club Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    24. 24. Social Service Organizations• Cultural Organizations – Examples • Libraries and musical organizations • The Getty Museum • The New York Philharmonic Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    25. 25. Social Service Organizations• Religious Organizations – Churches Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    26. 26. Social Service Organizations• PR Strategies and Tactics – Publicity – Creation of events – Use of services – Creation of educational materials – Newsletters Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    27. 27. Health Organizations• Types of Health Organizations – Hospital (nonprofit & profit)• Health agenciesHealth campaigns: Strategies and tactics – To prevent and respond to diseases – To promote health and quality of life – Growth of online health information Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    28. 28. Educational Organizations• Colleges and universities – Involve both development/fund-raising and enhancing the prestige of the institution.• Elementary and secondary schools – The need for public relations has increased. • Competition among districts for students. • Sports & other extracurriculars. • Various ballot initiatives. Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    29. 29. Educational Organizations• School districts – Build community support – Crisis communication – Marketing of schools – Sports & extracurriculars – Administrative Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    30. 30. Remember R.A.C.E?• Research• Action• Communication• Evaluation Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    31. 31. Research• Defines problems• Defines publics• Determines process – Who to reach – What action to take – What messaging to use Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    32. 32. Action• Goals• Audience• Objectives• Strategies• Tactics Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    33. 33. Communication• Execution of the plan – What messaging through which channels – Did they reach intended audience – How will we know if we are successful? • Evaluative process planned here Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    34. 34. Evaluation• Measure – What were outcomes? [not outputs]• Identify – Was it successful? – How do we know?• Adjust [strategies/tactics]• Research [again] Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA
    35. 35. Sometimes R.O.P.E in Nonprofits• Research• Objectives• Programming• Evaluation• Be able to translate between the two – ROPE is an integrated communications approach term [read: marketing people got ahold of it] Adrienne Wallace, MS, MPA