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Sf spring '14 chatter


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Salesforce Spring 2014

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Sf spring '14 chatter

  1. 1. SSaalleessffoorrccee..ccoomm SSpprriinngg ''1144 CChhaatttteerr Chatter – Not a big release for Chatter, but some nice new features. Topics Improvements  With Spring 14, Topics move beyond just Chatter and start to take a big step forward. First, Topics are now able to be set on records. When you activate this, the old Tags functionality is turned off and users will have the ability to add topics on records.  Topics can be suggested to your users based on fields you select. So, if you want Accounts flagged by their Industry, you can have that field offer the tag suggestion. This is still an evolving feature though. For example, if you go to the Topic page, records with that topic are not visible there yet. However, in this release, Topics is now a filter you can use in List Views. In addition to being across records, you can now endorse users for particular topics. Have a user who is a subject matter expert on a product line or a particular industry? Endorse them for that skill. There is also a Skills pilot that is just released – which seems really similar to this – so I’m not sure how these will work together. Essentially though, it’s a way to refer users asking questions or having issues on a Topic to the users who know that Topic well. Crowd-sourcing your internal knowledge. Finally, Topics are now in the Global Search as an auto-fill. Clicking on it will bring you to that Topic’s Chatter page. Topics on Records  Announcements in Chatter Groups –new feature for Chatter Groups. Now you can add an announcement for all Group members to see. It sits in the left hand side (see the red highlighted box below) and can have an expiration date for how long it remains. Particularly useful as Chatter Groups are being used more in Communities.
  2. 2. Chatter Announcements  As users are updating Chatter throughout the day, each post and comment continues to move to the bottom. Oftentimes, these are important company announcements which were posted at the beginning of the day. As a result, these posts get missed. We’ve heard this complaint before from friends and clients. As a consequence, sales managers and company leaders revert back to email when sending out an important announcement. With Chatter announcements, your post is highlighted to ensure everyone easily sees it. Chatter Group Announcements  Email to Chatter Groups – You can now email directly to a Chatter Group. Nice feature for forwarding important information. Any hash tag within the email is automatically added as a Topic to the post. Data Import Wizard  A new Data Import Wizard is now available, and it combines all of the different stand-alone wizards that were out there into one consolidated loader. Leads, Accounts, Contacts and Solutions can now all be uploaded from this. Definitely an easier UI, but not much in terms of new functionality outside of a more stream-lined approach. Customize Branding for Email Notifications (Chatter) Not the biggest and baddest feature on the docket but one that continues the movement towards being able to drop the “Chatter” monicker. Just know that your platform has collaboration built in. It’s a nice boost for companies that hesitate turning on great features because they don’t adhere to corporate branding standards. Now you can have
  3. 3. custom values for the email sender’s name and address, footer text, and the logo that displays in the footer. Feed Based Layouts  Cases have already had a “feed” view for a while now, but with Spring 14 it’s now available across all objects. Instead of having the feed across the top, it’s now a tabbed approach with the Chatter feed and all the feed actions on one tab, and the record details on another. For companies already embracing Chatter, this will be a very nice addition, but if you’re not leveraging Chatter too much yet, this probably won’t be something you want to activate. Forecasting  More improvements to Forecasting. Salesforce has been steadily improving this over the last few releases. If you’re forecasting model isn’t too complicated, or if you’re just trying to establish one, you should think strongly about using this as the backbone for it. Spring 14 has a few improvements of its own. First, is the ability to flip between 3 different types of forecasts. You can now look at Opportunity Forecast from the stand-point of Revenue, Quantity or both, Opportunities with Splits based on Revenue, or Product forecasts from the stand-point of Revenue, Quantity or both. Each of these types can be enabled or disabled by the admin. In addition, in reporting, there is now a smart filter for Managers to be able to filter their results for just their direct reports. A nice usability improvement. Finally, more as an FYI, the old Forecast 1.0, will be retired in Summer 14, so if you’re still on that, you need to get off this release. Flow Improvements  There’s some pretty exciting new stuff with Flow and Workflow. The most exciting is actually a Pilot, so you’ll need to get it enabled. Essentially though, you can now launch a flow from workflow. So, if you have a complex process with lots of steps that you used flow to map out, you can now have it triggered by workflow. Before you needed Apex to have this done. This will gives admins a lot more fire-power with their automation without the need for a developer. Outside of the pilot, there were some other improvements to flow as well: Picklist values are now automatically available to choose within flow, Date/Time fields are now supported, and there is now
  4. 4. improved logging. If you’re a Flow user, including the Trigger from Workflow pilot, there are also a handful of other Flow pilots that would be worth looking at. Improved Splits Flow  Splits get a UI facelift which is more of a wizard. Users can now move faster through adding a split. More File Storage  File Storage has been bumped up from 612MB per user to 2GB. Hopefully this is a trend and we’ll see more data storage soon. Spring ’14 Other New Features Twitter Profiles in Salesforce1 Last November as everyone was getting ready for Dreamforce ’13, Salesforce released their new mobile platform Salesforce1. This was a big victory in the mobile space and over the past two months, we have seen widespread adoption of the Salesforce1 mobile apps among our friends and clients. In Spring ’14, the records of your contacts, leads or accounts will now show the individual’s Twitter profile, meaning, when you are viewing a record in the Salesforce1 mobile app, you can keep up with their tweets as well. This ensures your ability to stay connected and up-to-speed with your contacts. Task Assignment Notifications in Salesforce1 As I write this, I received a notification on my iPhone from our local news provider alerting me of a traffic backup in my area as well as a notification that someone retweeted one of my tweets. With the Spring ’14 release, you will immediately receive task assignment notifications on your mobile device through the Salesforce1 mobile app. You are probably familiar with the bell icon notifying you of Chatter posts. Now, tasks will be included in that
  5. 5. notification window. Yes, the Salesforce1 mobile app has made us all much more mobile but with this upcoming feature, we will able to keep up with those important deals and tasks that we are working on with our team. Salesforce Files Sync In a world of creating multiple versions of files and sharing them among the team, Spring ’14 is greatly improving the Files object. The Salesforce Files Sync will be able to sync files on your desktop to Salesforce. Soon, users within Salesforce can access their files from anywhere. Not only will it sync with your desktop files but it will also upload the latest version and alert others when a new version has been published. No longer will multiple versions be floating around the office. Instead, everyone can be assured that they have the latest file. Please note that this feature will be in pilot mode. You will have to contact to obtain access to this feature. Rest assured though that once it gets through the pilot mode, it will be available to everyone else. A Few Other Features Worth Noting While we are most excited about these six features that will come in the Spring ’14 release, there are many more worth exploring. We intend to create more blog posts introducing these to you. For example, we are anxious to learn about:  Salesforce for Outlook improvements and the ability to do one-click creation of a case from Outlook  Floating headers in our reports that will freeze columns and rows  Calibration in’s application which could bring more “spreadsheet” capabilities into Salesforce  Mobile Communities for Sales Cloud and Service Cloud  Login with Salesforce that will use your Salesforce login credentials to obtain access to your ecosystem of apps  Badging in Chatter communities for the added ability to recognize your employees, customers or partners. Salesforce 1 Mobile App The Salesforce app has gotten a complete makeover and now offers enhanced functionality on your mobile devices. You can now sell, service and market like never before, and get ahead of your customers even in this fast-paced digital world. In addition to being able to use Chatter, users now have the same great functionality they have come to expect from the desktop site, including:
  6. 6.  Your Sales, Service and Marketing Clouds right at your fingertips, including all of the customizations you have made to your platform to fit your unique business  Access Salesforce’s world class AppExchange, with all of your customer, employee, and partner apps and CRM integrations ready to available for download and use from any device you choose  Ability to view, edit and collaborate on cases, so lag time between cases logged and cases resolved decreases drastically  Creating communities to better support your customer base and provide them with the answers they need in a timely manner All of these features allow you to keep your business moving, even when you are not at your desk. Salesforce A Admin Mobile App In addition to the great functionality being deployed on the Salesforce 1 mobile app, they are also offering Salesforce A for administrators, making it easier for them to manage the internal working of your company at your fingertips, including:  Setting and resetting passwords for users  Activating and deactivating users, which is especially useful for companies with high turnover, or growing companies who are always adding new employees  Viewing release notes on the latest features No longer does the administrator have to be tied to their desk to be able to keep the company’s Salesforce platform well maintained. Mobile Push This new feature in the ExactTarget Marketing Cloud allows users to create targeted notifications for customers on their mobile apps, and send location-based notifications to a specified area, as well as rich messages that include multimedia content, making the customer experience with your app a more meaningful touchpoint.